• If you’re an NBA GM most things revolve around whether you’re buying low and selling high. Within that general goal they do what they think is best for their franchise at a given point in time and the 30 competing agendas all play out in concert.  Some of the decisions are deliberated for years and some decisions are knee-jerk reactions to a development in the marketplace.  Some of the GMs are good and some are quite terrible and that’s before you get to the owners!  It’s all great fun and opposite the NBA Draft, fortunes are changing in these next few days.

    What this list attempts to do is give GMs (or fans at home) a cheat sheet for the big event. They can target players based on overall value and the efficiency of those dollars spent, or they can look who the best players are right now and deprioritize the efficiency of how they spend. This list has been the home of big-time plays such as Joe Ingles in 2017, Joe Harris and Fred VanVleet in 2018, Richaun Holmes was the big win we had seen coming for way too many years. Last year Jerami Grant was my top Cash-to-Value rank and predictably blew up. De’Anthony Melton was one of the league’s best players in terms of net rating and it wasn’t a fluke – he was awesome and a casualty of NBA politics in crowded Memphis.

    We typically exclude elite players from the top slot in Cash-to-Value ranks even if they’re dominant like Kawhi Leonard, even if an argument can be made on their behalf. The purpose of this list is to give decision-makers around the league, fans and anybody in the basketball space an idea of how to extract the most value possible in each of their free agent decisions. Pile up enough of these winners and you can credibly go after top tier players in the league.

    So who has the top spot this year? T.J. McConnell.He controlled ball games all season long as a two-way guy, creating havoc on defense while offensively he’s nowhere near the stereotype, beating defenders one-on-one all the time with a quickness/strength edge that’s about to peak this upcoming season. From there we’re all the way under the radar at the top of each positional rank. Nathan Knight, Jarred Vanderbilt, Max Strus, Doug McDermott, Bruce Brown and Cameron Payne are where smart teams want to get aggressive and lock these guys up for 3-4 years at a lower rate. And yes, Holmes tops our big man ranks because of course he does.



    The concept is this — you’re looking to get the best players at the cheapest costs. If you do that effectively, you have more money to spend elsewhere.

    These ranks lean into that pretty strongly. However, you can’t win in the NBA without getting above average and elite players. The key is spending up to get the right players and for the purpose of these rankings, players that move the needle in that way will skew north of a pure cash-to-value rank.


    These ranks will give older veterans that can still contribute a bit more value than a pure cash-to-value rank might represent. Teams aren’t lining up to sign them and deals may vary, but in terms of winning it all a quality old vet that’s willing to play at or close to the minimum represents a better play than some younger upside guys.


    If you just want to know who the best players are you can sort by the overall rank column. This rank will include some elements of upside, which is unavoidable when assessing overall free agency value. However, short-term production and win-now scenarios are going to show up in the overall ranks.  For example, Gordon Hayward is not going to do well in the Cash-to-Value ranks, but in terms of overall rank he’ll have higher marks.


    I did something new this year and went with four different groupings. Ballhandlers and Small Guards, Wings, Interior Wings and Bigs. I’d like to think I’m the first to say something as stupid or smart as ‘Interior Wings,’ but that’s my way of noticing increased importance of rangy 6’8″ to 6’10” players being asked to defend 2-4 or 3-5 (well or not is another story). They’ve become much more important as teams employ five-out looks, and elite ballhandlers and offensive initiators have grown in size and versatility.  As has been the case with the league at large, they’re firing away from deep.

    In previous years I was a bit more granular in the groupings, and maybe it’s the way the NBA is trending but I felt like four groups was enough. Ballhandlers are legitimate point guards at any size and small guards typically have enough offensive skill to warrant overlooking their defensive liabilities to some degree. Wings are either asked to be outstanding shooters or they’re being asked to lock the perimeter down, or both. They’re valued in their ability to switch and otherwise facilitate offense. Bigs are the muscle you need to control the paint and shooting is a bonus.


    Sometimes we’ll split these guys out into their own category but this year there are only two — with Elites being loosely defined as players you don’t have any questions about on the contract side. This year that’s Kawhi Leonard and if you want to recognize what he did in the playoffs as special, John Collins definitely generates a lot of excitement. There are some big names that I don’t have in that designation, like Kyle Lowry and Chris Paul. Mike Conley probably doesn’t get an injury-risk pass for the rest of his career, but he’s an exciting grab for the Jazz. Holmes is impactful enough to be mentioned in these higher tiers, at least if winning basketball games is your thing.




    As usual, there are no shortage of targets for smart teams. Give it up for the dumb teams y’all! But the most notable thing about this class is how guard heavy it is, especially in terms of name value. A smart team take what the market gives them at guard, grab another value play at the top of these lists and THEN take a shot at somebody more expensive feeling pretty good about the trio and what they spent.


    I mentioned it above but T.J. McConnell is for real and his development has always been substantial each season, something we’ve benefited from in fantasy leagues for years until he blew up last season and was first page of the scouting report good. In terms of reality hoops he started getting to spots where he couldn’t be stopped in 2019-20 and then last year he was a legitimate offensive weapon. When you factor in his tenacious and smart defense this is going to be the year everybody notices.

    Mike Conley sounds like’s going 3 x $20M for Utah and that’s enough to put him behind McConnell in the C-to-V ranks at this position and he’s the top overall free agent in this positional class. His command of the pick and roll, shooting and defense are comparable with all but the elite guards in our game.

    Cameron Payne’s ranking will seem knee-jerk and subject to small sample size theater, but when a player gets granted rights to take shots that they know they can get and they have no problem making them? That and the mountain-sized chip on his shoulder are reasons Payne is going to be either a starter or a high-end sixth man, but I won’t be pigeon-holing him into that in ways that other analysts might downgrade a player because they’re not sure he can be the man. He can be the man in a year or two. It’s just a question of where he plays in terms of discussing his deployment.

    Lonzo Ball is good enough to deserve big money and he’s near the top here. Reggie Jackson is getting a big rank here because he was basically Steph Curry-like in the playoffs and there will be some coming back to Earth, but he’s also the owner of all those great skillsets that made those plays possible. He’s going to get paid by somebody. Kyle Lowry might be fun in Miami but good look trying to figure out who will pass up the more maddening open looks, and both he and Chris Paul probably don’t have what it takes to be top options for a champion contender. Third or fourth options? Sure. But they’re not going to be paid like that unless they give back significant money for location.

