• Every NBA player has an expiration date.  Statistics show that the average NBA player is at their statistical best between the ages of 26 to 29: their prime years.  While players are able to perform at a high level outside those years, the conservative fantasy owner should always keep age in mind on fantasy draft night.  Redraft league owners will want to draft improving players and avoid regressing players to get the best value out of their picks.  Age is even more important to the dedicated fantasy owners brave enough to battle the uncertainty of a dynasty league.

    For those who are not aware, dynasty (or keeper) leagues allow fantasy owners to keep certain players on their roster from season to season according to the league rules.  NBA Players playing in or entering their prime years tend to be overvalued, while players over 30 generally hold less trade value.

    Fantasy owners looking to squeeze out every bit of value from a player will want to buy low in trades and sell high after monster years.

    With that long-winded introduction out of the way, I want to set up the scheme for the next five weeks.  Each week I will highlight my top 5 players at the featured position in different stages of their career:  players ready to enter their prime years (buy) and players set to decline in the near future (sell).

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