• First of all, let me greet everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

    With the major American holiday, our beloved NBA took a break so our players could spend time with family and give thanks.

    During this lull, we can take a step back for a moment and look in awe at the devastation wreaked by all the injuries that have already ravaged so many players. We’re only a quarter of the way into the regular season and it’s been rough. Really rough.

    A couple of my teams are out of the running, or at the very least will need a lot of attention along with a splash of miracles in order to get a turnaround going.

    This, however, will not be a rant post. It’s not the time nor place for it. In the spirit of the holiday that was just celebrated, I’m going to share a few things that I am thankful for in the 2017-18 fantasy basketball season.

    I’m thankful for/that

    • I own Anthony Davis in a couple of leagues and he has not gotten hit with a big injury so far. (hope I’m not jinxing anything)
    • Chris Paul is back and is productive. I’m hoping for him to have a great season with the Rockets.
    • I’m in a few leagues where I own Stephen Curry (picked first overall). He’s been a joy to watch and his stats have not disappointed me.
    • I own Myles Turner and am still very hopeful that he can get 100-percent healthy and have the breakout season I expected him to deliver.
    • I own Nikola Jokic in three leagues and loving every game my boy delivers.
    • I drafted Robert Covington and was able to trade him up for a Kemba Walker (7-cat).
    • I’m part of the Hoop Ball family. It’s been a blast writing for this site and interacting with the great readers and listeners we have. This is a great community and I’m thankful to be part of it.
    • I’m thankful that maybe one of you got that the Enes Kanter photo I chose for this post was my cheeky way of putting together “Turkey” and “NBA” in a single image. Haha!
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