• The Wire: Week 22 – End Game Strategy

    Well folks, the playoffs are here and if you’re still reading this, that means you’re in! Chances are you’ve made it this far in the season with skill, timing and a little bit of luck. With only a few W’s left to go, you’re almost at Mordor and the only thing you have left to do is to throw in the ring. Do you have what it takes? We at Hoop-Ball will be the Sam to your Frodo, so although we can’t write your victory speech for you, we sure as hell can provide you with our pickups of the week that will take you over the top.

    Fantasy Ball is Life. These are the moments we live for so don’t forget to savor your victories and rub salt in the wounds of your opponents. I don’t care if you’re facing your own mother this week, she’s Brandon Knight under the rim, you’re Deandre Jordan, and we’re throwing you the lob, CP3 style.

    Teams with 3 Games: BKN, BOS, DAL, LAC, MEM, MIA, NOR, NYK, OKC, POR, TOR, UTA

    Teams with 4 Games: ATL, CHA, CHI, CLE, DEN, DET, GSW, HOU, IND, LAL, MIL, MIN, ORL, PHI, PHO, SAC, SAS, WAS

    Let’s rock-n-roll!

    PS. Follow me @the_acylum and @hoopballtweets on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news.

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