    $/V OVR Name Cost Tm Age Exp Type Notes
    1 4 T.J. McConnell $$+ IND 29 5 yrs UFA There is a ton to like here. First, still nobody knows how good McConnell is. He's 29 years old, so he's almost old in a way and I haven't seen a fan base out there yelling that they have to have this guy. He controlled ball games all season long as a two-way guy, creating havoc on defense while offensively he's nowhere near the stereotype. He's beating guys one-on-one all the time and has a quickness/strength edge that's about to peak this upcoming season. Do not be surprised when a smart team cleans up.
    2 1 Mike Conley $$$$- UTA 33 13 yrs UFA Conley is going to get a big deal to stay in Utah by the sounds of things and any way you slice it the money isn't great on any deal he's bound to get. Even with the injury concerns he's good enough to climb the ranks, especially for teams that need to get over a hump.
    3 8 Cameron Payne $$+ PHX 26 5 yrs UFA Payne's first step and length, in particular his hanging-scoop style layups, are impossible to guard when he also has the ability and willingness to hit a daylight three. We can pick at his game in a few spots, but his competitiveness and ability to execute was highlighted over and over again in high leverage moments. You gotta adjust your notions here and whoever can do that the fastest gets a deal, though situation will matter here. He needs another season as a third or fourth scorer to work out the kinks. That said, maybe not.
    4 5 Lonzo Ball $$$+ NOP 23 3 yrs RFA Ball's going to be a polarizing player for a while but consider this … he played well through trade rumors, got his free throw shooting north of 70% (on barely any volume) and he proved to be heady on both sides of the floor. He shot well from deep and made plays. I'd have liked to have seen more team success on defense to really feel good about projecting high-end defense going forward, but any way you slice this deal he's going to be a good player for a while and he's just 23 years old. This feels like a situation where the early hype not being met cashes in at a discount right now.
    5 6 Reggie Jackson $$+ LAC 31 9 yrs UFA What we saw out of Reggie Jackson wasn't a fluke. There can be questions about his durability and at 31 years old, especially coming off a prove-it deal, opinions are going to vary here around the league. If you're a contending team that needs another shooter/scorer you have to be licking your chops right now because this isn't going to be a massive number and he played like a guy that deserved a massive number in the playoffs.
    6 10 Derrick Rose $$+ NYK 32 11 yrs UFA Rose has another year or two of getting to his preferred spots and playing a fairly effective brand of ball. He probably gets paid a little too much here and at the same time, perhaps he wants to take less to get to a preferred spot.
    7 2 Kyle Lowry $$$$ TOR 35 14 yrs UFA Lowry is one season removed from dominating in the playoffs so between that and his name value, in particular as a guy who can get a team over the hump, this deal has so much potential to go wrong. It's not a knock on the player, but this is setting up to be a $$$$ deal for a guy closer to 40 than 30.
    8 3 Chris Paul $$$$- PHX 36 15 yrs UFA 1 When you pay big for an aging superstar you might get away with that if they're a No. 2 or 3 guy, but you can't bring CP3 in and have him stand in the corner. He's going to make an indelible impact on the team, and the style of gamesmanship can sometimes detract from his teams. The killer here is that this past year was his best, last chance to lead a team and make the right calls and he played scared way too much. He can't make teams pay in certain looks and it becomes a question of do you want to pay big for a guy who can't ultimately get it done. Unless he takes an undermarket deal to try and win a chip, this deal could leave a mark.
    9 9 Dennis Schroder $$$+ LAL 27 7 yrs UFA Schroder is good enough to deserve a payday and his next question is about leadership and burden. In terms of the latter, he doesn’t shy away from challenge so the attempt will be there and as alluded to the talent is there, but it's the former and the details game that determine if this deal hits, and that bet is a lot more shaky. At the price, this deal feels like it 'pushes' at best but also from a cap standpoint won't be crushing.
    10 12 Alec Burks $$+ NYK 30 9 yrs UFA Burks has been pretty good lately and teams need shot creation so while the hope would be that there is value to be had but the reality of it might be that he's fairly priced. That zone gets to be a bit much when there are younger or equal players with less name value that can also get the job done.
    11 11 Goran Dragic $$+ MIA 35 12 yrs UFA 2 The Dragon still has name value and is one season removed from a deep playoff run in which he was instrumental. He's also 35 years old and clearly lost his fastball. This is ripe for an overpay but whoever does grab him only has to dodge the injuries, otherwise they'll know what they're getting.
    12 13 Will Barton $$+ DEN 30 8 yrs UFA 1 Barton has been treated as an NBA starter for a while and at just 30 years old, there are probably a few teams who are willing to entertain a $$+ deal. His impactful playing style creates ups and downs for his team and that ratio has tilted the wrong way for a while now.
    13 26 Talen Horton-Tucker $$ LAL 20 1 yrs RFA THT looks and plays like an old man and it's easy to forget he's just 20 years old. At the same time, I watch him and wonder if he's at peak athletic condition right now. If he could somehow build up those attributes he gets way more compelling in relation to the psuedo-legend status he has attained, an unfair predicament for him to say the least, though not so for the pocket book. Let's see if anybody wants to tie up resources to pry him away.
    14 15 Terence Davis $$+ SAC 24 1 yrs UFA Davis looked plenty effective in Sacramento and his type of athleticism and ability in a young, unheralded player is typically a good spot to look for upside and value. The RFA status will probably cool his market and in terms of overall upside, he's not climbing much higher than low-end starter or decent 6th or 7th man.
    15 18 Raul Neto $+ WAS 29 5 yrs UFA Neto finally had everything click last season so while there are limitations to his game he actually filled in the blanks in a bunch of spots last season, improving his shooting and defense. The lack of upside tempers enthusiasm but if you can lock him in as your backup point guard that plays.
    16 17 Josh Hart $$+ NOP 26 3 yrs RFA Hart has injury concerns but has understated value as a rebounding guard that can do a bit of everything. He's probably due to cash in on some of that value by a lower tier team that loses out on free agents above him, but it also wouldn't be shocking if the market bottomed and he was picked up on the cheap. If so he'd slide up a few spots.
    17 19 Alex Caruso $$- LAL 27 3 yrs UFA Caruso is going to have perhaps more name value than real value but at the same time the lower tiers of the guard positions can see the money dry up, in which case he could go up a few slots on this list.
    18 16 Malik Monk $$ CHA 23 3 yrs RFA Monk finally turned a corner last season and if not for all the concerns about defense and whether he can do more than score, there would be a lot more talk around him because he's starting to impact games. If a team that needs scoring and shot creation doesn't have other uses for the money, they could probably put the Hornets on a decision they'd prefer not to make.
    19 20 Evan Fournier $$ BOS 28 8 yrs UFA Fournier has earned enough money and scored enough points in this league to have interest in at least a $$ if not a little more, unless the bottom falls out of the market for him. He might have lost enough of his fastball to really fall off a cliff so this has potential to go upside down pretty quick.
    20 23 Bryn Forbes $$ MIL 28 4 yrs UFA 1 Forbes made a lot of huge shots and that alone will drive the price up. As knockdown as it gets from deep, being undersized and somewhat slow causes him to be a mark when on the floor. If he's not hitting he can turn liability quick. A good situational pickup for a squad, but teams can do better for the pricepoint.
    21 7 Spencer Dinwiddie $$+ BKN 28 6 yrs UFA 1 Dinwiddie is going to be evaluated mostly off of past performance and while he has become more aggressive offensively throughout the years, the things that made him a favorite around these parts started to slide a bit. The efficiency and defense, namely, and at the same time he has made a name for himself scoring the ball now. He might be viewed, when not hurt, as a top 15-20 upside guy by a team that talks themselves into this. The position is deep so that will keep the market in check, but he's still looking at least at a $$ deal and likely a $$$ deal, and if he climbs up to the high end of that latter tier there is real potential for him to get miscast as a No. 1 scorer/ballhandler and the efficiencies just won't be there for him in that role. As a No. 3 in the scorer/ballhandling roles he's probably at peak potential. The more teams envision him at the former the worse off this deal is going to be.
    22 21 Lou Williams $$- ATL 34 15 yrs UFA Sweet Lou can still get buckets whenever he wants and there will probably be some mild erosion. The name will still drive a substantial deal unless he decides to chase on a contender and in those cases this deal would rank higher, but those slots can be hard to come by for a scorer/ballhandler and with 15 years of tread there won't be much margin for error.
    23 27 Austin Rivers $+ DEN 28 8 yrs UFA Rivers had a great playoffs and after angling toward the bottom of the league there is probably a backstory there, as Rivers was talking like he was born again in Denver. He has always had backup-level talent at worst so work your way backwards from that to figure out his fast descent. Because of the name recognition and the great showing, he'll have a shot at getting paid more than bottom rung amounts. Given the low upside and the chance to not pay league minimum or thereabouts, this feels like wasted motion for most teams. Put him on a contender as a 9th or 10th man and that's probably a lot better.
