• Indulge me here for a second, or just head on down to the ranks, but there’s something about a decade fighting at the top of the fantasy hoops world, or I guess any endeavor, that makes one both nostalgic and reflective as they get prepared to release their most important work product of the year.

    What do I say about this thing? Do I just ring the triangle and yell Come and gitch yerrrr ranks!

    (seriously if you just want the ranks scroll to the bottom)

    They’re way more important than just that, to me as a competitor and to you as a purveyor of fine fantasy nuggets, and of course to the site itself.

    That and every year adds its own gravity, both functionally as we gain experience but also as its own story of how we’re doing with these ranks and what we’re doing over here in general.

    Did I mention that I’m about to officially become a father like any moment now?

    Yeah – record scratch – everything these days seems to be about tapping into the good, getting rid of the bad, noting the past and getting ready for the future.

    Also, the tough questions — if competing at this level is something you want to do, then how are you going to do it and why are you going to do it and be intentional because life has already started to get very different.

    So as I conclude months of work I’ve sort of hopped in my mind from one scene to the next. Audacious and arrogant 20-something thinks he can do better at this — whatever this is — than everybody else, gets a chance, finds out quickly that he cannot … is thrilled to stubbornly prove he can, figures out how to do it, gets challenged by the best of the best to prove it and then here we are.

    Add to that the forays interviewing folks like David Stern, Sacramento city politicians and becoming a pro-bono reporter covering the local team (who’s stupid enough to do that?), and then putting my heart and soul into this platform in lieu of giving my soul away to the first corporate behemoth that would exploit me and then here we are.

    So why are we here?

    First of all, you gotta be at least a little bit crazy to do this.

    That’s not because it’s not amazing — or that it’s not worth it — it is all of that and then some.

    It just takes a lot of guts.

    If you’re going to talk a big game, let alone compete, you’ve gotta have a passion that overrides the pain, whether that be fatigue, failure or opportunity cost.  You have to love it more than it loves you.

    Staying on top as the industry continues to improve and grow, as the game itself gets smarter, you have to keep working every angle, iterate and then iterate some more.

    And that’s what we’ve done here at Hoop Ball, which was probably an underdog bet to succeed when I walked away from 80-hour weeks for the 500-pound gorilla and opted instead to bet on myself and a better quality of life.

    The NBA and sports landscape is littered with companies that stopped before they ever started. Half the industry quit their brick and mortar jobs and bet on a premium reporting model that still has industry insiders wondering if it can stay afloat.

    What an audacious experience indeed.

    And here we are starting our fourth full season.

    You can know what you’re capable of and at the same time be in awe that it is actually happening.

    We’re growing like crazy and we’ve attracted by far the most talented team of contributors in the fantasy space, with all due respect to some of the great fantasy sites that are out there who do great work, including my old employer.  But we’re running something like 15-20 deep in the fantasy division with guys that not only have the talent, but who are also quality people that just want to be a part of something ‘more’ it seems.

    We’re not stopping at just fantasy, either, as we’re sitting on a cache of over 50 contributors who are leaders in their respective fields, ranging from fantasy sports and NBA writing to scouting, audio and tech, and that’s expanding to marketing and social and away we go.

    The brainchild has grown and exponentialized and whereas four years ago it was just me, myself and I — now I just hope that I shepherd it in the ways that these guys deserve.

    Now I just hope that I have created the conditions to raise my son in a balanced and healthy way.

    The journey from where I was, often at odds with the calculus of climbing a mountain that everybody wants to climb, rather than climbing for the view, is a story I’d like to tell one day.

    In many ways, Hoop Ball has been the vehicle for an unwinding of all that is unhealthy for me, replacing those things with a pursuit of gratitude and selflessness and balance that I continue to explore daily.

    The 80 hour weeks still haven’t gone away, however, and I can assure you that was never a part of the plan.

    I’ll quickly peel back to 60 though and soon enough, a respectable 40-hour slate, including plenty of time for the normal routine of game-watching, film and analysis.

    The biggest swap will be the mindless Twitter time and admin work that I’m now able to delegate — for more time with my family and friends, which admittedly hasn’t been where I have wanted it to be.

    That’s the trademark of this seductive dance, and again the impetus for creating something that could be more than a stampede on or over people’s heads.

    Ultimately, 2019 has been about answering the hard questions of the how and the why. 

    As for the how — we did it. You, me, the contributors and everybody in between — we made the platform hum.

