• Hey guys, I had two big jobs over the All Star break and one was to work with the guys to get the new website released and the other one was the annual look at the last third of the season. 

    As many of you know, the Bruski 150 we sell as a part of the draft guide takes three months of nightly breakdowns and statistical analysis, leaving no stone unturned in a fully comprehensive analysis.

    The Post All Star Break B150 is not that.  There are statistical elements that start as a backbone of the research, but it’s virtually impossible to cram three months of work into one week.  But the week does give us a chance to let things settle, teams get into a clearly differentiated post-AS break mode and between tanking, resting, shutdowns and young players finally getting let loose — it’s a really fluid situation and the rankings are absolutely fluid.

    I don’t do 8- and 9-cat versions (just 8-cat). I don’t count remaining games because it’s a variable that would truly clog up the analysis, and at the same time I trend it more toward qualitative analysis because there are stashes that have more value than your typical late-round plodder.  We don’t know your format, we don’t know your playoff weeks, we don’t know what categories you’re chasing and we don’t know your appetite for risk.

    With all of that said, I’ll restate a few of these ground rules and then we’re off to the races.  This info is accurate as of right at the start of Thursday’s game. 

    –These are 8-cat rankings. You’ll have to make your own adjustments for 9-cat.

    –Games played are not a consideration and neither are playoff schedules

    –There is a qualitative aspect to stashes, injury-impacted players and the like in relation to low-end plodders