    24 28 Jordan McLaughlin $ MIN 25 1 yrs RFA 4 He got a QO from the Wolves and he can definitely be a decent backup right now and with a year or two in prime territory perhaps he can climb up into the top 30-40 PGs. A smart team that wants to put the Wolves on a choice they don't want to make could lock up an important position for cheap, saving cash for elsewhere.
    25 22 Kendrick Nunn $$ MIA 25 1 yrs RFA Nunn needs to improve in a number of areas to have a chance at something like Jordan Clarkson's development, which is a long way away. He has shown he can score and make plays, even on defense, but the inconsistency and lack of size on defense make this a false-upside sort of situation. Yes, he sometimes jumps off the page, and he'll get paid with that in mind by some team. I'd prefer to take on a risk-reward situation like that if I felt he had a shot at handling big game pressure, but the size issues really make that an uphill climb for him.
    26 29 Ben McLemore $ LAL 28 7 yrs UFA McLemore has slowly (slowly) improved year afer year and he's actually somewhat serviceable now. This seems like the perfect time to pick him up, as the market should still be pretty tepid even for teams that like him and there's a decent shot he could play his way into being a decent No. 8 or 9 for a squad.
    27 25 Devonte' Graham $$ CHA 26 2 yrs RFA Graham got hit hard on both the injury-risk side and also the performance side. This could work two ways … a team might think they can catch him in a down year on the cheap, in which case this rank gets a lot better, but if somebody reaches based on the previous season then as you can see there are quite a few better targets.
    28 14 Tim Hardaway $$ DAL 29 7 yrs UFA Hardaway has rehabbed his reputation and despite injuries has become a solid 25-30 mpg guy with some potential to go off every once in a while. Because he has had some generally favorable reviews he probably gets into double figures here unless he pays for location. I'm not impressed enough by the recent play, even when folks were claiming he was playing well, to pass up on other cheaper, better options.
    29 30 Furkan Korkmaz $+ PHI 24 3 yrs UFA Korkmaz clearly has limitations but he hides them fairly well and he's still on the upswing. Unfortunately he has done some damage in high leverage moments so he's not all the way under the radar, so prices may be high and for low-end players you want to aim for a better mix of value and upside.
    30 45 Armoni Brooks $ HOU 23 0 yrs RFA 4 Brooks had some real good moments in HOU's free for all toward the end of the year and at 23 years old he's the kind of flier pickup NBA teams should be targeting.
    31 46 Frank Ntilikina $+ NYK 22 3 yrs RFA It's absurd that I'm considering a $$ deal as possible for a guy that simply hasn't done much, if anything. There is a high-end defender in there and he's only 22, and because the Knicks have a bad reputation there will probably be a team or two willing to pay for the NY name. He's well worth a shot to see if he can make a living on defense while improving on offense, but it's hard to bet on him becoming a player.
    32 24 Victor Oladipo $$+ MIA 29 7 yrs UFA I don't really believe that Oladipo can get anybody to pay him more than $14M AAV but I'm constantly reminded that there's always a sucker in the room. Oladipo has had the obvious injury issues, but it hasn't really panned out for him in any regards for a while. I really doubt he gets the explosion back and the secondary skills aren't good enough to sustain all that degradation.
    33 42 Hamidou Diallo $ DET 22 2 yrs RFA Diallo has some impressive athleticism but he hasn't been able to put everything together enough to stay on the floor. At 22 years old with NBA experience teams could do a lot worse, but given the depth at the guard slots spot in free agency teams might not be able to wait to see if he can develop more skills.
    34 41 Garrison Mathews $ WAS 24 1 yrs RFA 4 Matthews never really laid claim to anything consistent in WAS but he's assertive with his strength as a shooter and it's at least a question whether he could hold up in a bigger role.
    35 38 Wesley Matthews $ LAL 34 11 yrs UFA Matthews is getting to be borderline unplayable. He can crank it up for spurts and take up space on the floor, but in any high leverage situation he's going to be picked on now. Maybe not as much as some, but it will definitely happen.
    36 40 Ryan Arcidiacono $ CHI 27 3 yrs UFA 2 The Bulls appear to be moving on as they didn't extend him a QO and at 27 years old and in his prime, Arcdiacono has a shot at being a serviceable backup.
    37 31 Wayne Ellington $ DET 33 11 yrs UFA No surprises here. Can shoot. That's about it.
    38 44 Kris Dunn $ ATL 27 4 yrs UFA 1 Dunn looked out of shape in the Finals, which is hard to really get on him about after returning from injury and having no real playing time. Still, to have any value in this league he has to be at the top-end of his physicality, which is already in question because of the injuries.
    39 37 Tyler Johnson $ BKN 29 6 yrs UFA Johnson can compete, run to the right spots and play hard on defense. None of this is compelling anymore but he's not quite dead weight.
    40 32 Avery Bradley $ HOU 30 10 yrs UFA 2 Bradley might be willing to turn in his chucker keys since he's on his last stop or two in the league. Defense isn't really there anymore, but altogether he can function as a 20-24 mpg player.
    41 39 David Nwaba $ HOU 28 4 yrs UFA Nwaba just can't beat the injury bug but he's still got a year or so in his prime and as usual he started showing signs of progress before being hurt. A solid gamble for a team that needs 10-18 solid defensive minutes.
    42 33 Patty Mills $ SAS 32 11 yrs UFA Mills can probably help a team but whether he can hang in high leverage situations is a question, so as you rule out contenders you start to be left with just places where younger guys should get the minutes.
    43 34 Elfrid Payton $ NYK 27 6 yrs UFA Payton is only 27 years old but the book is out on him and it's not getting any better. Any team relying on him or paying him more than bottom rung amounts needs to have a configuration in their second unit that can support a non-threat.
    44 35 E'Twaun Moore $ PHX 32 9 yrs UFA Moore showed that he can get put into important games and not fall apart and that should give teams pause before they'd otherwise write off a 32 year old who hasn't done much the last two seasons. Still, with depth at the guard position in free agency teams should be looking for more upside.
    45 36 Danny Green $ PHI 34 11 yrs UFA Green has been living off reputation for a while and he'll probably do it again in this free agency. Defensively he's average at best now and the offense is slowly deterioriating at 34 years old.
    46 47 Tremont Waters $ BOS 23 1 yrs RFA 4 Waters has had some mini moments and is a live wire for a team to look at with their last roster spots.
    47 48 Dante Exum $ HOU 26 5 yrs UFA Exum just hasn't been able to pull anything together and until we see him physically strong again, it's buyer beware.
    48 49 Brandon Goodwin $ ATL 25 2 yrs RFA Goodwin got lost in the mix as ATL added players but showed he could be a low-end backup in the league.
    49 50 Chris Chiozza $ BKN 25 2 yrs RFA 4 Chiozza can be useful as a third point guard but that's about it.
    50 51 Brad Wanamaker $ CHA 32 2 yrs RFA Wanamaker really fell off last year after I gave him a good amount of dap. There wasn't the same physicality as prior seasons and there's no sense betting on a reversal at this stage.
    51 43 Ish Smith $ WAS 33 10 yrs UFA Smith bends the offense too much in his direction and his trademark athleticism understandably has taken a hit. For veteran and contending teams, he makes sense as a situational backup.
    52 52 Jeff Teague $ MIL 33 11 yrs UFA Teague mania was afoot in the Finals but his basketball idiosyncracies weren't great when he was dominating physically and he's far from those days.
    53 53 Nico Mannion $ GSW 20 0 yrs RFA 4 Mannion has decent size and versatility at just 20 years old but questions regarding staying power keep him lower in the ranks
    54 54 Kyle Guy $ SAC 23 1 yrs RFA 4 Guy has a nice speed burst and obviously shooting is his thing but size is a massive issue and then the question becomes how much value can he add with those size limitations.
    55 55 Gabe Vincent $ MIA 25 1 yrs RFA 4 Vincent has quietly had staying power in the league and had some nice moments for the Heat. He's a nice target as a third point guard.
    56 56 Dennis Smith $ DET 23 3 yrs RFA Smith was overweight last season and could still sky, which makes you wonder if there's some upside hiding there, but his injuries and the balance of his issues keep his stock low and rightfully so.
    57 57 Shaquille Harrison $ DEN 27 3 yrs RFA 4 Harrison is offense in a hurry so he at least has that going for him but he'll have a hard time landing a roster spot
    58 58 Mike James $ BKN 30 1 yrs RFA He's pretty much cooked at the NBA level
    59 59 Tim Frazier $ MEM 30 6 yrs UFA Frazier might finally stop beating the odds on NBA roster spots
    60 60 Langston Galloway $ PHX 29 6 yrs UFA Galloway is not a lock to make an NBA roster
    61 61 JJ Redick $ DAL 37 14 yrs UFA Redick doesn't have anything left in the tank
    62 62 Saben Lee $ DET 22 0 yrs RFA 4 Lee wasn't terrible last season and at 22 years old teams should be at least kicking the tires. A good target for a non-rotational player on a not terrible team.
    63 63 Chasson Randle $ ORL 28 3 yrs RFA 4
    64 64 Markus Howard $ DEN 22 0 yrs RFA 4
    65 65 Adam Mokoka $ CHI 23 1 yrs RFA 4
    66 66 Denzel Valentine $ CHI 27 3 yrs UFA
    67 67 Frank Jackson $ DET 23 2 yrs RFA 4
    68 68 Keljin Blevins $ POR 25 0 yrs RFA 4
    69 69 Nate Darling $ CHA 22 0 yrs RFA 4
    70 70 Devon Dotson $ CHI 21 0 yrs RFA 4
    71 71 Trent Forrest $ UTA 23 0 yrs RFA 4
    72 72 Jared Harper $ NYK 23 1 yrs RFA 4
    73 73 Skylar Mays $ ATL 23 0 yrs RFA 4
    74 74 Sindarius Thornwell $ ORL 26 3 yrs UFA 4
    75 75 Jalen Harris $ TOR 22 0 yrs RFA
    76 76 Didi Louzada $ NOP 22 0 yrs RFA 2
    77 77 Jeremiah Martin $ CLE 25 1 yrs RFA 4
    78 78 Rayjon Tucker $ PHI 23 1 yrs RFA 4
    79 79 Cassius Winston $ WAS 23 0 yrs RFA 4
    80 80 Javonte Green $ CHI 28 1 yrs RFA
    81 81 Quinndary Weatherspoon $ SAS 24 1 yrs RFA 4
    82 82 Brodric Thomas $ CLE 24 0 yrs RFA 4
    83 83 Cassius Stanley $ IND 21 0 yrs RFA 4
    84 84 Grant Riller $ CHA 24 0 yrs RFA 4
    85 85 Matthew Dellavedova $ CLE 30 7 yrs UFA
    $/V OVR Name Cost Tm Age Exp Type Notes


