• 2019-2020 Brooklyn Nets Season Recap to date

    2018-2019 Record                 Home Record               Road Record

            42-40                                     23-18                            19-22

    2019-2020 Record                 Home Record               Road Record

             30-34                                     18-14                            12-20

    Fun Facts for the season

    -The Nets will look much different next season as their two highest paid players (Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving earned .5489 percent of 2019-20 cap space) played a combined 20 games so far this season

    -Kenny Atkinson was surprisingly fired after he improved the team’s record in three of his four seasons (20-62 in 2016-17, 28-54 in 2017-18, 42-40 in 2018-19 and 30-34 in 2019-20) and the small step back that they took this season could be linked to injuries

    -Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris LeVert saw their values surge when Kyrie Irving sat out as Dinwiddie took advantage of Kyrie’s first prolonged absence and provided 6th/8th round per-game value from November 16 through January 10 after producing 12th/15th round per-game value in the first 11 games of the season when Kyrie was healthy. LeVert was the one to take the reigns after Irving underwent season-ending surgery as he produced 3rd/3rd round per-game value in the last 16 contests while he was on pace to return 24th/31st round per-game value prior.

    -Dating back to his junior year of college at Michigan, LeVert has played in just .6397 percent of his team’s regular and post-season games with his healthiest season coming in 2017-18 when he suited up for a career-high 71 of a possible 82 games

    -Timeshares tend to affect fantasy value and the Nets center position was no different as Jarrett Allen (64 games, 58 starts, 25.7 mpg) and DeAndre Jordan (56 games, 6 starts, 22.0 mpg) ate into each other’s value whenever the two were healthy at the same time

    -The Nets would currently make the playoffs as they are 7th in the Eastern Conference even though they are four games below .500. There have only been five seasons since 1990 in which two teams from the same conference made the playoffs with losing records and four of the five times it has occurred in the East: 2014-15 (East), 2007-08 (East), 2003-04 (East), 1996-97 (West) and 1991-92 (East)

    For a closer look at how the season has gone, be sure to check out our Season So Far series. The Nets’ entry can be found right here.

    Rosterable in 12-team 8/9-cat leagues (per-game value)

    -Kyrie Irving (1st round/1st round)

    -Spencer Dinwiddie (8th round/13th round)

    -Jarrett Allen (10th round/8th round)

    -DeAndre Jordan (11th round/11th round)

    -Joe Harris (12th round/12th round)

    Showed flashes of fantasy value in 12-team 8/9-cat leagues (per-game value)

    -Caris LeVert (3rd round/3rd round since Feb 3)

    Rosterable in standard points leagues

    (This is Yahoo’s standard scoring system, we’ll be using them as a reference for the rankings but obviously things will be different in your league if you use a custom scoring format or play on ESPN/CBS/Fantrax)

    -Kyrie Irving (1st round)

    -Spencer Dinwiddie (5th round)

    -Caris LeVert (8th round)

    -Jarrett Allen (9th round)

    -DeAndre Jordan (10th round)

    -Joe Harris (10th round)

    -Taurean Prince (11th round)

    Flashes of value in standard points leagues:


    Predicting standard league relevant players for 2020-21 season

    -Kyrie Irving (all formats)

    -Kevin Durant (all formats)

    -Caris LeVert (points leagues)

    -DeAndre Jordan (all formats)

    -Jarrett Allen (all formats)

    Potential for standard league value for 2020-21 season

    -Spencer Dinwiddie (8-cat/points leagues)

    -Joe Harris (8/9-cat)

    -Taurean Prince (points leagues)

    Upcoming Notable Free Agents

    -Joe Harris (unrestricted)

    -Garrett Temple (team option of $5M in 2020-21)

    -Wilson Chandler (unrestricted)

    -Theo Pinson (team option of $1.7M in 2020-21)

    Key Additions

    -Kevin Durant (return from injury)

    Key Departures

    -Iman Shumpert (waived)

    Upcoming Draft Picks

    -2020 first round pick (protected top-14, 15-30 to Minnesota; if unconveyed protected top-14, 15-30 to Minnesota in 2021; if unconveyed protected top-14, 15-30 to Minnesota in 2022; if unconveyed becomes 2022 and 2024 second round picks)

    -2020 first round pick (via Philadelphia)

    -2020 second round pick (via Denver)

    -2020 second round pick (via Indiana, protected 45-60; if unconveyed becomes a 2021 second round pick protected 45-60, if unconveyed becomes a 2022 second round pick protected 45-60; if unconveyed becomes a 2023 second round pick unprotected)

    -2021 first round pick

    -2021 second round pick (via Atlanta)

    -2021 second round pick (via Phoenix protected 31-35)

    -2021 second round pick (via Toronto)

    -2022 first round pick

    -2022 second round pick

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