    As for the why … that’s tougher.  Competing for the right reasons can be a razor-thin line. As the bets get bigger and more consequential, it’s important that you lean into all of the things that make you tick and make sure you’re calibrated in ways that serve your higher good, and more importantly the good of those around you.

    What do you seek to achieve? What does it cost? What are you going to gain out of it?


    Diving deep into these questions what I’ve come up with is that I love playing basketball, and because I’m too old and beat up to really play basketball, this is the next best thing for me. And one of my favorite things about playing ball was winning and anything worth doing is worth doing well.

    But it doesn’t stop there. I love building things and I love the idea of what Hoop Ball can be, and what it has been for me already.  I love the people I work with.  I love the people that frequent this site.

    That’s why we’re here.

    I’m still going to write sweet wonderful blurbs. I’m still going to compete at the top of this industry.  Essentially, it’s full speed ahead but there are priorities that require me to work smarter.  And I know what my balance can absorb and I know where my heart lies with all of this.

    So we’ll continue to iterate.  And through that we’re going to continue to dominate.

    And to that next great fantasy analyst, or the current handful of guys that actually get my attention in a draft, good luck taking me off the top of this mountain where we found ourselves once again last year.

    Check out last season’s post-mortem if you care to as we beat the big dogs yet again (woof) — remaining undefeated in that regard here at Hoop Ball.

    On the high stakes side I grabbed a solid 2nd place finish in the world’s toughest big money league, the FBA.  It was still a public year though and it’s been that way for a few seasons now, so while we’ve been dominant and victorious and I have no complaints in any regard, we just haven’t had that 10-year tidal wave that allows us to historically mop up.

    This is that year, my friends.

    I can’t recall when this many values were on the board. All of the player movement and high-leverage projections have rolled out a fancy red carpet directing all wolves to the hen house.

    Easy? Not quite.

    If you’re not putting in the 400 hours of analysis that this typically requires you’re not going to keep up.  Corners will be cut.  One can’t automate what must be conceptualized inside of a basketball brain.

    If you don’t have some significant intel and experience doing this — not to mention actually being good at it — you’re dead money against the handful of players that I know who are capable of reading this board at a high level.

    Fortunately for us, half of that handful is not in the fantasy analyst game and of the remaining group there simply aren’t enough of them in the right places to move the markets.

    Even though this list will do exactly that, it never happens fast enough to impact most of you guys. And with so many variables this season, you’re going to have options upon options upon options.

    So that’s what we’re doing this year. We’re boatracing everybody.

    Sorry not sorry.

    You’re here and they’re not. I’m sure you’re shedding all sorts of tears.

    Anyway, it’s about time to try and land this airplane and I want to spend some time thanking you guys profusely.

    We’re all here because we love the game, what it means to us and in many cases, how it has created bonds in our life that are more precious than we generally even know — a sweet slice of escape in a world often gone mad.

    That’s inherent within every forum post you make and every comment you pass along to us on Twitter or on one of our interactive shows.  You inspire us to keep pushing harder when the alarm clock is ringing hours too early.  You interact with each other and you build off each others’ insights and knowledge, handing the same fun energy that drew you to the game back and forth.

    Laugh at the hoke in this post all you want but if you didn’t have that and we didn’t have that, Hoop Ball wouldn’t exist. But here we are and here you are.

    How bout that.

    For our part we just want to stay true to what an idealized version of the basketball internet can be. And in return we get a journey that gives us the same grappling with upside that we experience when looking at the bottom of this list, hunting top-36 players when drafting in the 100-150 range.

    Knowing that I was having a child during this time of year, all of our contributors have stepped up in ways that move me daily.  Not only have they given me the bandwidth to produce what I firmly believe is my best B150 ever, but they have done so in a way that has also allowed us to expand and enhance the experience that each of us is having.

    For some of you that might just mean a cooler and easier to use website, and for some of us it changes the way we go about our lives.

    And now I get to see a life into this world and grow along with him, all while we grow alongside this beast we call the Hoob and I couldn’t be more grateful and blessed.

    None of that happens without each and every single one of you reading this.

    And now I’m going to honor all of you and everybody in my life by landing a bunch of haymakers.  Buckle up.

    The ground rules….

    ♦ This is a fearless list. I’m not trying to play it safe. I’m not trying to stay in the friendly confines of industry consensus. I’ll probably have a high profile miss. But as regular readers know, we’re going to hit far more than we miss. And we’re going to hit real big on a bunch of them. This list will guide how much you should pay, who you should reach for and who you should run the other direction from.