    Let’s not bury the lede anymore let’s talk about Max Strus! The Heat all know how good he is and they’re hoping folks like me don’t write about this. Strus’ route started in Division-II hoops, went through a knee injury in the G-League, a stop with the Bulls who are not good at this stuff, and then on to Miami where they are good at this stuff. Erik Spoelstra trusted Strus in all sorts of important situations last year and for good reason, he was playing good defense, attacking the rim and providing the shooting that got him to the league. Just like we said with Joe Ingles, if you need a small forward and you don’t put everybody involved on an offer that cannot be denied, you’re not doing this right. The good news is that it should take significantly less than Ingles took to stay in Utah way back when.

    If Strus is just too nuts for you, a smart team might also look at Doug McDermott, who is known as a shooter but has transformed into a versatile, strong player that’s piling up +ev pretty much everywhere. As long as he stays upright that’s a lock to be a great deal. Bruce Brown is another player an aggressive team might try to pry away from Brooklyn. He makes winning plays and is an ideal No. 7 or 8 player on a winning basketball team. There is a bunched up tier of players that are expensive (Norman Powell, Duncan Robinson and DeMar DeRozan) that are hard to justify jumping in on when Nic Batum and Moe Harkless are hanging out for cheap, presuming you didn’t already go after the aforementioned top plays.

