• 2019-2020 Miami Heat Season Recap to date

    2018-2019 Record                 Home Record               Road Record

            39-43                                     19-22                            20-21

    2019-2020 Record                 Home Record               Road Record

             41-24                                     27-5                            14-19

    Fun Facts for the season

    -The Miami Heat’s current roster can help illustrate that top draft picks aren’t necessary in order to build a talented and competitive team. Out of the nine players who averaged over 20 minutes per game for the Heat at the time the season was suspended, only four of them were first-round picks and just three of them were lottery picks: Bam Adebayo (13th overall, 34.4 mpg), Tyler Herro (13th overall, 27.2 mpg), Meyers Leonard (11th overall, 20.1 mpg), Jimmy Butler (30th overall, 34.3 mpg), Jae Crowder (34th overall, 28.7 mpg), Goran Dragić (45th overall, 28.4 mpg), Duncan Robinson (undrafted, 30.0 mpg), Kendrick Dunn (undrafted, 29.8 mpg), Derrick Jones (undrafted, 24.5 mpg)

    -With Hassan Whiteside out of the picture, Bam Adebayo exploded in his third season with career-highs in every statistical category outside of turnovers and percentages, which allowed him to climb from a 10th/10th round per-game value in 2018-19 to 3rd/4th round value so far this season

    -Since the 2014-15 campaign, Jimmy Butler has not finished lower than the second round in per-game value and he had a great start to his tenure in Miami with career-highs in both assists (6.1) and rebounds (6.6) in his ninth NBA season.

    -Duncan Robinson proved to be one of the best 3-point specialists in the league with 243 trifectas at a .448 clip on the season. Only one other player in NBA history has made more than 240 three-pointers in a season while shooting better than .440 from distance and he is known as the best 3-point shooter of all-time (Stephen Curry in 2015-16, Stephen Curry in 2014-15, Stephen Curry in 2012-13). Robinson provided little else but is a name to watch later on in drafts if your team is need of a highly efficient 3-point shooter.

    -Derrick Jones Jr. could eventually find himself with consistent standard-league value if he can regularly see over 25 minutes of action. In 27 out of a possible 51 games this season Jones eclipsed the 25-minute mark and in those contests he averaged 11.1 points (+2.2 above season average), 5.0 rebounds (+0.8), 1.2 assists (+0.1), 1.4 steals (+0.3), 0.9 blocks (+0.2), 0.7 turnovers (+0.2) and 1.0 3-pointers (+0.3) in 30.1 minutes (+5.6) while shooting .514 from the field (even) and .816 from the charity stripe (+.037).

    -Another undrafted gem was found by the Heat prior to the start of the regular season as Kendrick Nunn got off to a blazing start, returning 6th/7th round per-game value for the first month of the season (16 games). However, Nunn struggled from that point forward as he produced 14th/14th round per-game value since November 26 (46 games)

    For a closer look at how the season has gone, be sure to check out our Season So Far series. The Heat entry can be found right here.

    Rosterable in 12-team 8/9-cat leagues (per-game value)

    -Jimmy Butler (2nd round/2nd round)

    -Bam Adebayo (3rd round/4th round)

    -Duncan Robinson (10th round/8th round)

    -Jae Crowder (10th round/9th round)

    -Kendrick Nunn (11th round/11th round)

    -Derrick Jones (13th round/10th round)

    Showed flashes of fantasy value in 12-team 8/9-cat leagues (per-game value)

    -Goran Dragic (11th round/15th round)

    Rosterable in standard points leagues

    (This is Yahoo’s standard scoring system, we’ll be using them as a reference for the rankings but obviously things will be different in your league if you use a custom scoring format or play on ESPN/CBS/Fantrax)

    -Bam Adebayo (3rd round)

    -Jimmy Butler (3rd round)

    -Jae Crowder (7th round)

    -Goran Dragić (8th round)

    -Duncan Robinson (9th round)

    -Kendrick Nunn (10th round)

    Flashes of value in standard points leagues:


    Predicting standard league relevant players for 2020-21 season

    -Jimmy Butler (all formats)

    -Bam Adebayo (all formats)

    -Duncan Robinson (8/9-cat specialist)

    -Kendrick Nunn (points leagues)

    -Goran Dragić (points leagues)

    Potential for standard league value for 2020-21 season

    -Derrick Jones (8/9-cat)

    -Kendrick Nunn (8/9-cat)

    -Jae Crowder (all formats)

    -Goran Dragić (8-cat)

    Upcoming Notable Free Agents

    -Goran Dragić (unrestricted)

    -Jae Crowder (unrestricted)

    -Derrick Jones (unrestricted)

    -Kelly Olynyk (player option of $12.2M in 2020-21)

    -Kendrick Nunn (team option of $1.66M in 2020-21)

    -Duncan Robinson (team option of $1.66M in 2020-21)

    -Meyers Leonard (unrestricted)

    -Solomon Hill (unrestricted)

    -Udonis Haslem (unrestricted)

    Key Additions

    -Andre Iguodala (acquired via trade)

    -Jae Crowder (acquired via trade)

    -Solomon Hill (acquired via trade)

    Key Departures

    -Justise Winslow (traded to Grizzlies)

    -James Johnson (traded to Wolves)

    -Dion Waiters (traded to Grizzlies)

    Upcoming Draft Picks

    -2020 first round pick

    -2022 first round pick

    -2022 second round pick (Miami will receive the less favorable second round pick from Philadelphia or Denver)

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