    ♦ This is a Roto list. It’s not a head-to-head list or a points league list (though I don’t punt so this would be my H2H list). It’s not a list to account for playoff formats. Frankly I’d prefer it to not even include 9-cat rankings because it’s terrible to penalize better players for handling the ball a lot. But because we all play 9-cat I include my ranks for 9-cat and the associated Average Draft Positions (ADP), as well. While I’m banging on 9-cat leagues I’ll bang on playoff leagues, too. Why go through the nightly grind of the NBA season to have the ever-growing problem of shutdowns determine your league’s championship.

    ♦ You can now sort the list. The ADP losses and gains don’t relate well for players toward the beginning and end of the draft as they do for players in the top 30-100, nor does it correlate well to actual fantasy value being returned.  But it does give you a quick way to know how early or late a player is going.  We’ll always be looking at new features like this as we grow but we will also want to maintain the simplicity of this list.

    ♦ Though this is a top-150 list (including 50 or more honorable mentions at the end), each player in the top 400 or so has been hand-projected for each category. Those projections have been scrutinized in every context that might affect the final outcome. A proprietary blend of methodologies – both quantitative and qualitative – is used to weave the resulting numbers into these rankings.

    ♦ This is a season-long list. By ranking a player (for example) No. 33, I am predicting they will finish as the 33rd ranked player at the end of the year, cumulatively. In that respect, it is vital owners know that I am not intending for them to draft players in this order.  You may also consider a player’s early or late season trajectory.  A young player that profiles better at the end of the year will probably play under that rank to start and over that rank to finish.  As a result, it might not be easy to roster certain players early on in the year.

    ♦ Again, owners need to consider their specific marketplace and determine where they would like to draft players based on ADP, strength of their league and the like. Just because I rank a guy way ahead of his ADP, or if the ADP doesn’t exist because the guy isn’t getting drafted enough – it doesn’t mean you grab him where I rank him.

    ♦ ADPs are pulled from ESPN for 8-cat and Yahoo for 9-cat and are updated along with most of the other updates.  Late September ADP data can be pretty rough, just keep that in mind. For undrafted players they are given ADPs of 200 when the systems aren’t providing that data, but you’ll notice for ESPN they give players an ADP of 140 when they’re selected and nothing when they’re not. Yahoo stops somewhere in the 150s. Do with that what you will.

    ♦ These are pure values that don’t account for any punting or specialized team builds you might want to look at. If you want to adjust for punting or a specific type of team build you’ll need to do that on your own. For what it’s worth I seek balance when building a team whether it’s Roto or H2H.

    ♦ The only place on this list where I might eschew predicting end-of-season value is toward the bottom of the ranks. I do build in some logic for flier picks and upside guys over the plodders who are going to get three yards and a cloud of dust for 76 games.

    So without further ado, I give you the Bruski 150:

    UPDATED THROUGH ITEMS POSTED: October 19, 4:10 p.m. ET

    8C-B150 ADP +/- Name Notes 9C-B150 ADP +/-
    1 5 4 James Harden I worry mildly about mileage; he's back after carrying HB last year 4 3 -1
    2 1 -1 Giannis Antetokounmpo Safe top-tier pick as Giannis continues to explore his ceiling 2 4 2
    3 6 3 Stephen Curry The only question for him is if he stays healthy. GSW should be hungry, too. 3 3 0
    4 4 0 Anthony Davis Easy No. 1 contender; high profile year; efficiencies the hidden storyline 1 1 0
    5 4 -1 Karl-Anthony Towns "You're the man now Dog!" Safe in the top-tier; has he been at high H2O mark? 5 5 0
    6 6 0 Nikola Jokic As safe as it gets in the back-end of Round 1 7 6 -1
    7 12 5 Damian Lillard At some point things have to slide for Dame but it's not this year 9 8 -1
    8 18 10 Kawhi Leonard One hopes the expectations serve as the floor here. 6 11 5
    9 12 3 Joel Embiid Elite talent with another year of mileage and all the same risks 8 8 0
    10 6 -4 LeBron James Is it possible LeBron took an entire year off to get ready for this one? 12 8 -4
    11 15 4 Bradley Beal Will Beal push to play like last year? Can he be traded? Wide open highway here 14 11 -3
    12 21 9 Nikola Vucevic Practically no change in Orlando; no reason he can't keep it going 10 23 13
    13 14 1 Russell Westbrook A fun projection this year; FT shooting headlines a laundry list of variables 23 17 -6
    14 25 11 Jimmy Butler As long as Heat culture is still a thing the only thing that could ding him is health 11 16 5
    15 42 27 Kemba Walker Extremely safe play on a team that needs his production 17 17 0
    16 34 18 Devin Booker He's been banged up a bit for a young player. Monty should help him 30 26 -4
    17 14 -3 Pascal Siakam Siakam has must-be-doubled potential lingering underneath the radar 20 33 13
    18 19 1 Paul George Shoulder issues will tilt the value here; once he returns he's rock solid 15 14 -1
    19 21 2 Kyrie Irving One worries about this being a redshirt season before KD returns 13 12 -1
    20 37 17 Trae Young Getting a wide open shot to build on last year's numbers 59 20 -39
    21 11 -10 Ben Simmons Simmons' limitations get eased in talented lineup; some notable variance here 47 27 -20
    22 37 15 Jrue Holiday Pels have potential for multiplier effects if it all clicks and Jrue will lead it 29 18 -11
    23 26 3 John Collins A somewhat low key season has kept him off the early hype train 16 30 14
    24 113 89 Bam Adebayo The Heat are very ready to give him frontcourt captianship and ballhandling duties 21 54 33
    25 34 9 Donovan Mitchell Big potential player with last year's disappointment keeping it affordable 33 28 -5
    26 49 23 Buddy Hield Walton/Kings the only thing that can screw this up 22 41 19
    27 64 37 Chris Paul Perhaps the most intriguing risk-reward play of the early rounds 24 31 7
    28 39 11 Draymond Green Hungry, irritated, production needed and maybe a bubble playoff team 31 33 2
    29 11 -18 Andre Drummond Wondering about durability; predictable producer for bubble playoff contender 28 21 -7
    30 76 46 Mike Conley Mike Conley doing Mike Conley things in a Mike Conley location 18 45 27
    31 35 4 De'Aaron Fox Walton the only thing that can hold him back; otherwise get your popcorn ready 37 31 -6
    32 51 19 D'Angelo Russell Adding GSW BBIQ/gravitas to DLO's makeup is about as best case scenario as it gets 64 40 -24
    33 19 -14 Luka Doncic No reason Doncic can't build off of last season 56 20 -37
    34 72 38 Zach LaVine Will LaVine learn how to make teammates better? I'll go with 'a little bit' 58 53 -5
    35 24 -11 Deandre Ayton Suns pinned to giving him another full load, so he'll get his numbers 27 26 -1
    36 33 -3 Jayson Tatum Young player still rising whose team needs him to produce 40 45 5
    37 70 33 Mitchell Robinson ROI comes down to how it all holds up when the Knicks bury the needle 19 27 8
    38 22 -16 Zion Williamson Fun projection, possibly the toughest of this year. Pels top-5 league pass team 43 33 -10
    39 87 48 Myles Turner One can pick at the edges but Turner has become a safer play 26 24 -2
    40 73 33 Jaren Jackson Jr. End-of-season sequence the chief concern on a bad team; see last year 41 44 3
    41 51 10 Khris Middleton Some bounceback potential after predictable producer swerved off course 45 47 2
    42 72 30 Eric Bledsoe Lower minutes have helped his fantasy value, making him a safer asset 38 54 16
    43 27 -16 DeMar DeRozan Edging toward undervalued older player territory 46 45 -1
    44 85 41 Ja Morant Welcome to the NBA - let her rip. 94 75 -19