    $/Value Overall Name Cost TEam Age Exp Status Notes
    1 1 Kawhi Leonard $$$$$ LAC 30 9 yrs UFA 1 Kawhi can still call his shot. The trademark elite defense isn't there every night anymore though.
    2 10 Max Strus $ MIA 25 1 yrs RFA 4 Strus is one of my favorite free agents this year. His windy, injury-derailed path to the NBA has created a perfect storm for value, and whether it's the folks in Miami talking or your own eyes watching film he can do a little bit of everything and appears to have the toughness ready to take the next step.
    3 3 Doug McDermott $$ IND 29 6 yrs UFA McDermott really developed his game last season and he is extremely underrated. Tough, using his body and strength on both sides of the ball now, the high-end shooting is the only thing folks are seeing - he's a lot better than that and will be a great FA pickup.
    4 7 Bruce Brown $$ BKN 24 2 yrs RFA Brown got killed for having to take a late shot in the playoffs and sometimes he even looked gun-shy after that, but he's a winning basketball player and a smart team could get out there and pluck him for south of $10M AAV. He can definitely be a low-end starter in this league.
    5 6 Derrick Jones $$ POR 24 4 yrs UFA 1 Picked up his player option for just under $10M and ranked accordingly. Defensive tools and ability to hit a three and get to the rim are a great package for this number
    6 5 Gary Trent $$+ TOR 22 2 yrs RFA Trent had a little bit of a down year for Portland after he didn't continue his playoff trajectory from the year before, and then a trade to the graveyard known as Tampa Bay just wasn't serving anybody well. So the market might be a bit depressed but I kind of think his value from the playoffs will carry the day. He's very young, can defend and hit the three and that's enough to get somebody to open their wallet. At the $$$ level his value starts to become a little bit questionable, and he's not ranked higher here because he lacks a high-end gear in combination with the higher-end price.
    7 4 Norman Powell $$$ POR 28 5 yrs UFA 1 Powell is a pretty known commodity at this point. There are some injury concerns and he has had a few awol stretches, but not lately and he's a great fit on almost any team. Can guard multiple positions, do multiple things on offense and stays under the radar for the most part. He's going to get a good deal and it will be hard to project him outperforming it, but if you're looking to spend up you feel good about his ability to at least meet the number.
    8 8 Duncan Robinson $$$- MIA 27 2 yrs RFA Robinson had a mixed year and playoffs but he's done enough in high profile minutes for the league to covet perhaps the best pure shooter not named Steph, Klay or Buddy in the NBA. And while Robinson will continue to round out the other parts of his game and his shooting will travel anywhere, the number he's likely to get could get upside down pretty quick if the other parts of his game don't develop and he can't stay on the floor to justify the number.
    9 2 DeMar DeRozan $$$ SAS 31 11 yrs UFA DeRozan still has gas in the tank but not liking to shoot from deep and decreased athleticism are a bad combo. Add in the high price tag and this deal won't get ugly, but it starts off on the wrong side of profitable right off the bat.
    10 9 Nicolas Batum $$- LAC 32 12 yrs UFA Batum was great in the playoffs, showcasing how he can be a solid complementary player and that alone should fetch him some semolians. At the price tag, unless he decides to play for a chip at league minimum or something, his value gets a little muted because questions about injuries and effectiveness will dog him in his 13th season.
    11 12 Maurice Harkless $$- SAC 28 8 yrs UFA Harkless has been spotty throughout the past few seasons but he can still move, hit the three and be a positive for a team. He's probably looking for a sizable deal and if he gets it, then teams probably would do better going for a cheaper option with a better long-term upside. Harkless has hit his ceiling and it's only downhill from here.
    12 15 Sterling Brown $ HOU 26 3 yrs UFA Brown got a lot of minutes last season and if not for the incident at the club at the end of the year, he'd probably have at least some chatter around his value. He's not going to break down any doors but he has a decent shot at being serviceable in a 20 mpg role, which at his price is a nice little value.
    13 18 Edmond Sumner $ IND 25 3 yrs UFA 2 Sumner had the team option picked up so he's still a bargain at $2.32. Defensively there is a lot of upside and he hasn't had enough ramp to put it all together, whether due to injury or a crowded rotation ahead of him as he developed.
    14 11 Kelly Oubre $$+ GSW 25 5 yrs UFA Oubre's stock took a hit last season and it doesn't really sound like he got the right message after that. He needs to work on so many different things but he has the athleticism to make it all worth it. I just don't think it's a great strategy to pay into that equation.
    15 16 Tony Snell $ ATL 29 7 yrs UFA Isn't going to wow anybody but he can come in, hit shots and not mess things up
    16 13 Trevor Ariza $- MIA 36 16 yrs UFA Ariza in his 17th season is probably going to be overpaid to some degree and he needs to be around stars to be held in check on the chucking side.
    17 19 Justise Winslow $+ MEM 25 5 yrs UFA 2 Let's see what the Grizzlies do here but Winslow needs the ball in his hands to be good and he needs a very specific fit where that makes sense. So much time off the floor calls into question if he can be the defensive proposition he once was, too.
    18 20 Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot $ BKN 26 4 yrs UFA TLC has proven that he can be a role playing scorer at this level and from there he's a bit of a mixed bad. Not bad to have as your 10th man or below.
    19 21 Andre Iguodala $ MIA 37 16 yrs UFA 2 The defensive execution and ability just isn't there anymore. Maybe on a contender he can pull it all together for 15 mpg but otherwise it's pretty much over.
    20 17 Reggie Bullock $+ NYK 30 7 yrs UFA Bullock's injuries really slowed his progress as a player and at 30 years old the defensive equation isn't where it once was. If you're a team and you see he's healthy and explosive, you might have better value than this rank provides.
    21 14 Kent Bazemore $ GSW 32 8 yrs UFA Baze shows bursts of good play but less so with each passing year, and bad Baze can get bad real quick. He's still not dead money though and he might have some sneaky value on a minimum deal, but I suspect he'll have some name value built into this next deal.
    22 23 Svi Mykhailiuk $ OKC 24 2 yrs RFA Can probably hang as a low-end backup on a mid-level team.
    23 31 Amir Coffey $ LAC 24 1 yrs RFA 4 Has shown some promise at times but might not have the skills or athleticism to hang around for a long while
    24 22 Garrett Temple $ CHI 35 10 yrs UFA Temple might be cooked but just a few years ago he was the Nets' best shot at covering Damian Lillard, so there's value for that sort of thing around the league.
    25 26 Abdel Nader $ PHX 27 3 yrs UFA Nader hasn't done anything to justify any real hype but he's at least near his prime and teams could do worse with the end of their bench.
    26 24 Trey Lyles $ SAS 25 5 yrs UFA Lyles at least has some Spurs corporate knowledge built in and at 25 years old the timing is right to see if he has another gear.
    27 27 Justin Jackson $ MIL 26 3 yrs RFA 4 Jackson just won a chip with the Bucks and stays on my radar as a potential late bloomer that has one season here soon where he's on the radar as an up-and-coming bench player. Good locker room guy and there are enough positives here for any number of teams to try and land him in a 9th or 10th slot.
    28 25 Otto Porter $$- ORL 28 7 yrs UFA Porter looked cooked last season and maybe some time off will do him some good, but he needs to be very good on both sides of the floor to come close to his name value. That's asking way too much with weight, injury and effectiveness concerns.
    29 29 DaQuan Jeffries $ SAS 23 1 yrs RFA Jeffries never got right after an injury in Sacramento last season, a mild disappointment following some flashes of mini-breakout potential toward the end of the prior season. He did a quick tour of the league last year and intel would need to be pretty positive about his physical condition because that's the appeal currently. He's what flier pickups with last roster spots are made for in the NBA.
    30 28 D.J. Wilson $ HOU 25 3 yrs RFA Wilson was always somebody on my radar in Milwaukee and though the move to HOU brought some what-if we see a ton of him going forward moments, that never really panned out as he only played in 35 games total. With three seasons under his belt and no major traction, the price is going to be right and there's enough athleticism here for a non-contending team to gamble with him in 15-20 minute bench role - and potential for a little more.
    31 32 T.J. Leaf $ POR 24 3 yrs RFA 4 Leaf has bounced around enough to make him questionable to be on a roster this season
    32 33 Stanley Johnson $ TOR 25 5 yrs UFA
    33 30 Isaac Bonga $ WAS 21 2 yrs RFA
    34 34 Axel Toupane $ MIL 29 2 yrs RFA 4
    35 35 Theo Pinson $ NYK 25 2 yrs RFA 4
    36 36 Anthony Lamb $ HOU 23 0 yrs RFA 4
    37 37 Juwan Morgan $ UTA 24 1 yrs RFA
    38 38 James Nunnally $ NOP 31 2 yrs RFA 4
    39 39 Kostas Antetokounmpo $ LAL 23 2 yrs RFA 4
    40 40 Nate Hinton $ DAL 22 0 yrs RFA 4
    $/Value Overall Name Cost TEam Age Exp Status Notes