    Name Notes
    1 James Harden Hunting an MVP trophy and blowing everybody away
    2 Kevin Durant Giving KD the durability edge over Steph by a hair
    3 Stephen Curry Turning the corner on ankle issues, hopefully.
    4 Giannis Antetokounmpo Not the ROI owners hoped for this year.
    5 Anthony Davis Davis can be No. 1 on this list. Say your prayers.
    6 Karl-Anthony Towns At low end of productivity curve currently.
    7 LeBron James How much does he have in the tank after busy season
    8 Damian Lillard Mild durability concerns but otherwise rock solid.
    9 Chris Paul Hope that the Rockets push hard for playoff seeding
    10 Jimmy Butler Has stat set kick where other Round 2 guys don't
    11 Victor Oladipo Just has to stay healthy and he'll cruise to this
    12 Russell Westbrook His volume has really taken a hit this year.
    13 Nikola Jokic Hopefully the Millsap integration isn't untimely
    14 Paul George As safe as they get in the top-15 range
    15 Andre Drummond Drummond hasn't slowed down with Blake around
    16 Bradley Beal With Wall out he will put up some monsters.
    17 Kyrie Irving Rest games will be annoying but otherwise solid.
    18 Joel Embiid Hasn't truly hit his next gear yet. Rest/injury risk.
    19 Jrue Holiday He's already churning; an AD injury away from more
    20 Draymond Green Rock solid as a top-24 play
    21 Kemba Walker I worry about pushing through any knee soreness
    22 Nikola Vucevic No real competition for touches
    23 Devin Booker It's going to be all Booker all the time
    24 Lou Williams Clips have new depth but it might not slow him down
    25 Kyle Lowry Always have to worry about that late season injury
    26 Eric Bledsoe Got a big boost with the Brogdon injury.
    27 Ben Simmons A lot of variance here b/c of the efficiencies
    28 Marc Gasol Pray he doesn't get conservative as MEM tanks.
    29 Hassan Whiteside Some rest before the playoffs wouldn't be shocking
    30 Al Horford Slow and steady wins the race
    31 Klay Thompson Another safe play in the top-36
    32 Khris Middleton Hasn't enjoyed the Brogdon bump yet
    33 DeMar DeRozan You know what you're getting here
    34 Nikola Mirotic Can go higher too if anything happens to Davis
    35 Isaiah Thomas Buy low after media smears, knee-jerk analysis
    36 Otto Porter Hasn't enjoyed it yet but the Wall bump is coming
    37 Myles Turner Hasn't truly been able to get into a rhythm yet.
    38 Donovan Mitchell Just has to keep doing what he's already doing
    39 Gary Harris Millsap might hurt; but he's been rock solid
    40 Elfrid Payton The move to Phoenix fits his game so well
    41 Enes Kanter He's been great and they need him more post-Zinger
    42 Rudy Gobert Explosion not quite there from last season
    43 C.J. McCollum Last year's percentages looking like outliers
    44 Clint Capela A safe big man play down the stretch
    45 Aaron Gordon Can he jump back in with peak efficiencies?
    46 Tyreke Evans MEM: "Screw it let Reke play his way out of MEM"
    47 Blake Griffin Overrated in LAC, overrated in DET
    48 Dario Saric Quietly bringing home the bacon every night
    49 Joe Ingles Hoop Ball's adult son is SMOKIN
    50 Dennis Schroder Nothing in Schroder's way down the stretch
    51 DeAndre Jordan Clips' playoff run should keep him in action
    52 LaMarcus Aldridge If Kawhi doesn't return he goes much higher than this
    53 Jeff Teague Mostly locked in for fantasy purposes
    54 Kris Dunn His game translates to 8-cat very well
    55 Ricky Rubio Hip derailed hot streak; ranked as mostly healthy
    56 Steven Adams Takes a lot of contact but pretty much locked in
    57 Robert Covington 40-rank variance with the shooting percentage
    58 Kent Bazemore Quietly having a great season so far
    59 Josh Richardson Wade concerning, but J-Rich playing very aggressive
    60 Paul Millsap Should bring top-40 numbers when he returns
    61 Trevor Ariza Rockets could low key save him for the Warriors
    62 Evan Fournier The Magic are a stable fantasy squad
    63 Tobias Harris Fitting in just fine with the Clippers so far
    64 Jayson Tatum Some rookie wall lately, rest will do him good
    65 Darren Collison Knee issue dragging out, dragging his rank down
    66 John Wall 10-15 games of top-24 numbers (8-cat)
    67 Bogdan Bogdanovic The Kings' best player and they finally maybe know it
    68 Buddy Hield Sweet shooting stat set; minutes should jump up
    69 Will Barton Things could get messy when Millsap returns
    70 Lauri Markkanen Mirotic trade clears the runway for solid finish
    71 Danilo Gallinari Hopefully he's got the missed games out of the way
    72 Jonas Valanciunas Good lately but always at risk of slippage
    73 J.J. Redick You know what you're getting here
    74 Taj Gibson Let's see if Thibs gets him to the playoffs alive
    75 Thaddeus Young The #Thadditude is strong in these parts
    76 Zach LaVine Needs to be this good to sniff the right ROI
    77 Jusuf Nurkic Back to mid-round in 8-cat; injury risk
    78 Spencer Dinwiddie Hoop Ball's other adult son is cruising along
    79 T.J. Warren On autopilot for the rest of the season
    80 Harrison Barnes In the running for most boring fantasy play
    81 Julius Randle Turning it on lately, fits well with Thomas
    82 Courtney Lee Very well positioned for strong finish
    83 Lonzo Ball Thomas will cut into his value; also dealing with knee
    84 Taurean Prince 2018 splits are extreme outliers; needed the rest
    85 Markieff Morris Wall injury opens the door for solid late year run
    86 Serge Ibaka Also in the running for most boring fantasy play
    87 Goran Dragic Efficiencies down across the board
    88 Tim Hardaway Jr. Just has to stay healthy; otherwise locked in
    89 James Johnson Hopefully the break helps to reset him.
    90 Jeremy Lamb Can go way higher if the Hornets start resting guys
    91 Jamal Murray Dodged so many bullets this year; Millsap will hurt
    92 Marquese Chriss Strong stat set, some risk but easy top-75 upside
    93 John Collins This is a safer ranking for him; could go higher
    94 Kevin Love Getting 10-15 games of 4th-5th round value
    95 Kyle Anderson If Kawhi gets ruled out bump him up 10 ranks
    96 Kawhi Leonard So hard to rank. Check the most recent news.
    97 Wesley Matthews He's a gamer but there's no reason to push him hard
    98 DeMarre Carroll The Nets like having him out there as vet presence
    99 Nicolas Batum 5th round upside, shutdown risk with elbow injury