    45 38 -7 Tobias Harris Harris fits nicely into talented starting unit; no real question marks 44 55 11
    46 107 61 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander This obvious intermediate-to-expert target might not have ROI at end of draft season 57 79 22
    47 53 6 Kevin Love How long does he want to hang around at the party 36 46 10
    48 71 23 Kyle Lowry Plenty of reasons this can work for him; usual suspects for why it might not 49 55 6
    49 15 -34 Rudy Gobert Bigs can lose value quickly as high-end athleticism starts to fade 25 20 -5
    50 120 70 Josh Richardson I think he might be better in lower-usage role; thrive in PHI's lineup 39 69 30
    51 81 30 Al Horford Value to be found as the public thinks he'll be crowded out in new locale 42 61 19
    52 60 8 Lauri Markkanen Hasn't truly had his peak moment and that has kept him in affordable range 34 44 10
    53 26 -27 LaMarcus Aldridge I'm never bullish on Aldridge but you don't have to worry about talent here 32 46 14
    54 54 0 Jamal Murray Got the big deal; now can he become a big deal? Safer back-end top-50 play 51 62 11
    55 57 2 Otto Porter Bulls probably let him loose; injury history the only concern here 35 39 4
    56 83 27 Malcolm Brogdon We're a half-beat ahead of everybody else here 54 65 11
    57 40 -17 Jonas Valanciunas The market will probably catch on to JV right away, unfortunately 68 64 -4
    58 35 -23 Blake Griffin The knee is an obvious concern; DET's depth issues/record may add to risk 93 47 -46
    59 111 52 Wendell Carter Jr. Carter seeming to get the hype that he entered last year with, despite the speed bumps 48 82 34
    60 74 14 Domantas Sabonis Young player in stable role; this isn't that tough a read 73 78 5
    61 46 -15 Terry Rozier Getting overvalued because of the path to minutes and contract 65 67 2
    62 56 -6 C.J. McCollum You know what you're getting here and POR needs him to produce 63 48 -15
    63 123 60 Robert Covington I worry about his knee, point blank. Bulking up for PF minutes another fun wrinkle 53 42 -11
    64 61 -3 Marvin Bagley III Bagley's physicality started last year on turbo and never stopped. Possibly unstoppable 60 76 16
    65 114 49 Kelly Oubre Jr. The Suns have been promoting him like a foundation piece since they got him 67 82 15
    66 31 -35 Clint Capela Athleticism waned last year; what his summer was like a big question 52 46 -6
    67 97 30 Joe Ingles Imagine your team needing a SF and letting Ingles casually sign with the Jazz 72 92 20
    68 129 61 Jonathan Isaac Affordable in intermediate-to-expert leagues; nice value elsewhere 50 72 22
    69 41 -28 Montrezl Harrell Because of the big name summer, Harrell is coming at a value 66 83 17
    70 27 -43 Julius Randle Dolan makes anything in NY a wild card, but Randle's fairly safe considering that 103 63 -40
    71 71 0 Danilo Gallinari Gallo lands on his feet yet again. Typical health the only concern season 61 59 -2
    72 98 26 Marc Gasol Marc who? Oh yeah that guy is going right where we want him to in drafts 75 76 1
    73 65 -8 Hassan Whiteside Plenty of ramp and Lillard as equipped as any to deal with the guh 62 75 13
    74 118 44 Brook Lopez Slightly overvalued but not hard to see him sliding either. Very safe play 55 55 0
    75 106 31 Jeff Teague You might see the public wake up by the end of draft season 83 90 7
    76 86 10 Gordon Hayward BOS has every reason to try and get him on track 77 77 0
    77 91 14 Aaron Gordon Unfortunately, he tried to become a guard and nobody stopped him 85 64 -21
    78 54 -24 Enes Kanter Last year's rocky season, playoff shoulder injury have kept him affordable 97 94 -3
    79 59 -20 Steven Adams Value mostly safe; one just wonders what happens if OKC falls behind fast 81 68 -13
    80 201 121 Mikal Bridges One of our success stories last year; intermediate-to-expert leagues have caught up 69 98 29
    81 86 5 Jarrett Allen Going to be plenty of teeth-gnashing about DeAndre Jordan's minutes this year 76 90 14
    82 86 4 Serge Ibaka Not getting much love for somebody with a solid role and not much wiggle to his game 87 102 15
    83 62 -21 Kristaps Porzingis Unless he comes out the gates with zero restriction this is the right risk/reward slot 86 32 -54
    84 139 55 Marcus Smart Accumulated bumps and bruises the only real variable here 96 94 -2
    85 139 54 Delon Wright Unfortunately, we hyped him last year and then he hit at the end. ROI not great 71 102 31
    86 123 37 Dennis Schroder The Thunder are going to need his production 84 140 56
    87 109 22 Miles Bridges The Hornets sound fully invested in playing him this year 70 84 14
