• This is the final issue in a series of Dynasty focused articles. If you missed the first issue (and the whole premise behind this series), feel free to check it out here.

    For those not willing to look back at past articles, the idea behind the series is to pick out keepers that I think are ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ types of players at this point in their careers. The center position seems to be a thinning out every year as the NBA landscape shifts towards small ball (i.e. Draymond Green playing the 5 spot). This pattern coupled with the trend of increasing 3-point shot attempts leaves me to wonder how much longer rim protectors will be relied on in the league. This often requires fantasy owners to rely on power forwards with center eligibility. The fact that standard leagues have two center spots for an active roster can cause owners even more headaches if they skipped over the top options on draft day. With true centers seemingly a dying breed, the remaining elite options have become even more valuable than previously imagined.

    Given the scarcity of true centers playing starter minutes, it is important to lock down some true keeper-worthy centers.

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