    John Collins made Atlanta look silly for dilly dallying around and it didn’t seem like they were going to make it for a bit. He’s worth the high-end money. After that is where things get real interesting because — also in Atlanta — as the Hawks try to deal with their logjams they have a guy in Nathan Knight that regularly made plays last season. He’s a bit undersized so even when he’s doing amazingly athletic things one might not immediately notice him on the floor, but whether it’s in the vertical game or from beyond the arc, he has the ability to do a little bit of everything. Though he’s undersized his overall athleticism and skills package is an instant-win for any team wanting to beef up their 4/5 slots. Teams can’t get away with playing Knight at center very much, at least right now, but his versatility allows a team to use more paint-bound big men knowing they’re getting more athleticism at the four spot.

    Another player that’s under the radar, albeit less so, is Jarred Vanderbilt. Built in the mold of Jerami Grant he struggled to stay on the floor late in the season but in terms of pure lateral quickness and ability to cover super freaks he warrants this kind of attention. The Wolves probably aren’t dying to match a go-away offer and sure there’s some risk that he can’t put it all together, but even if he can’t the likelihood that he develops into a top-tier defender is pretty good.

    P.J. Tucker showed you can put him on ice for a lot of the regular season and he can crank it up in the playoffs. He probably wants to get paid but if he chases another chip then his deal deserves the rank I gave him. There are some cheaper options I like in Solomon Hill and Jeff Green over somebody like Bobby Portis, who was in a best case situation and might hurt a team who chases that. This positional group is a mess and I’m not sure I have some great wisdom to impart about that other than to say it will be interesting to see how teams deal with the need for versatile players that can play from 3-point line to the paint.

    $/Value Overall Name Cost Team Age Exp Status Notes
    1 1 John Collins $$$$ ATL 23 3 yrs RFA We saw him justify the hype in the playoffs. I hope he makes some extra money after ATL did everything they could to screw things up.
    2 8 Nathan Knight $ ATL 23 0 yrs RFA 4 Speaking of ATL, Knight isn't a Richaun Holmes-level prospect on the board. But he's exactly what you're looking for in an under-the-radar signing. Versatile, can play a little bit above the rim and can shoot the three. Lock him up for 4 years on a $6.5M AAV and know you've got a great shot at 20-30 mpg of low-end starter, solid backup play starting in Year 2, with upside if he continues to develop.
    3 12 Jarred Vanderbilt $+ MIN 22 2 yrs RFA Vanderbilt has Jerami Grant-like defensive potential and the question is how much can he learn on the offensive end and in general. The Wolves may not be eager to match a decent offer here.
    4 2 P.J. Tucker $+ MIL 36 9 yrs UFA Tucker really cranked it up in the playoffs and he probably has another year in him. He might have to not play throughout the season to save it, but if you're a contender looking for a discounted difference maker you make the deal. That said, now with a chip he might be looking for the bag, and that would drop him down this list.
    5 6 Solomon Hill $+ ATL 30 7 yrs UFA Hill had some really nice moments for the Hawks in the playoffs and is likely to come pretty cheap this summer. If you can plug a 20-25 mpg hole for less than $7M AAV you're doing alright.
    6 3 Jeff Green $+ BKN 34 12 yrs UFA Green saved the Nets so many times against the Bucks it was hard to count. He can probably play at the same level this upcoming season so he's probably going to be a bargain.
    7 4 Rudy Gay $+ SAS 34 14 yrs UFA Gay can give you a solid 22-25 mpg and bring scoring acumen with not terrible defense to round out the package. A contending team will probably get a great deal here.
    8 5 Bobby Portis $$+ MIL 26 5 yrs UFA 1 Portis is about to get overpaid and good for him. The Bucks situation was about as good as it gets as the reason he hasn't been able to stay on the floor is that teams figure out his defense and exploit him regularly. The Bucks had enough good defense around him and the Suns had too much subpar play from Chris Paul to get to the exposing part. Some poor team is going to pay him too much and he'll start out as a fan favorite, only to see that enthusiasm wane quickly after that.
    9 7 James Johnson $ NOP 34 11 yrs UFA Johnson can step in and provide court presence in 20 mpg spurts and probably has some high-end defense in him in certain matchups … something for contending teams to consier. Otherwise, the negatives start to stack up pretty quick as he doesn't need to be guarded and can get out of his lane pretty quick.
    10 10 JaKarr Sampson $ IND 28 5 yrs UFA Sampson isn't old but some of his high-end athleticism has left him, but he's still a solid 3/4 defender that can be pretty useful for any team.
    11 11 Torrey Craig $ PHX 30 3 yrs UFA Craig's green light in PHO was a sight to behold at times and that equation is only going to get exasperated as his career goes. His defense has waned and he needs a real good, healthy offseason to claw back at that.
    12 13 Taj Gibson $ NYK 36 11 yrs UFA Gibson was the Knicks' best option in pick and roll defense against the Hawks and it showed he wasn't dead in the hoops landscape. On a contending team, in a backup role for 10-15 mpg, he can be a good fit.
    13 23 Killian Tillie $ MEM 23 0 yrs RFA 4 It will be interesting to see what Memphis does here as they were stacked and couldn't really give him much chance to play. If they do let him out of their grasp, this is a quality place to take a flier.
    14 20 Harry Giles $ POR 23 2 yrs UFA Giles hasn't been able to put all the versatility and theoretic upside together but if he's healthy he's worth taking a flier pick to see how it goes.
    15 17 Thanasis Antetokounmpo $ MIL 29 2 yrs RFA He's not going anywhere if I had to guess but he has enough activity on the floor to be worth a flier.
    16 21 Nicolo Melli $ DAL 30 1 yrs RFA Melli won't blow your hair back but he can hang as a backup-level player/spot-starter in this league for 15 mpg.
    17 18 Mike Scott $ PHI 33 8 yrs UFA Can shoot will travel.
    18 14 Paul Millsap $+ DEN 36 14 yrs UFA Millsap is dead money on the floor now and sure, there will be times he pops off but he's a backup-level player with a ton of tread on the tires. Somebody will overpay for that.
    19 9 Carmelo Anthony $+ POR 37 17 yrs UFA Melo was a nice story last season but anything other than an offense-only role for 20 mpg is too much for him going forward.
    20 16 Blake Griffin $ BKN 32 10 yrs UFA Griffin's ball-dominant style of play translates very poorly with his cratering athleticism and inability to get to the rim. Defensively he's the mark.
    21 24 Rondae Hollis-Jefferson $ POR 26 5 yrs UFA RHJ hasn't gone away and perhaps he can craft a future as a small-ball big but he's very much a flier at this stage.
    22 15 James Ennis $ ORL 31 6 yrs UFA Ennis has managed to gobble up some minutes in recent years but he's getting long in the tooth and is a mid-level backup at best the rest of the way.
    23 19 Nemanja Bjelica $ MIA 33 5 yrs UFA In a 10-15 mpg role as a shooter/playmaker coming off the bench he can be fine. Sacramento was high as all hell playing him the way they did.
    24 22 Georges Niang $ UTA 28 4 yrs UFA Niang was brutal in the playoffs and he probably has an iteration or two more of improvement, but mid-level backup is his ceiling
    25 25 Jaylen Hoard $ OKC 22 1 yrs RFA 4
    26 26 Reggie Perry $ BKN 21 0 yrs RFA 4
    27 27 Keita Bates-Diop $ SAS 25 2 yrs RFA 4
    28 28 Patrick Patterson $ LAC 32 10 yrs UFA
    29 29 Ersan Ilyasova $ UTA 34 12 yrs UFA
    30 30 Jordan Bell $ GSW 26 3 yrs UFA 4
    31 31 Tyler Bey $ DAL 23 0 yrs RFA 4
    32 32 Jarrell Brantley $ UTA 25 1 yrs RFA 4
    33 33 Ignas Brazdeikis $ ORL 22 1 yrs RFA
    34 34 Devontae Cacok $ LAL 24 1 yrs RFA 4
    35 35 Gary Clark $ PHI 26 2 yrs UFA 4
    36 36 Jared Dudley $ LAL 36 13 yrs UFA
    37 37 Josh Hall $ OKC 20 0 yrs RFA 4
    38 38 Udonis Haslem $ MIA 41 17 yrs UFA
    $/Value Overall Name Cost Team Age Exp Status Notes