    88 104 16 Derrick White Some sneaky upside but a bit land-locked by other guards in SA 89 104 15
    89 83 -6 Derrick Favors Going extremely high in some places; has nice situation but not that nice 82 54 -28
    90 65 -25 Thomas Bryant Hype train hitting a year too late (thank you TB); has ways to be played off floor 74 65 -9
    91 99 8 Dwight Powell Powell has been a fantasy hipster play forever and here's to one more season 78 119 41
    92 122 30 Jaylen Brown Elite athleticism; probing the ceiling in situation he's needed to produce 107 120 13
    93 124 31 Spencer Dinwiddie A lot of guards in Brooklyn but he's going to get his run 115 134 19
    94 128 34 Collin Sexton Really nice finish to last year and all sorts of ramp; but bad team syndrome lurks 160 126 -34
    95 200 105 Taurean Prince The Hawks were a weird fit for him last year and maybe he knew he was on the way out 104 148 44
    96 138 42 Fred VanVleet Shouldn't question the talent after those playoffs; will take some of Kawhi's old looks 98 95 -4
    97 137 40 Gary Harris Should be healthier but DEN's depth is proven; no reason to get bullish here 88 103 15
    98 122 24 Larry Nance Jr. Death, taxes and Larry Nance Jr. as a top-100 play 79 75 -4
    99 77 -22 Bojan Bogdanovic No reason to expect large scale shifts in Bojan's game 100 114 14
    100 78 -22 Lou Williams A nice early flip play as the Clips try to feed him early with PG out 110 88 -22
    101 120 19 Caris LeVert Talent, mindset both in right place. Injuries/Kyrie concerning; but a few paths to solid year 119 92 -27
    102 140 38 Cedi Osman Stat set issues but plenty of ramp and plenty of room to grow as player 106 139 33
    103 135 32 T.J. Warren Just enough production to be worth targeting late, especially in deeper formats 91 100 9
    104 94 -10 Jeremy Lamb Finally overrated. The HB/B150 stalwart will still give you top-100 value 80 97 17
    105 139 34 Kelly Olynyk A tiny bit undervalued and has a pretty locked up role. Sneaky nice target 101 130 29
    106 115 9 Jordan Clarkson Clarkson was built for bad teams and is way down at some sites 129 141 12
    107 201 94 Tyus Jones The Grizzlies will need him to produce; a nice value late in drafts 105 200 95
    108 123 15 Terrence Ross Just enough production to be worth targeting late, especially in deeper formats 92 109 17
    109 76 -33 Lonzo Ball Going way too early in drafts; plenty of options in NO to crowd him out 111 77 -34
    110 72 -38 Ricky Rubio Not sure why folks think he's going to explode in Phoenix 161 83 -78
    111 134 23 Dejounte Murray A year off muddies things up, but the logjam of guards is the bigger issue 136 97 -39
    112 200 88 Brandon Clarke Lots of potential; how fast he can start a big determinant of ROI/value 109 124 15
    113 201 88 Kent Bazemore As long as he's healthy he has top-100 upside at a bottom-barrel rate 138 145 7
    114 200 86 Davis Bertans Should be under the radar until the last week or two of draft season 95 122 27
    115 139 24 Justise Winslow Butler as ballhandler really hurt his path to upside 146 129 -17
    116 135 19 Kevin Huerter Ready to take a step forward but being a tiny bit overdrafted early 120 120 0
    117 114 -3 Rudy Gay Gay is checking in at a nice value early in draft season 102 129 27
    118 137 19 P.J. Tucker A cut above deep league plodder and worth drafting if you need consistency 90 132 42
    119 200 81 Ivica Zubac Sneaky low-end value if you need a big man 125 141 16
    120 129 9 Joe Harris Hasn't gotten a Team USA bump and probably won't 118 128 10
    121 100 -21 Dario Saric Low upside player in general so not great to take standard Suns risk 131 131 0
    122 124 2 Nicolas Batum Early reports suggest vets already forewarned about minutes cuts 147 110 -37
    123 200 77 Rodions Kurucs Off court issues pending; Nets will need him to give significant minutes 133 149 16
    124 133 9 JaVale McGee Lakers probably can't play as big as Anthony Davis wants them to 108 111 3
    125 128 3 Zach Collins Collins ran away from production last year but it's too early to close the book 112 130 18
    126 139 13 Tomas Satoransky Being overdrafted after last year's solid season; perception as starting PG 130 123 -7
    127 130 3 Thaddeus Young Overdrafted on name value, if there could be such a thing for Thad Young 117 125 8
    128 140 12 Isaiah Thomas Early reports have him as favorite for starting; which could mean he's healthy 142 141 -1
    129 128 -1 Evan Fournier Same old Magic. Same old Evan Fournier. 151 133 -18