    100 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope He should hover around here even with IT around
    101 Eric Gordon Safer late-round play
    102 Larry Nance Jr. Top-100 value as long as he's healthy
    103 Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Getting beat up as a PF; but can go higher if healthy
    104 Willie Cauley-Stein Stat set lost potency with move to offense
    105 Brandon Ingram This assumes he takes another step forward
    106 Dennis Smith Jr. Efficiency the problem; everything else is there
    107 De'Aaron Fox Ditto
    108 D'Angelo Russell Dinwiddie the better player; expect inconsistency
    109 Josh Jackson %s a big issue; but poised for big finish
    110 Skal Labissiere Kings seem geared up to let him play. Finally.
    111 Jarrett Allen The lack of defensive stats the only downer here
    112 Kelly Olynyk Bump him up 10-20 ranks if there's good shoulder news
    113 Derrick Favors He's holding on so far; how long can he do it for?
    114 Pau Gasol Will be a mess with DNP-Pop's down the stretch
    115 Al-Farouq Aminu Consistent late round value
    116 Michael Beasley Stat set issues and injury risk; clear runway though
    117 Kelly Oubre Jr. Hasn't had the Wall bump yet; upside beyond this
    118 Dewayne Dedmon Safely ranked here; can go higher
    119 Carmelo Anthony Name bigger than the game
    120 Kyle Kuzma Stat set problems, still a bit crowded; good fit w/ IT
    121 T.J. McConnell Consistent top-125 value
    122 Danny Green Kawhi might hurt; might not. Green safe here
    123 Bobby Portis Mirotic trade clears the runway for solid finish
    124 Andrew Wiggins Stat set problems
    125 Jaylen Brown Still has holes in his stat set; will continue to improve
    126 Brook Lopez Doesn't look like top-50 Lopez anytime soon
    127 Dwight Powell Can he finally step into the upside?
    128 Jonathon Simmons His role is safe; a tiny bit of upside too
    129 Tomas Satoransky Ranked to take advantage of current situation
    130 Dragan Bender Chandler neck issue bumps him up, $ counter potential
    131 Alex Len Chandler neck issue bumps him up, can he cash in?
    132 Emmanuel Mudiay An 8-cat player, absorbs usage, NY needs that
    133 Jabari Parker Crowded rotation, injury recovery put him in bad spot
    134 Ed Davis Locked into late round value at 16-20 mpg
    135 Marcin Gortat Even though he doesn't miss Wall; he misses Wall
    136 Bam Adebayo Hasn't been able to convert on the potential just yet
    137 Jae Crowder Guess who couldn't wait to get out of Cleveland
    138 Justin Holiday Getting DNPs kills the drill; not his fault at all.
    139 Delon Wright Solid player; no upside without injury ahead of him
    140 Marcus Smart Inefficient stat set; needs an injury to matter
    141 Austin Rivers Worth owning in 12-team leagues
    142 Dirk Nowitzki Owners can drop for any free agent/stash
    143 Dwight Howard Roto ranking here; shutdown potential in lost season
    144 Domantas Sabonis Needs a core player to be hurt to have 12-team value
    145 Avery Bradley Real value came getting rebounds in Boston
    146 Allen Crabbe Owners can drop for any free agent/stash
    147 Bojan Bogdanovic Owners can drop for any free agent/stash
    148 Ersan Ilyasova Owners can drop for any free agent/stash
    149 Marvin Williams Owners can drop for any free agent/stash
    150 E'Twaun Moore Owners can drop for any free agent/stash
    151 Rajon Rondo Owners can drop for any free agent/stash
    152 Andrew Harrison If he can corral the percentages he can go higher
    153 Terry Rozier A better 9-cat play; would be good if Irving got hurt
    154 Tyler Johnson Needs some injuries in Miami to be a must-own
    155 Jordan Clarkson His role might provide safer fantasy value over Hood
    156 Rodney Hood Hood's stat set requires volume. Will he get it?
    157 Stanley Johnson Owners can drop for any free agent/stash
    158 Reggie Bullock Owners can drop for any free agent/stash
    159 George Hill Can he handle enough to have any upside?
    160 Malcolm Brogdon Probably not enough to juice to help most owners
    161 Ish Smith Valuable until Reggie Jackson returns
    162 Frank Ntilikina The picture is bleak and NYK is his worst enemy
    163 D.J. Augustin A great bet for late-round value the rest of the way
    164 J.J. Barea Late-round value whenever he's healthy
    165 Jordan Bell Does he have enough ramp to get back on the radar?
    166 Kyle O'Quinn Late-round value the rest of the way
    167 Montrezl Harrell Clips playoff chase keeps players from shutting down
    168 Dillon Brooks Will plod his way to a value higher than this
    169 JaMychal Green Hasn't been able to stay healthy or produce
    170 Greg Monroe PHO didn't do anything to help his conditioning
    171 Dejounte Murray Inconsistent stat set kills his value
    172 Mario Hezonja As guys return the leash will get tightened
    173 John Henson Parker's return complicates his late-round value
    174 Richaun Holmes The Sixers don't know what they're doing
    175 Caris LeVert LeVert needs injury help and more to truly emerge
    176 Jonathan Isaac Nice cash counting potential; needs injury help
    177 Nerlens Noel Going to play soon, this rank could go way up quick
    178 Royce O'Neale Good stat set early on; if Rubio gets hurt #TakeNote
    179 Cheick Diallo Playing behind Anthony Davis has benefits
    180 Fred VanVleet Been great off the bench; deep leaguer only
    181 Trey Lyles Millsap's return will end his run
    182 Wayne Ellington Deep league 3-point specialist
    183 Shabazz Napier Consistent for owners in 14-16 team leagues
    184 Willy Hernangomez The Hornets need offense; but center slot is clogged
    185 Milos Teodosic Not enough mins/production with LAC at full strength
    186 Joe Harris Deep league plodder
    187 Dwyane Wade Even in Miami, he won't have enough juice for owners
    188 Reggie Jackson Unclear what role he's returning to
    189 Jarell Martin Would have value if Gasol bows out
    190 Rudy Gay Not sure on return; but late-round potential
    191 Denzel Valentine Needs injury help with LaVine back
    192 Cedi Osman FT% hurts him; role not secured; but he does stuff
    193 David West Quietly brings back late-round value
    194 Daniel Theis Would be interesting if Horford got hurt
    195 Shelvin Mack Looking at 20-25 mpg going forward
    196 Gorgui Dieng Thibs is not getting a Christmas card
    197 Jerami Grant Cash counters at least make him interesting
    198 Maxi Kleber Flashes of potential followed by severe duds
    199 Kyle Korver Maybe LeBron brings him back to life