    Who knows, maybe the Kings did a good job of hiding Richaun Holmes in order to keep his free agency price down. They didn’t promo him as an All Star at all when he was often the team’s best player, and in general they’ve downplayed his value for most of this current deal. Only after it had been obvious for multiple seasons that he was this good and also under their roof did they start to treat him like a core guy. In terms of defending the cat-and-mouse pick-and-roll there aren’t that many big men who can do it better. His offensive game is a metronome as we’ve discussed since he was a wee lil’ lad getting screwed over by Jerry Colangelo. Even if he gets up toward $20M AAV it’s worth it. I’ll hedge and say it might not be worth it in Year 3 and/or 4, though, as elite athleticism for bigs starts to fade for the best of them at 27 years old. It’s unlikely Holmes suddenly drops to being average on defense or loses his efficiency on offense, but if he can be exposed in the pick and roll then he’s probably more like a $15-18M AAV guy (present money). Still, there is absolutely no losing on this deal and the Kings are lucky the rest of the league probably doesn’t know how good he really is.

    Right underneath Holmes the excitement is limited outside of Jarrett Allen, who doesn’t have the skills that Holmes has on offense or the defensive instincts and toughness, but he’s not too far behind. While he won’t be able to bang like Holmes anytime soon, he’s about to fill out and he has potential for some special size-speed combo stuff we haven’t seen much of after early career Rudy Gobert. He’ll improve in areas other than screening and rolling as he goes, but his value as a roller is such that he can be fine just making a living off that for a few years. Everything else will be a bonus and the question becomes whether a team is willing to put the Cavs in a bad spot here. For my money, I’m not sure how the Cavs don’t match anything that’s not truly ludicrous.

    Zach Collins is another interesting UFA as the Blazers did not extend a qualifying offer, which is either cap math happening in advance or they think the injury issues are going to linger or hurt his effectiveness. I kind of doubt it’s the third thing, though a decrease in athleticism would certainly take the zing off this proposition. Collins is a rangy, versatile big at a time where there are very few that can be enough of that to hang in the playoffs when pick-and-roll matchups and spacing are king. As an RFA this was a way spicier meatball because teams would have to tie up money but now this is just a straight-up what-u-think deal.

