• 2019-2020 Detroit Pistons Season Recap to date

    2018-2019 Record                 Home Record               Road Record

            41-41                                     26-15                            15-26

    2019-2020 Record                 Home Record               Road Record

             20-46                                     11-22                            9-24

    Fun Facts for the season

    -Despite playing his last game for the Pistons before Christmas of 2014, Josh Smith has been counting against their cap for the last five seasons at a annual rate of $5.33M (2020 is the last season that he is on their books)

    -The Pistons used 32 starting lineups across 66 games so far this season and their most commonly used starters went 4-3 in seven opportunities: Andre Drummond, Blake Griffin, Tony Snell, Luke Kennard & Bruce Brown

    -Christian Wood finally broke out from a fantasy perspective after the team decided to change course and move on from long-time starter Andre Drummond, as Wood produced 3rd/3rd round per-game value in 13 games after Drummond left town

    -Blake Griffin’s season was derailed by injury, as the former All-Star produced per-game value outside of the top-250 while his ADP according to Yahoo! was 40th overall.

    -The Pistons were one of the worst teams from a fantasy perspective as they finished the season with only one player inside the top-100 from a total value perspective and every other team in the NBA had at least one player who finished higher than Detroit’s top performer: Christian Wood (8th/7th round total value), though Drummond would’ve been there if not for the trade

    For a closer look at how the season has gone, be sure to check out our Season So Far series. The Pistons’ entry can be found right here.

    Rosterable in 12-team 8/9-cat leagues (per-game value)

    -Derrick Rose (7th round/9th round)

    -Luke Kennard (9th round/9th round)

    -Christian Wood (11th round/10th round)

    Showed flashes of fantasy value in 12-team 8/9-cat leagues (per-game value)

    -Christian Wood (3rd round/3rd round after Feb 7)

    -Bruce Brown (11th round/14th round after Feb 7)

    Rosterable in standard points leagues

    (This is Yahoo’s standard scoring system, we’ll be using them as a reference for the rankings but obviously things will be different in your league if you use a custom scoring format or play on ESPN/CBS/Fantrax)

    -Luke Kennard (7th round)

    -Derrick Rose (9th round)

    Flashes of value in standard points leagues:

    -Christian Wood (3rd round after Feb 12)

    -Brandon Knight (10th round after Feb 12

    -Bruce Brown (11th round after Feb 12)

    Predicting standard league relevant players for 2020-21 season

    -Christian Wood (all formats)

    -Luke Kennard (all formats)

    -Derrick Rose (all formats)

    -Blake Griffin (all formats)

    Potential for standard league value for 2020-21 season

    -Bruce Brown (8 cat)

    Upcoming Notable Free Agents

    -Christian Wood (unrestricted)

    -Tony Snell (player option of $12.18M for 2020-21 season)

    -Svi Mykhailiuk (team option for $1.66M for 2020-21 season)

    -John Henson (unrestricted)

    -Jordan McRae (unrestricted)

    -Langston Galloway (unrestricted)

    -Thon Maker (restricted)

    -Brandon Knight (unrestricted)

    Key Additions

    -John Henson (acquired via trade)

    -Brandon Knight (acquired via trade)

    -Jordan McRae (claimed off waivers)

    -Blake Griffin (return from injury)

    Key Departures

    -Andre Drummond (traded to Cavs)

    -Reggie Jackson (waived)

    -Markieff Morris (waived)

    Upcoming Draft Picks

    -2020 first round pick

    -2021 first round pick

    -2021 second round pick (via Los Angeles Lakers)

    -2022 first round pick

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