Fantasy News

  • PJ Tucker
    SF, Houston Rockets

    P.J. Tucker managed top-125/105 value (8/9-cat) in 2019-20, but found a new position over the course of the season.

    Tucker was unable to repeat the middle-round success of 2018-19, largely because his 3-pointers fell from 1.8 to 1.5 per game and his steals plummeted from 1.6 to 1.1, but he did regain some juice as Houston's small-ball center of choice. Tucker hit the skids in the winter and was outside the top-200 for a stretch, but was able to rebound by finishing around the top-100 in the month of February. Though PJT will never be an offensive focal point, he did snag a career-high 6.9 rebounds per contest and offers up enough cash counters to keep fantasy GMs happy.

  • Danuel House
    PF, Houston Rockets

    Danuel House averaged 10.2 points, 4.2 rebounds, 1.3 assists, 1.1 steals, 0.6 blocks and 1.9 3-pointers in 30.0 mpg on his way to top-135/105 (8/9-cat) value in 2019-20.

    House was a solid contributor for the injured Rockets in 2018-19 but ended up wasting away in the G League down the stretch due to contract issues. There were no such problems this year and House was able to emerge as one of the trusted few in Mike D'Antoni's rotation. Minutes are plentiful on a team that plays as few as eight players on a given night, and House clearly has the stat set to pump out late-middle round value thanks to the steady flow of cash counters. He has the looks of a nice glue guy in fantasy going forward, and shouldn't cost you much in terms of ADP. House cemented his place in the NBA, and on fantasy rosters, with a breakout campaign.

  • Eric Gordon
    SG, Houston Rockets

    Eric Gordon had a nightmare season in 2019-20, shooting poorly out of the gate and then missing almost two months due to knee surgery.

    When the fantasy season stopped Gordon was averaging 14.5 points and 2.7 threes (good) on .370 from the field and .319 from deep (horrid). While Houston's play style will always put Gordon on the map as a points and threes specialist, his stat set can't weather many setbacks. Gordon fell from 3.2 3-pointers per game in each of the previous two seasons, and he ended up as a top-235 fantasy option. When you only contribute in two fantasy categories, you're on thin ice from the start. Gordon figures to be a key player for the Rockets in Orlando, and hopefully the time off has helped him get back to full strength. Gordon will likely be a late-round selection in next season's fantasy drafts but this ugly output is a reminder of what can happen when a few things go wrong with such a thin fantasy profile.

  • Ben McLemore
    SG, Houston Rockets

    Ben McLemore surprised in 2019-20, posting top-220/200 (8/9-cat) fantasy value and becoming a solid member of the Rockets' rotation.

    McLemore looked to be on his way out of the league but took full advantage of his opportunity in Houston. He stepped up when the Rockets were missing players and managed 9.8 points, 0.6 steals and 2.4 triples in 22.8 mpg, shooting a respectable .445 from the field. His value going forward will hinge on that percentage, as McLemore had never shot better than .430 in a season until this year. McLemore should always have juice as a 3-point streamer in Houston, but in terms of full-season appeal he's still only a deep-league option going forward.