    $/Value Overall Name Cost TEam Age Exp Status Notes
    1 1 Richaun Holmes $$$ SAC 27 5 yrs UFA In his prime the next 1-2 seasons. Offensive tempo machine, among the best defensive bigs in the league.
    2 2 Jarrett Allen $$$ CLE 23 3 yrs RFA Allen can stay in his lane and provide enough vertical gravity and defensive prowess to justify what might be a lower than expected number.
    3 4 Zach Collins $$+ POR 23 3 yrs RFA Collins is just 23 years old, we've seen players shake the injury bug so while there is risk-reward inherent here, there may be more reward than risk. Sneaky upside here.
    4 3 Kelly Olynyk $$+ HOU 30 7 yrs UFA Yes, the numbers were inflated but he was good in Miami too and basically we just saw peak Olynyk in terms of skill and effectiveness, location aside. This rank could swing based on how much teams crack open the wallet.
    5 9 Mitchell Robinson $$+ NYK 23 2 yrs RFA 2 NYK might decline his team option to make him an RFA after this season but for fun I ranked him as if he was an RFA right now.
    6 5 Enes Kanter $++ POR 29 9 yrs UFA It will be interesting to see how much dough Kanter foregoes to improve his playing situation but he's a known quantity. Can play at a high level for stretches but eventually gets exposed on defense and with shooting.
    7 19 Tony Bradley $ OKC 23 3 yrs RFA I've had an eye on Bradley since his Utah days and he just hasn't quite gotten over the hump. In OKC he couldn't really separate from the pack and some of that may have been by design because of tanking, but regardless if you're looking for a low-cost big that might become a 20-25 mpg guy headed in the right direction, this is your jam.
    8 14 Khem Birch $+ TOR 28 3 yrs UFA Birch has a shot at being a serviceable low-end starter and at a low price
    9 6 Nerlens Noel $$- NYK 27 6 yrs UFA Noel probably can't handle more than 20-24 mpg and now that his brand has been rehabbed a bit, there's a decent chance he gets hit with an overpay here. His ankle was an issue in the playoffs, but how much it impacted some substandard defensive play should at least be on the minds of would-be buyers.
    10 20 Isaiah Hartenstein $ CLE 23 2 yrs RFA 1 Hartenstein passed on his player option of $1.8M because he probably knows some things about the market and for good reason. He's young, can move a bit and can definitely be a backup center with some low-end starter upside. Teams with needs should be trying to get in on that kind of combo at this price.
    11 7 Serge Ibaka $$- LAC 31 11 yrs UFA 1 Ibaka took his player option but I ranked him more or less at that amount and also where I thought teams might be willing to pay for him.
    12 10 Kevon Looney $+ GSW 25 5 yrs UFA 1 It's kind of shocking how young Looney is when you consider how he moves and how much injury mileage it appears he has taken on. If your intel says he's mostly healthy, the low-end name value and competent play make him a nice target for bargain bin shoppers.
    13 11 Gorgui Dieng $ SAS 31 7 yrs UFA Dieng still has some basketball in him but how long that statement is true is anybody's guess. A quality addition at the price for teams needing a big.
    14 8 Lauri Markkanen $$+ CHI 24 3 yrs RFA Here's a real gamble for an aggressive team. Injuries and general disarray in CHI throughout his career have really hit him hard. At 24 years old would-be buyers are hoping he breaks the injury curse and can provide shooting with the hope he's not a defensive liability right away. It's not my cup of tea and he'll still probably be overpaid if a team does try to pry him away.
    15 18 Montrezl Harrell $$ LAL 27 5 yrs UFA 1 He's Wizards-bound but here's where I was ranking him based on opting out and testing the FA market. His defense is unfixable at this point, and though his motor is the key selling point I'm not a fan of how it starts to dominate the tenor of the game on offense, as most teams are alright with Harrell beating them.
    16 12 JaVale McGee $ DEN 33 12 yrs UFA McGee is what he is now and that's fine if you're looking for 12-16 mpg off the bench throughout the year.
    17 15 Andre Drummond $$ LAL 27 8 yrs UFA It will be interesting to see what the market bears here but he is pretty awful these days. He can go on mini-heaters with his core competencies but that can't change his bad defense, FT shooting and general lack of awareness.
    18 17 Frank Kaminsky $ PHX 28 5 yrs UFA Kaminsky didn't crumble during spot minutes in the playoffs and that alone was eye-opening. He's not a long-term solution but finding a cheap backup that doesn't fold in high leverage games is a win as a GM.
    19 15 JaMychal Green $ DEN 31 6 yrs UFA 1 Green looked pretty damn bad last year in Denver and declined his player option, and he'll still probably get more consideration around the league than a bunch of guys in these lists. Hard pass.
    20 13 Daniel Theis $+ CHI 29 3 yrs UFA Theis has enough injuries and mileage to fall off pretty much at any point now. He'll probably get a bigger deal than he justifies because of the highlights from Boston.
    21 21 Boban Marjanovic $ DAL 32 5 yrs UFA Boban is what he is -- an amazing gameplan changer for 10-15 minutes in a game. His affable nature and likeability make him an easy target for a lot of teams in a specialist role, but at 32 it's hard to rank him much higher than this. Dallas probably brings him back.
    22 16 Robin Lopez $ WAS 33 12 yrs UFA Lopez has another 1-2 years being able to slide his feet enough to not get truly annihilated out there and his waist-level hook shot gives him something to go to in a pinch on offense. Good locker room guy. A fine backup center target.
    23 25 Moritz Wagner $ ORL 24 2 yrs UFA Wagner lacks in physicality but with young legs and decent versatility he can give you a tiny bit of upside in a backup center package on the cheap.
    24 27 Alex Len $ WAS 28 7 yrs UFA Len's disappearance last season was odd after he was surprisingly effective in Sacramento.
    25 28 Bismack Biyombo $ CHA 28 9 yrs UFA It feels like Biyombo has been around forever because he has been and at 28 you can probably expect more good defense and physical play, but when you're as limited as he is the every-year erosion of athleticism makes him an undesirable backup big to target in free agency outside of contending clubs needing a specialist.
    26 22 Willie Cauley-Stein $ DAL 27 5 yrs UFA 2 WCS has always played to the beat of his own drum and he rehabbed some of that image in Dallas by surviving Rick Carlisle and getting consistent minutes. But how long he wants to put his body through the grind and at what level are going to be the considerations the rest of the way out, even at 27 years old. He is clinging to backup level ability right now.
    27 23 Markieff Morris $ LAL 31 9 yrs UFA Morris will probably have like 10 good games next season but he can't move, he's not as offensively talented like his brother and teams of all types can do better.
    28 30 DeMarcus Cousins $ LAC 30 9 yrs UFA The end is coming for DMC, who might just have to recast himself as a threes only big man that plays 10-15 mpg when he gets on the floor. There's some mild upside because of his versatility and he's chilled out quite a bit, but as evidenced by his baseline defense for 'the play' against PHO there's so much lost in the details game that he has practically no margin.
    29 33 Ed Davis $ MIN 32 10 yrs UFA Davis has utility for a contender lacking offensive rebounding and that's about it.
    30 31 Dwight Howard $ PHI 35 16 yrs UFA Howard had something cooking as a heel for the Lakers but his game has regressed so bad that he has become unplayable in many ways.
    31 24 Cody Zeller $ CHA 28 7 yrs UFA Zeller is the backup center you turn to when you just need somebody to run the offense.
    32 35 Tacko Fall $ BOS 25 1 yrs RFA 4 I don't summarily rule out Fall being a serviceable backup big in a Boban-like 12-16 minute role. Any longer than that and teams figure it out.
    33 29 Luke Kornet $ BOS 26 3 yrs UFA Kornet has 10-16 minute upside as a mid-level backup and we're probably looking at his prime seasons so he's a nice grab with your team's 12th or 13th slot.
    34 34 Semi Ojeleye $ BOS 26 3 yrs UFA First his weight has to be in a good place to stick around and from there you might take a flier on him when filling out the back-end of a roster. He's ranked this high because there's a non-zero chance that he puts the physicality and skills package together.
    35 32 Dewayne Dedmon $ MIA 31 7 yrs UFA Dedmon is only hanging on these days because of offense and the occasional play on defense, and he's not good at either of them anymore. He'll stick as a backup center in the league for another year or two.
    36 36 Mike Muscala $ OKC 30 7 yrs UFA Muscala used to have a nice low-end blend of versatility and athleticism, but he has regressed in both areas and north of 30 that's not getting any better
    37 37 Willy Hernangomez $ NOP 27 4 yrs UFA Hernangomez is too much of a liability on defense and there's not really enough offense to compensate for it.
    38 38 Hassan Whiteside $ SAC 32 8 yrs UFA Sacramento bringing him on last year was hilarious and he was terrible with everything except for quotes.
    39 39 Cristiano Felicio $ CHI 29 5 yrs UFA Not sure if Felicio is sticking around the league this season.
    37 40 Diallo, Cheick $ PHX 24 4yrs Years UFA** $1.8M team option
    $/Value Overall Name Cost TEam Age Exp Status Notes
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