• 2019-2020 Boston Celtics Season Recap to date

    2018-2019 Record                 Home Record               Road Record

            49-33                                     28-13                            21-20

    2019-2020 Record                 Home Record               Road Record

             43-21                                     23-9                            20-12

    Fun Facts for the season

    -Jayson Tatum took the big leap forward in 2019-20 that many thought would happen in his sophomore season. He excelled specifically in the last 20 games of the campaign, when he produced first-round value in both 8- and 9-cat leagues with averages of 28.2 points, 7.6 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 1.6 steals, 1.0 blocks, 3.8 3-pointers on .483 shooting and .760 from the free throw line in 35.6 mpg. After witnessing what Tatum brought to the court this year, it is clear that he has to be the number one option for the Celtics moving forward.

    -The Celtics welcomed in their new point guard, Kemba Walker, after seeing Kyrie Irving leave in free agency. Unfortunately, Kemba produced his lowest per-game fantasy value since the 2014-15 season in his first year with the Celtics and failed to meet his second-round ADP by two rounds.

    -The biggest surprise in terms of fantasy value for the Celtics this season came from the center position. Daniel Theis was not on many draft boards heading into drafts but cemented himself as the starting center after the first game of the season. Theis was not flashy by any means but was able to plod along as a 9th/7th round per-game value while missing only six games.

    -After missing all but one game in his first season with the Celtics, Hayward has missed a combined 29 out of a possible 155 games over the last two seasons, including the playoffs (he played in 81 percent of games since 2018-19). He got off to a great start to the year, providing top-30 per game value over his first seven appearances before breaking his left hand on November 9. Since returning on December 9, Hayward played in 37 out of a possible 43 contests and produced per-game value just outside the top-50.

    -Marcus Smart is now the most tenured player on the roster, having been there for at least two more seasons than anyone else on the team. Smart has been able to carve out a role for himself in the league as a defensive specialist as he has led the team in steals per game for the last four seasons. Smart is now ranked sixth all-time in steals per game (1.6) and ninth all-time in total steals (615) out of anyone who has ever played for the Celtics, one of the most historic franchises in the league.

    -The Celtics will have a decision to make in 2020-21 with their roster construction as Tatum is slated to become a restricted free agent in 2021 while Hayward would be in the last year of his contract (Hayward has a player option of $34.19M in 2020-21). It would appear that the team will not be able to retain Hayward unless he decides to take a team-friendly discount so the Celtics may look to make a move prior to the conclusion of next season.

    For a closer look at how the season has gone, be sure to check out our Season So Far series. The Celtics’ entry can be found right here.

    Rosterable in 12-team 8/9-cat leagues (per-game value)

    -Jayson Tatum (2nd round/1st round)

    -Kemba Walker (4th round/4th round)

    -Gordon Hayward (5th round/4th round)

    -Jaylen Brown (5th round/6th round)

    -Marcus Smart (5th round/5th round)

    -Daniel Theis (9th round/7th round)

    Showed flashes of fantasy value in 12-team 8/9-cat leagues (per-game value)

    -Enes Kanter (9th round/8th round from Dec 9 through Jan 11)

    -Brad Wanamaker (10th round/10th round from Feb 1 through Feb 26)

    Rosterable in standard points leagues

    (This is Yahoo’s standard scoring system, we’ll be using them as a reference for the rankings but obviously things will be different in your league if you use a custom scoring format or play on ESPN/CBS/Fantrax)

    -Jayson Tatum (2nd round)

    -Kemba Walker (3rd round)

    -Gordon Hayward (5th round)

    -Marcus Smart (5th round)

    -Jaylen Brown (6th round)

    -Daniel Theis (12th round)

    Flashes of value in standard points leagues:


    Predicting standard league relevant players for 2020-21 season

    -Jayson Tatum (all formats)

    -Kemba Walker (all formats)

    -Gordon Hayward (all formats)

    -Jaylen Brown (all formats)

    -Marcus Smart (all formats)

    -Daniel Theis (8/9-cat)

    Potential for standard league value for 2020-21 season

    -Daniel Theis (points leagues)

    -Enes Kanter (8/9-cat)

    -Grant Williams (9-cat)

    -Robert Williams (8/9-cat)

    Upcoming Notable Free Agents

    -Gordon Hayward (player option of $34.19M in 2020-21)

    -Daniel Theis (team option of $5M in 2020-21)

    -Enes Kanter (player option of $5.01M in 2020-21)

    -Semi Ojeleye (team option of $1.75M in 2020-21)

    -Brad Wanamaker (unrestricted)

    -Javonte Green (team option of $1.52M in 2020-21)

    Key Additions


    Key Departures


    Upcoming Draft Picks

    -2020 first round pick

    -2020 first round pick (via Memphis protected top-6, if unconveyed Boston receives unprotected first round pick in 2021)

    -2020 first round pick (via Milwaukee)

    -2020 second round pick (protected 31-53, 54-60 to Charlotte)

    -2021 first round pick

    -2021 second round pick

    -2022 first round pick

    -2022 second round pick

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