• Let’s review the current status of each player listed from our first stash piece of the season.

    Jayson Tatum – Tatum has been performing at a top-50 level this season, surpassing even the relatively high expectations I had for him after the Hayward injury.  Tatum is a positive in almost every category except assists, and there is no reason to think his production will decline.  Current Status: Must Own in 10 Team Leagues.

    Jaylen Brown – Brown’s numbers are very similar to Tatum’s with the glaring exception of free throw percentage and, to a lesser extent, blocks.  However, these differences have kept Brown out of the top-130.  Given his past numbers, it is unlikely Brown surges in FT% and this category will likely continue to limit his value.  Current Status: On the Radar in 12 Team Leagues (Must Own if Punting FT%).

    Terry Rozier – Rozier is similar to Brown in that his counting stats are standard league value-esque, however he is being weighed down by his field goal percentage.  Even with the low FG%, Rozier remains in the top-130.  Again, like Brown, the historical production doesn’t suggest we will suddenly see a spike in Rozier’s FG%.   Current Status: On the Radar in 12 Team Leagues.

    Kelly Olynyk – Olynyk’s per-36 number have been decent so far this season, but averaging under 20 minutes a game has left Olynyk on the border of standard league value.  Given the recent injury to Whiteside, however, Olynyk is set for an increase in minutes and is a good bet for mid round value as long as Whiteside is out.  Current Status: Must Own in 12 Team Leagues (Borderline Must Own If/When Whiteside is Healthy).

    John Collins – Collins was starting to really pick up the last few weeks, but just diagnosed with a sprained AC joint (shoulder) which will keep him out for 2-3 weeks.  Injury aside, Collin’s per game number are firmly inside the top 100 despite his relatively slow start.  With the Hawks likely to emphasize player development in the second half, and Collins displaying a fantasy friendly game this situation shapes up nicely for Collins’ owners.  Current Status: Try to Hold Through Injury, Must Own in 10 Team Leagues When Healthy.

    Stanley Johnson – Johnson’s inefficient game has him hovering around top-200 value thus far.  While the minutes are there for Johnson, his percentages are keeping him from being able to even sniff standard league value.  That being said, there is some value in having a high minute role if you’ve got some upside in a few categories.  Current Status: Worth a Look in 16 Team Leagues.

    Donovan Mitchell – Mitchell overcame a slow start and has become the hottest rookie in the league over the past couple of weeks, culminating in last night’s 41 point game.  Playing behind Hood, it was almost inevitable Mitchell would get a chance to start, and has really shined when given the opportunity.  More impressively, Mitchell has started in place of Ricky Rubio as well when he went down and played even better than when starting at shooting guard.  Mitchell’s future looking very bright in both real life and fantasy.  Current Status: Must Own in 10 Team Leagues.

    Dillon Brooks – Brooks got himself on the radar opening night but has not panned out as a standard league asset.  Brooks has flashed some ability across the box score, but has yet to turn it into consistent fantasy friendly production.  With almost 30 minutes a game, Brooks maintains some stash appeal, but doesn’t appear to have the high ceiling he teased opening night.  Current Status: Worth a Look in 16 Team Leagues.

    Jamal Murray – Murray’s production has been disappoint so far this season, and he is outside the top-150 so far.  His role has been threatened by Mudiay and his stat set is lacking in several areas.  At only 2.4 assists per game, Murray isn’t a justified hold on the theory “point guards don’t grow on trees” either.  Current Status: On the Radar in 14 Team Leagues.

    Kelly Oubre – With a variety of injuries hitting the Wizards so far, Oubre has been getting almost thirty minutes a game, and producing top-100 value.  Oubre’s value is anchored by his 3s and low TOs so if you are looking for those stats, he is a good addition to your team.  Current Status: Must Own in 12 Team Leagues With Wall Out, Must Own in 14 Team Leagues When Wall Returns.

    Caris LeVert – Disappointing to start the season, LeVert has gotten new life since the injury to D-Russ.  Now producing low round value, LeVert is acceptable for standard league use.  If his FT% improves, he could climb a little higher.  Current Status: Square On the Radar in 12 Team Leagues, Must Own in 14 Team Leagues.

    Montrezl Harrell – This stash recommendation was based almost solely on the assumption that Blake Griffin would suffer an injury.  Well, here we are.  Current Status: Worth a Look in 14 Team Leagues.

    De’Aaron Fox – Fox’s inefficient game has kept him outside the top 250 so far this season, but unlike Murray above, Fox does meet the “point guards don’t grow on trees” criteria.  Despite a ridiculous four blocks last night, Fox’s primary contribution comes in assists.  Nevertheless, performing so poorly so far, he is difficult to start in standard leagues.  He has more value in weekly leagues where you can leave a few players on the bench.  Current Status: On the Fringes of the Radar in 14 Team Leagues.

    Skal Labissiere – Skal is simply not getting the minutes I was hoping for earlier in the season, and Zack Randolph playing much better than I expected.  So far Skal has been outside the top-200 this season and will likely stay there for the immediate future.  Nevertheless, Skal still profiles as someone who will get more minutes later in the season.  Current Status: On the Fringes of the Radar in 14 Team Leagues.

    Gorgui Dieng – While the first article wasn’t written in any particular order, Dieng was the last name on the list because he was the only player to turn into a “stash” after the season started.  Thus far, he remains a stash averaging barely over 15 minutes a game.  He needs more playing time to be productive, and it is really an open question as to whether that will happen (either on Minnesota or via trade).  However, he still possesses upside that very few on the wire have.  Current Status: On the radar in 14 Team Leagues.

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