• While there are many custom values entered by friendly leagues out there, it’s always a good idea to double-check those values before you jump into a draft. These rankings are based on the NBA default points league format, released in 2017.

    Points: 1

    The rankings also do their best to take into account potential games played over the eight games for the resumption. However, as you know, things are quite difficult to perfectly gauge at this point, but we will do our best to keep the rankings updated leading up to the resumption tipoff on July 30.

    Rank Player Remarks
    1 Giannis Antetokounmpo Points-league formats falls right into his wheelhouse. Can't go wrong here, assuming he doesn't sit.
    2 James Harden He's a fantasy beast who doesn't like to miss games. "Fear the Beard"
    3 Anthony Davis AD does it all, but as usual, his durability remains in question.
    4 Luka Doncic Still exploring his uncharted ceiling, sky's the limit for #lukamagic
    5 LeBron James He's a sit-risk, but as long as the King's playing, he's going to bring it.
    6 Damian Lillard As long as the Blazers have a shot, expect him to play and play hard.
    7 Nikola Jokic Jokic was thankfully asymptomatic after dealing with COVID-19 infection.
    8 Joel Embiid Hopefully, the hiatus allowed Embiid to rest up for a strong push.
    9 Nikola Vucevic The Magic's hopes are pinned on Vooch. He's solid and steady.
    10 Kawhi Leonard Would be ranked higher if not for two words. Load. Management.
    11 Russell Westbrook A COVID-19 diagnosis dampens his appeal. How he recovers will tell the tale.
    12 Jimmy Butler Butler's one of the best two-way players in the game and will play hard for the Heat.
    13 Ben Simmons Will the time spent practicing at PF work to his benefit?
    14 Jayson Tatum He's come into his own this season and he's just getting started.
    15 Jrue Holiday Holiday shook off a slow start and found his groove post-ASB
    16 Paul George PG13 is healthy and will be a beast down the stretch as he warms up for the playoffs.
    17 Devin Booker He's going to score in bunches but can he do much more?
    18 Pascal Siakam Spicy P got game and he's critical to the Raptors' success.
    19 Deandre Ayton Expect him to flirt with double-doubles on a nightly basis.
    20 Bam Adebayo Bam's a triple-double threat, which translates to Points-league gold.
    21 Kristaps Porzingis He's a Unicorn who has managed to stay pretty healthy this season. Watch out!
    22 Kyle Lowry Lowry is healthy and getting into playoff-mode. Expect big games.
    23 Hassan Whiteside A now-healthy Jusuf Nurkic could make for a crowded Blazers frontcourt.
    24 Rudy Gobert Solid and reliable. He's moved past his row with teammate Donovan Mitchell
    25 Domantas Sabonis His value will fluctuate and is pegged on whether Victor Oladipo will actually play.
    26 Brandon Ingram Will the new and improved Ingram come out of the hiatus firing at full-auto?
    27 DeMar DeRozan With LaMarcus Aldridge out, DeRozan will have to carry the Spurs.
    28 Chris Paul As long as his hamstring holds, CP3 should deliver amazing value.
    29 Donovan Mitchell The Jazz will be leaning heavily on him to carry a lot of the scoring load.
    30 Zion Williamson If Zion can put up some defensive numbers, he'll smash this ranking.
    31 C.J. McCollum The Blazers number two option will need to step it up if they're going to advance.
    32 Khris Middleton If the Bucks rest Giannis, Middleton should be in for some big games.
    33 Fred VanVleet FVV slides down a bit due to a healthy Kyle Lowry.
    34 Caris LeVert The Nets roster is decimated, so it's all on LeVert. Monster games incoming!
    35 Robert Covington The move to the Rockets reviatlized a slumping RoCo. He ticks all the right boxes.
    36 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander SGA is still improving and can emerge as a triple-double beast.
    37 Tobias Harris The Sixers' second scoring option is a safe pick at this spot.
    38 De'Aaron Fox The Kings will live and die on Fox's shoulders. He's an X-factor to watch.
    39 Ricky Rubio His kit of points, assists and steals will be a difference-maker in this format.
    40 Jonas Valanciunas Valanciunas was a blocking machine just before the hiatus. Can he bring it back?
    41 Jamal Murray Murray will be good for a bunch of points and some varied peripherals here and there.
    42 Buddy Hield Whether he starts or comes off the bench, Hield will find a way to get his.
    43 Montrezl Harrell Quietly delivers points and blocks on a consistent basis.
    44 Lonzo Ball His scoring inefficiency is a non-issue in this format. Ball's gonna ball.
    45 Jaylen Brown Brown's a legit scorer for the Celtics now and he's ready to contribute.
    46 Gordon Hayward The hiatus gave Hayward even more time to find his old form.