  • Kelly Oubre Jr.
    SF, Phoenix Suns

    While Kelly Oubre (torn right meniscus) has been doing "a little" of the on-court work in Orlando, most of his efforts have been on rehab efforts.

    Oubre was initially reported as out for the Orlando restart, though in the last few weeks the Suns have refused to close the door on him playing. The team has poor playoff odds but may see some benefits in getting their full roster some additional reps in, as well as a return simply acting as a reward for Oubre diligently completing a long rehab stint. Fantasy players might not want to make KO a priority in resumption drafts but it's hard to write him off completely until we know his official status. For what it's worth, Monty Williams says that Oubre has his bounce and looks great.

    Source: Kellan Olson on Twitter

  • Austin Rivers
    PG, Houston Rockets

    Austin Rivers delivered top-285/270 (8/9-cat) fantasy value in 2019-20, operating as one of the eight consistent members of Houston's rotation.

    Rivers bounced back as a deep threat, hitting 35.8% of his long bombs this year after shooting 31.8% in 2018-19, but differences in volume meant his overall output stayed put at 1.4 triples per contest. While Rivers did manage a big season in his last with the Clippers, that was mostly a factor of the team's huge injury list. Two years removed from those favorable circumstances and it's clear that Rivers shouldn't be viewed as much more than a streaming option when Houston's big dogs aren't playing.

  • Jeff Green
    SF, Houston Rockets

    Jeff Green turned his season around after signing with the Rockets and ended up delivering top-275 fantasy value.

    Green signed with the Jazz in the offseason but struggled mightily, shooting a ghastly .385 from the field, and eventually fell out of the rotation. He saw a quick renaissance in Houston, hitting an absurd 62.1% of his shots across 10 games, also chipping in 10.4 points, 3.2 rebounds, 0.9 steals, 0.5 blocks and 1.4 triples in 20.1 mpg. That's certainly more than should be expected moving forward but Green fits the Rockets as a capable defensive power forward who can shift down to center in their uber-small lineups. Green's season was a tale of two halves, certainly, but there shouldn't be much excitement about his fantasy potential in the coming years. When the percentages return to normal he'll struggle to keep afloat in 20-team formats.

  • David Nwaba
    SF, Houston Rockets

    David Nwaba was a helpful member of the Nets' rotation before tearing his right Achilles in December.

    Nwaba brings the sort of hard-nosed play that Kenny Atkinson liked to see, so it was no surprise that he earned regular playing time. Though he hasn't been much of a shooter throughout his career, Nwaba did knock down 0.6 triples per contest on .429 from deep, offering some promise going forward. Most of his fantasy value, top-310/290 (8/9-cat), was brought about by a .521 mark from the field plus 0.6 steals and 0.6 blocks in 13.4 mpg. Nwaba signed with the Rockets and should help lengthen their bench next season as a versatile defender. If he can get minutes in the teens, he'll be on the deep-league radar as a defensive specialist.

  • Isaiah Hartenstein
    PF, Houston Rockets

    Isaiah Hartenstein couldn't gain traction at the NBA level, delivering fantasy value just outside top-300, despite another big campaign in the G League.

    Hartenstein averaged 24.9 points, 14.7 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 1.3 steals, 1.1 blocks and 0.9 threes while shooting .587 for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers but could only muster 11.6 mpg in 23 games with the Rockets. Even when Clint Capela went down with his heel injury Houston opted to run with no centers rather than elevate the young German. While Hartenstein was released in June, he shouldn't have a shortage of suitors. Deep dynasty GMs can keep tracking his progress, and a change of scenery might not be a bad thing for Hartenstein's prospects of playing time.

  • Thabo Sefolosha
    SF, Houston Rockets

    Thabo Sefolosha closed the book on his 2019-20 season with top-375/355 value (8/9-cat).

    Sefolosha will not be participating in the league's restart, so anyone playing fantasy games for the rest of this year can ignore him completely. The defensive stopper used to be a sneaky top-175 option because of his steals, blocks and rebounds, but Sefolosha is mostly emergency depth at this point in his career. He averaged 10.6 minutes in 41 games this season, though deep-league streamers may have found some utility in his 0.6 steals and 0.3 blocks. Sefolosha isn't a fantasy option to pursue going forward.

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