• 2019-2020 Toronto Raptors Season Recap to date

    2018-2019 Record                 Home Record               Road Record

            58-24                                     32-9                            26-15

    2019-2020 Record                 Home Record               Road Record

             46-18                                     23-9                            23-9

    Fun Facts for the season

    -With the departure of Kawhi Leonard in the offseason, most folks thought the Raptors would struggle a season removed from winning their first NBA title. Caeser’s Palace set their win total at 45 in July of 2019, a mark that the team has already passed with 18 games remaining. The Raptors were able to increase their winning percentage from .707 in 2018-19 to .719 so far this year with an all-around team effort led by 33-year old Kyle Lowry along with their budding young star, Pascal Siakam.

    -Massai Ujiri has developed a reputation as one of the best front office executives in the league as his name has come up as a target for other franchises looking to build a contender. Since he was hired in May of 2013, he has been able to prove his prowess in evaluating talent in the draft and has done a great job in the trade market that helped bring Toronto their first ever NBA championship. Here are all of the notable moves that have been made under Ujiri:

    1. Traded former first-overall pick Andrea Bargnani and the $23.16M contract that he was owed for two more seasons to the Knicks for two expiring contracts, another player and three future picks
    2. Traded Rudy Gay and his $37.21M deal to the Kings for a couple expiring contracts and two players on rookie contracts
    3. Traded John Salmons (acquired in the Rudy Gay trade) to the Hawks for Lou Williams and Bebe Nogueira
    4. Drafted Delon Wright (20th overall) in 2015
    5. Traded Greivis Vásquez (acquired in the Rudy Gay trade) to the Bucks for a second-round pick in 2015 (Norman Powell) and a 2017 first-round pick
    6. Drafted Jakob Pötl and Pascal Siakam in the first round of the 2016 draft
    7. Signed undrafted rookie Fred VanVleet in 2016
    8. Traded Terrence Ross and a 2017 first-round pick (Anžejs Pasečņiks) to the Magic for Serge Ibaka
    9. Traded Jared Sullinger and a couple of second-round picks for P.J .Tucker
    10. drafted OG Anunoby in 2017
    11. Hired Nick Nurse in June of 2018
    12. Traded DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Pötl and a 2019 first-round pick (Keldon Johnson) to the Spurs for Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green
    13. Signed Chris Boucher in 2018
    14. Traded C.J. Miles, Delon Wright, Jonas Valančiūnas and a second-round pick to the Grizzlies for Marc Gasol
    15. Signed undrafted rookie Terence Davis in 2019

    -Kyle Lowry had his best fantasy season since the 2015-16 campaign, when he finished as a first-round value in 8/9-cat leagues while playing in 77 regular season games. With Kawhi Leonard out of town, Lowry took on more responsibility on offense as his usage increased from 19.6 in 2018-19 to 23.1, which can explain how he jumped a round of value season over season.

    -The Raptors were one of the best teams to target heading into fantasy drafts as they only had one player produce value lower value than their ADP (according to Yahoo!)


    ADP (round)

    Actual per-game value

    Rounds ahead/below ADP

    Pascal Siakam




    Kyle Lowry



    3 rounds/3 rounds

    Marc Gasol



    -3 rounds/-3 rounds

    Fred VanVleet



    5 rounds/5 rounds

    Serge Ibaka



    2 rounds/2 rounds

    Norman Powell



    9 rounds/10 rounds

    OG Anunoby



    8 rounds/10 rounds

    -Marc Gasol was limited to just 36 games (56 percent) so far this season due to injuries to his hamstring. He has struggled to produce the fantasy value that people were used to since joining the Raptors as the 35-year-old big man has seen most of his averages decline from his days in Memphis: -7.3 minutes, -6.9 points, -1.2 rebounds, +0.2 assists, -0.1 steals, -0.6 blocks, -.044 field goal percentage and -.027 free throw percentage

    -OG Anunoby took a monster leap in his third year with the Raptors as there was more opportunity at the small forward position with Kawhi’s departure to the Clippers. Anunoby averaged a career-high 30.1 mpg and saw his per-game value increase from 25th/24th round to 8th/6th round

    For a closer look at how the season has gone, be sure to check out our Season So Far series. The Raptors’ entry can be found right here.

    Rosterable in 12-team 8/9-cat leagues (per-game value)

    -Kyle Lowry (2nd round/2nd round)

    -Fred VanVleet (3rd round/3rd round)

    -Pascal Siakam (3rd round/3rd round)

    -Norman Powell (6th round/5th round)

    -OG Anunoby (8th round/6th round)

    -Serge Ibaka (7th round/7th round)

    -Marc Gasol (10th round/10th round)

    Showed flashes of fantasy value in 12-team 8/9-cat leagues (per-game value)


    Rosterable in standard points leagues

    (This is Yahoo’s standard scoring system, we’ll be using them as a reference for the rankings but obviously things will be different in your league if you use a custom scoring format or play on ESPN/CBS/Fantrax)

    -Kyle Lowry (2nd round)

    -Pascal Siakam (2nd round)

    -Fred VanVleet (3rd round)

    -Serge Ibaka (7th round)

    -Marc Gasol (8th round)

    -Norman Powell (9th round)

    -OG Anunoby (10th round)

    Flashes of value in standard points leagues:


    Predicting standard league relevant players for 2020-21 season

    -Kyle Lowry (all formats)

    -Pascal Siakam (all formats)

    -Fred VanVleet (all formats)

    -Norman Powell (all formats)

    -Serge Ibaka (all formats)

    -OG Anunoby (8/9-cat)

    Potential for standard league value for 2020-21 season

    -OG Anunoby (points leagues)

    -Marc Gasol (all formats)

    -Chris Boucher (8/9-cat)

    Upcoming Notable Free Agents

    -Marc Gasol (unrestricted)

    -Serge Ibaka (unrestricted)

    -Fred VanVleet (unrestricted)

    -Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (unrestricted)

    -Chris Boucher (restricted)

    -Malcolm Miller (restricted)

    -Stanley Johnson (player option of $3.8M in 2020-21)

    -Terence Davis (team option of $1.52M in 2020-21)

    -Matt Thomas (team option of $1.52M in 2020-21 including $725K guaranteed)

    Key Additions


    Key Departures


    Upcoming Draft Picks

    -2020 first round pick

    -2020 second round pick

    -2021 first round pick

    -2022 first round pick

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