• Real NBA games are on the horizon meaning resumption leagues are sprouting up everywhere. With many of the major platforms packing up shop for the season, Fantrax, again, came to the rescue. Offering both resumption and playoff leagues, those of us craving our fantasy fix have to be thrilled. Despite being just a 16-day sprint, many of us are taking any draft related information we can get our hands on.

    For those well-versed in the podcasting styles of one Dan Besbris, you will be aware that he has put together a resumption league draft board. The rankings are certainly going to be flexible, depending on a number of players individual circumstances. With that being said, they do provide a concise snapshot of who we should be targeting. It is well worth going back through the appropriate podcasts to hear Dan’s opinions. However, if time is an issue, the draft board can be found by simply signing up to our newsletter.

    Keeping all of that in mind, the purpose here is to outline a number of players we should be viewing as potential value plays. By value, I refer to those who could fly under the radar or purely be overlooked due to a lack of ‘name value’. Perhaps the biggest caveat to all of this is how many games each player is actually partakes in. That number is really a guess at best and so I’ll be focusing on those that I believe will feature prominently.

    Myles Turner – Indiana Pacers

    Often one of the more frustrating fantasy players, Turner could find himself in quite a favorable position. After a somewhat up-and-down season, Turner was putting up top-30 numbers in the month prior to the shutdown. The timely return of Victor Oladipo was certainly not a coincidence and his presence in the resumption period could be key.

    Another positive here is that fact Domantas Sabonis is far from a guarantee to play. Plantar fasciitis can be a tricky injury to manage, with rest quite often the best source of treatment. If Sabonis does in fact miss an extended period of time, Turner would clearly benefit.

    With that being said, one clear consideration is Turner’s reliance on blocks. This fact can work as both a positive and a negative across both roto and head-to-head formats. He has the ability to basically win you a category, with the trade-off being the lack of overall production. All things considered, the potential absence of Sabonis could afford Turner more touches on the offensive end, making him a solid value play.

    Robert Covington – Houston Rockets

    Unlike Turner, Covington is not relying on the health of those around him. During the same stretch of games, Covington was flirting with first-round value despite averaging only 12.9 points per game. He is a perfect fit for the Rockets small-ball style of play and has now had time to adjust to the team’s offense. Outside of the obvious, Covington is also a player that is typically overlooked in just about all drafts.

    The Rockets are not known for resting their guys and are still themselves adjusting to the recent roster changes. Keeping all of this in mind, Covington is someone to target, especially if you manage to nab an offensive minded player with your first pick.

    Lonzo Ball – New Orleans Pelicans

    After what was absolutely his most consistent season to date, Ball was rolling as a top-15 player prior to March 11. In a similar vein to Covington, Ball does not rely on scoring the basketball to put up fantasy value. A consistent triple-double threat, Ball functions as a fantastic two-way option for the Pelicans. The addition of Zion Williamson appeared to increase Ball’s opportunities on both ends of the floor. With Williamson currently away from the bubble, there is an element of risk associated with Ball.

    Although, when analyzing risk in this situation, Ball’s free-throw concerns are seemingly a non-issue. Despite shooting just 65 percent from the line over the last month, Ball managed to successfully avoid getting to the stripe. Barely attempting one free-throw per game meant the inefficiencies were basically negated.

    Shabazz Napier – Washington Wizards

    Napier presents as an intriguing option for different reasons altogether. He could be considered the last man standing for the Wizards, who are going to be without a number of personnel. In 15 games as a member of the Wizards, Napier was putting up fringe top-100 numbers. This came whilst playing alongside Bradley Beal and Davis Bertans, both of which will be absent come July 30. With limited offensive options remaining, Napier finds himself with the best opportunity of his career. The 29-year-old is yet to establish himself as a key rotational piece but has certainly flashed the ability to run an NBA team.

    Although the name value is not there for Napier, he is quietly sneaking up the ranks and could be tough to sleep on.

    Richaun Holmes – Sacramento Kings

    A Hoop-Ball favorite, Holmes was finally able to reach his potential this season before being derailed by injury. In his 39 games, Holmes was a third-round player and clearly the number-one fantasy option on the Kings roster. However, despite the impressive stat-lines, many still dismiss Holmes as an elite fantasy option and this could translate into resumption drafts.

    A healthy roster would definitely pose a couple of questions around Holmes’ minutes distribution, and Marvin Bagley’s season-ending injury will help his case for playing time even if it boosts his public profile. Any piece that can be eliminated from that equation should be viewed as a positive. Sitting at 55 on our draft board, Holmes could, once again, be a difference maker in many leagues.

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