    130 130 0 Goran Dragic Some bounceback potential here but no real upside; safe-ish but overpriced 163 132 -31
    131 201 70 Richaun Holmes If the Kings cooperate, they have some truly scary lineup combos w/ RH. 128 200 72
    132 140 8 Maxi Kleber Nice low-end pickup late in drafts, though upside may be more imaginary than real 99 140 41
    133 132 -1 Bobby Portis Portis is a pretty good bet to outdistance the tepid predictions for his season 121 143 22
    134 93 -41 Andrew Wiggins Luckily the stat set can keep you from investing much hope in a different ending 159 103 -56
    135 200 65 Nerlens Noel Lots of upside if Steven Adams can successfully be dragged off the court 113 149 36
    136 140 4 Kevon Looney The 26 mpg thing seems a bit optimistic and that's putting him out of my price range 116 127 11
    137 200 63 Monte Morris In a 9-cat league you're almost guaranteed a 3-4 round ROI 126 145 19
    138 139 1 Reggie Jackson Seems to be getting healthier but even if Blake/AD went down, would it matter much? 162 144 -18
    139 200 61 Jabari Parker Variance in value around fantasyland; only a target late in drafts 184 141 -43
    140 119 -21 Dewayne Dedmon He'll have to play well to hold on to his minutes in Kings frontcourt 122 98 -24
    141 201 60 JaMychal Green A late target in deeper leagues if you need low-end production 143 151 8
    142 200 58 Elfrid Payton Might still get overdrafted on name value but a serviceable point guard late 179 141 -39
    143 112 -31 Victor Oladipo Ranked as roster stash on teams without an IR slot 158 64 -94
    144 137 -7 Bogdan Bogdanovic Really good World Cup, but the Kings are overstocked and World Cup isn't NBA 150 115 -35
    145 131 -14 Will Barton Nuggets depth has moved him to the back of the 150 140 146 6
    146 75 -71 Kyle Kuzma Not enough basketballs to go around and LAL stacked at his position 141 92 -49
    147 200 53 Josh Okogie Okogie is still raw but the athleticism keeps us interested 134 200 66
    148 53 -95 DeAndre Jordan Friends got him a huge deal and if you didn't see the end coming, here it is 164 100 -64
    149 200 51 Jerami Grant Really good fit in Denver but the crowd limits any real upside 114 140 26
    150 122 -28 Al-Farouq Aminu One of the more boring fantasy assets of the last five years 123 149 26
    151 133 -18 J.J. Redick Will get overdrafted based on name value 124 109 -16
    152 201 49 Cody Zeller Will play his typical mid 20s minutes until he gets hurt 152 122 -30
    153 134 -19 Rui Hachimura Keep an eye on him; his athleticism a bit better than advertised in World Cup play 156 139 -17
    154 137 -17 Eric Gordon Predictable producer that only needs to stay upright 153 126 -27
    155 96 -59 Willie Cauley-Stein GSW a great place for somebody to get through to the drifting big man 144 121 -23
    156 140 -16 Alex Len Getting overdrafted under expectation of starter's minutes it appears 166 121 -46
    157 200 43 Derrick Jones Needs some injuries ahead of him to truly matter this year. 154 200 46
    158 200 42 Landry Shamet Stat set needs some help but Shamet is talented and on the rise 132 143 11
    159 135 -24 Danny Green Green's game travels easily; but logjam etches away at his value 127 118 -9
    160 140 -20 Moritz Wagner I'm not sold Thomas Bryant can hold anybody off. 170 200 30
    161 200 39 DeAndre' Bembry Bembry has been a bit of a stat magnet and theoretically this would be a step-forward year 175 200 25
    162 138 -24 Patrick Beverley Too many new faces for Beverley's value to hold up 137 121 -16
    163 140 -23 Matisse Thybulle Defensive monster if he can get the playing time. 165 129 -36
    164 118 -46 Harrison Barnes Barnes will be given team leader status but will struggle to crack the top-125 148 130 -18
    165 99 -66 Paul Millsap Will get overdrafted for obvious reasons 157 119 -39
    166 139 -27 D.J. Augustin Unless you're desperate for a plodding PG in deep leagues, you can pass 171 146 -25
    167 201 34 Jakob Poeltl Really needs a LMA injury to do anything in fantasy leagues 139 144 5
    168 201 33 Moe Harkless Deep league owners only 149 200 51
    169 201 32 Luke Kennard Dinged up for a young player but has every chance to be deep league guy 167 142 -25
    170 130 -40 Derrick Rose The Pistons could use his production but there's not enough here to grab at 168 137 -32
    171 201 30 Kyle Anderson Never really got it going last year and a nice value this year as a result 135 137 2
    172 139 -33 Tim Hardaway Jr. Light stat set makes mediocre minutes/workload insufficient for fantasy GMs 169 143 -26