    47 Ja Morant Morant is a rising star and his game is a good fit for points leagues.
    48 Danilo Gallinari Usual issues with durability come into play, but we know what we're getting.
    49 Al Horford It took a while for him to acclimate to his new team, but Big Al's a pro and will deliver.
    50 Kemba Walker He's not at 100 percent and will definitely be limited, as per coach Brad Stevens
    51 Will Barton Barton is sneaky-good in every fantasy format. Don't sleep on him.
    52 Eric Bledsoe Age as well as wear and tear are beginning to show.
    53 Lou Williams Williams is a sit-risk, especially once the Clips lock up their best-possible seeding.
    54 Marc Gasol He's healthy and transformed himself. Will vintage-Marc Gasol show up finally?
    55 Jarrett Allen No DeAndre Jordan to compete for his minutes, but fouls will still be an issue.
    56 Jarren Jackson Jr. A true stretch-four/five who brings threes and blocks to the table.
    57 Aaron Gordon AG still lacks consistency, but this is a safe spot to rank him.
    58 Malcolm Brogdon Injuries slowed him down but he's ready to play in the Orlando bubble.
    59 Richaun Holmes A silent assassin with his quiet efficient and under-the-radar play.
    60 Marcus Smart A limited Kemba means the Celtics will lean on him more over the last eight games.
    61 Joe Ingles With Bojan Bogdanovic out of the picture, old-school Ingles' gonna make a comeback.
    62 Myles Turner Turner will need to ramp up those blocks and points if he's going to outperform this spot.
    63 Derrick Favors A healthy Zion will surely steal some of his thunder.
    64 T.J. Warren Will likely lead the Pacers in scoring over the last eight games.
    65 Serge Ibaka A healthy Marc Gasol will push him for those starting C minutes.
    66 Dejounte Murray Dejounte's game fits points leagues like a glove.
    67 Marvin Bagley III Can he show up as the double-double threat he was originally projected to be?
    68 Evan Fournier Boring scoring, but he gets the job done.
    69 Tim Hardaway Jr. Similar story as Fournier. Too bad their 3s don't count.
    70 Brook Lopez He can explode or can fizzle depending on how he's feeling on any given night.
    71 Goran Dragic A solid scoring punch off the bench for the Heat.
    72 Mike Conley He has a chance to redeem himself from his ugly start to the season.
    73 Steven Adams Boards and steals but doesn't score enough to warrant a higher ranking.
    74 Jae Crowder Crowder was trending up since joining the Heat.
    75 Josh Richardson Injuries and a slumpy shooting season have made him lose some luster.
    76 Thomas Bryant He reportedly now 100 percent healthy, but what can he really do?
    77 Kendrick Nunn Spoelstra loves him but Nunn doesn't do much outside of scoring.
    78 Markelle Fultz Fultz's redemption season is still ongoing, so hopefully he finishes strong.
    79 Dillon Brooks Can Brooks continue his breakout season and end with a bang?
    80 Rui Hachimura With Bradley Beal officially out, Hachimura will be the Wizards' top scoring option.
    81 Victor Oladipo He was in, then out, then in. Too many question marks at this point.
    82 Terrence Ross His game is mostly pegged on his 3s, so there's not much to expect in this format.
    83 Harrison Barnes Tested positive for COVID-19 with two weeks to go.
    84 Brandon Clarke Should figure with a prominent role off the Grizzlies' bench.
    85 Daniel Theis Theis is a defensive specialist, so his upside is capped.
    86 Paul Millsap He's running on fumes but is coming off a lengthy rest. A high sit-risk down the line.
    87 Jusuf Nurkic He's back to his old self, but expect a bit of rust.
    88 Joe Harris Zzzz, but then again, there's no one left, so ride him while you can.
    89 Kelly Oubre Is healthy enough to contribute? Expect some volatility here.
    90 Carmelo Anthony Now-healthy Nurkic and Collins will push him for minutes, but Melo is Melo.
    91 Derrick White White has been hit-or-miss, but is a safe pick at this spot.
    92 Troy Brown Jr. TBJ has a chance to flash that dynamic game he displayed towards the end of 2018-19.
    93 Mikal Bridges A glue guy with solid peripherals, but game doesn't always translate well.
    94 Jerami Grant He should be ranked higher if the Nuggets rest Millsap.
    95 Shabazz Napier Could be surprising a lot of people with Beal out of the picture.
    96 Danuel House Does a bit of everything with low points and low turnovers.
    97 PJ Tucker Uhm, copy-paste remarks for Danuel House.
    98 Duncan Robinson When he heats up, the points get nice and juicy.
    99 Dennis Schroder He will leave the Orlando bubble but could be back in time to play again.
    100 Norman Powell A healthy Raptors leaves a lot less on the plate for good old Norm.
    Rank Player Remarks
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