    173 132 -41 Dennis Smith Jr. Some upside hidden in there but no real reason to bet on it, especially at his cost 210 139 -71
    174 201 27 Marvin Williams Probably an incremental dip for Williams this season 155 135 -20
    175 135 -40 Rajon Rondo How bad can Rondo screw this team up? 206 139 -67
    176 200 24 O.G. Anunoby Stat set hasn't always translated but the Raps want him to play 172 141 -31
    177 200 23 Bryn Forbes Deep league plodder 217 200 -17
    178 200 22 Grant Williams Might have some utility if the Celtics have an injury or two 185 200 15
    179 140 -39 Christian Wood We have to confirm he's making DET's roster, which seems funny 183 200 17
    180 200 20 Cheick Diallo Tight rotation but PHO might need his rebounding and energy 174 200 26
    181 201 20 Tyler Johnson Deep league plodder 220 152 -68
    182 200 18 Jae Crowder Theoretically he could just start chucking and go way higher than this 178 149 -29
    183 201 18 Norman Powell Should step into the vacuum enough to stay deep league relevant 196 142 -55
    184 200 16 Terrance Ferguson Even after solid year in wide open OKC he needs to improve his stat set 173 200 27
    185 201 16 Kris Dunn Rated as in trade limbo 186 141 -46
    186 139 -47 Noah Vonleh Lack of high-end talent means he could have reprise of last year 180 200 20
    187 201 14 Ish Smith With IT a question mark he's probably moving up the ranks as we go 193 144 -49
    188 200 12 Josh Hart You can do a lot better than this 176 143 -33
    189 139 -50 Mohamed Bamba Getting the backup job early on but Birch is right on his tail 182 138 -45
    190 200 10 Dwayne Bacon Needs to improve across categories but CHA is going to play him 188 144 -44
    191 140 -51 Bruno Caboclo Had a nice under the radar finish last year 181 200 19
    192 132 -60 Klay Thompson Ranked as roster stash on teams without an IR slot 177 125 -52
    193 139 -54 Alex Caruso Will update this ranking if he can get out of Rondo's grasp 258 200 -58
    194 106 -88 De'Andre Hunter Unfortunately, it's hard to bet on his stat set coming together in Year 1 189 146 -43
    195 200 5 Anfernee Simons Long shot to step into his potential this season but worth watching 190 200 10
    196 80 -116 R.J. Barrett Barring an amazing preseason I'm more than willing to lose out here 197 113 -84
    197 138 -59 Darius Garland Theoretically he has a pretty good ramp, but hard to bet on just 5 college games 201 147 -54
    198 140 -58 Nickeil Alexander-Walker If not for the logjam he'd be a good amount higher. Solid rookie. 191 144 -47
    199 131 -68 Jarrett Culver I'm not riding the hype train unless I see a lot more 195 146 -49
    200 140 -60 Markelle Fultz Still has a hitch in his shot but has a chance to step into backup role 285 143 -142
    201 200 -1 De'Anthony Melton Injury has him off the board for many but he got good experience last year; stat set guy 211 200 -11
    201 140 -61 Alfonzo McKinnie Wide open ramp for him and legit target in deep leagues 236 200 -36
    202 138 -64 Jusuf Nurkic Rated for leagues with no IR slots 192 141 -52
    203 98 -105 Dwight Howard This assumes he isn't kicked off the team for locker room farts. 198 129 -69
    204 200 -4 Cameron Johnson Rotation is tight but he has gotten nice reviews so far in Phoenix 202 200 -2
    205 120 -85 Brandon Ingram Too many players in NO to deal with stat set problems, inconsistency 251 113 -138
    206 138 -68 Cam Reddish As inefficient college stats as we've seen, but worth watching for change of scenery 204 138 -66
    207 200 -7 Sekou Doumbouya Very raw and playing behind two very established vets 194 200 6
    208 200 -8 Lonnie Walker IV Not sure this is the year for Walker even if he plays well 203 200 -3
    209 200 -9 Robert Williams Hard to be on Williams getting enough run to matter 200 142 -58
    210 140 -70 Jaxson Hayes If he wanders into minutes they'll be the high efficiency type 205 143 -63
    211 140 -71 Sindarius Thornwell Nice college stat set (not so much in NBA); the Cavs are terrible 209 200 -9
    212 140 -72 Khem Birch Starting the year off as third center but might make noise at some point 207 200 -7
    213 140 -73 Skal Labissiere Can Portland get him playing at the speed of the game? 208 200 -8
    214 140 -74 Keita Bates-Diop Wolves won't have much to play for and he flew under Okogie's radar 348 200 -148
    215 200 -15 Ty Jerome Currently the favorite for backup job in PHO among non-vets. 394 200 -194
    216 200 -16 Edmond Sumner This kid is good. If not for Indy's depth, I'd have him much higher. 212 200 -12
    8C-B150 ADP +/- Name Notes 9C-B150 ADP +/-
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