• If Week 1 is Overreaction Week then Week 2 is The Redemption.

    Or something like that.

    These are the weeks that you plunder on the easy stuff, but also the weeks that you get challenged in your preseason beliefs.

    The narratives swing hard early on and sometimes players do look terrible (or great), situations do look terrible (or great) and it takes everything in your body and mind not to panic (or get overly confident).

    This is where the money gets made because the FAAB bids are the biggest, we know the least we will all year with the largest player pool to go after because of all the divergent opinions.

    So I took a little bit of extra time here on the Dish and longtime Bruski Breakdown readers know how I roll.

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    The Warriors are playing their way into shape using the early part of the regular season and they finally hit a stride in their 133-103 win in Dallas. Stephen Curry scored 29 points with eight assists, four steals, two threes and 13-of-13 makes from the foul line. He has hit all 39 of his attempts so far this season and with Giannis flying around doing Giannis things it’s Curry that has gone under the radar with top 4-5 value on the year, ahead of Alphabet in 9-cat formats.

    The rest of the top-5 is littered with small sample size noise, except of course for Giannis at No. 1 in 8-cat leagues. Draymond Green picked up the pace with 10 points, seven boards, eight assists and four money counters, Klay Thompson scored 21 points with a full line and Kevin Durant added 25 points, eight boards, six assists, one block and four treys in the win. And Jordan Bell had a ridiculous dunk in garbage time that got everybody riled up. I’m all for it, though now he has to keep walking the walk.


    The Mavs got Dennis Smith back into the fold and that’s great news from a health standpoint as it rules out serious issues for the most part. Smith hit just 3-of-11 shots for 10 points, six boards, one assist and two steals while hitting just 4-of-10 freebies. The stat set is going to be the problem for those talking breakout and tonight was an extreme example of that. He’s still worth owning to see if it can happen but the mid-round stuff was nuts.

    J.J. Barea looks like he’ll be counted on for 8-cat owners as he put up another 13 points, three rebounds, eight assists and one three in 26 minutes off the bench. He’s for deep league owners only in 9-cat formats and all owners should recognize he can get hurt at a moment’s notice, and Seth Curry’s eventual return will chip away at his value, too.

    Wes Matthews scored 19 points with three steals and three treys and not much else. He had on 0-fer the last time out and he’s going to be inconsistent, with a best-case return of late-round value so plan accordingly. This is going to be the year that Dirk finally falls off the fantasy radar. He had 11 points, seven boards, two assists and one steal in 29 minutes.

    Nerlens Noel played just 12 minutes but his eight points, seven boards and two steals minimized the blow. It’s going to be an up-and-down season and the hope for owners is that he can eventually win Rick Carlisle over and also benefit from some injuries ahead of him.


    The Kings were too tied into their base offensive system and couldn’t get anything going early against the Suns, and they basically never recovered and lost to a team that had just lost its coach and point guard. Those are the breaks for a young team that hasn’t been able to identify strategy issues for a few years now.

    These guys are going to be a rough box score for owners to crack for maybe the entire season. George Hill hasn’t been entrusted with the offense despite having enough ability to handle it, so his 0-for-5 night for two points, three rebounds, four assists and two steals is a possibility on any given night.

    He’s also their best player (unless we want to give that to De’Aaron Fox right now and get it over with) so he will have big nights, and if the players squawk enough they’ll actually get out of the base-system and run some pick-and-roll when the situation dictates, which would help with the sporadic nature of these lines.

    Willie Cauley-Stein (11 points, four rebounds, four assists, one steal, 28 minutes) isn’t going to be the upside guy he can be in fantasy unless he puts an emphasis on defense. Buddy Hield (14 points, five steals, one three, 17 minutes) is heading toward sixth man territory and his non-scoring issues and shot selection are going to hold him back. He’s a late-round guy at best.

    Skal Labissiere dinged his right ankle bit but it didn’t look serious and his grade through four games is pretty damn good. He hasn’t looked like a total deer in headlights and he has put up numbers when on the floor. Last night he had 17 points, four rebounds and one block and he’s floating a late-round value on the year so far in his 25 mpg. It’s a small sample but he should get better with time, too.

    De’Aaron Fox was in my waiver wire article from Sunday and it’s clear he’s going to get minutes and produce. He scored 19 points on 7-of-16 shooting with five rebounds, four assists and three steals in 30 minutes off the bench, as the Kings continue to turn to him for buckets when they can’t get any. He’s a must-own player.


    The Suns post-Watson and post-Bledsoe were the talk of our forums yesterday and for good reason – how would the fantasy value shake out! We learned that Mike James (18 points, two boards, seven assists, two steals, 27 minutes) has the edge in the point guard battle between he and Tyler Ulis (11 points, two boards, three assists, one steal, 21 minutes).

    I think James will continue to maintain that upper-hand at least in the short-term, but the takeaway from this game is that both players had great nights. For Ulis, you can see both win-now ability and also a higher level of upside than James, but James has been able to come in and both score and distribute and isn’t a pushover by any means.

    The Suns should be smart and play them both at the same time to crank up those minutes but they won’t until it’s obvious and also because they believe that Tyson Chandler should be on a basketball court (he shouldn’t).

    As for fantasy values, James isn’t going to be a big steals guy and along with the time share that caps his value and both guys are going to be better in 8-cat formats. I think James has shown enough to be a must-own player in 12-team formats, regardless, but Ulis is really only worth owning in 8-cat leagues as a hybrid stash/low-end producer. In 9-cat leagues Ulis needs to go down a rung or two to 14-16 team formats.

    Josh Jackson scored 15 points on 6-of-8 shooting with one three, five boards and two steals in 24 minutes off the bench, and I’m not yet on board with a must-stash designation in 12-14 team formats. He still makes mistakes and has a good amount of competition to go with a suspect, albeit potentially potent stat set.

    Marquese Chriss got good minutes and played pretty well, scoring 19 points on 8-of-13 shooting with two threes, six rebounds and three blocks in 29 minutes. There shouldn’t have been any real panic and this was the reminder about that. Alex Len played 17 minutes and put up seven points with seven boards and until Chandler gets benched it could be an inconsistent late-round situation for the foreseeable future.


    The Sixers got their first win of the season in Detroit and Joel Embiid (30 points, nine boards, zero assists, two steals, one three, 7-of-8 FTs, seven turnovers) made Andre Drummond look silly on multiple occasions. It’s still too early to get a sense of where he’s at production-wise but as long as he’s upright owners are feeling okay.

    Ben Simmons triple-doubled and everybody makes a big deal about triple doubles but he did have a good game for where he’s at in his career. He finished with 21 points on 8-of-11 shooting, 12 boards, 10 assists and one steal. Despite the big popcorn stats and rave reviews he’s bringing back just top 90-120 value (8/9 cat) because of just 1.3 money counters per game and 61.5 percent shooting from the foul line. Don’t act like you weren’t warned.

    Markelle Fultz looks shook. We didn’t have you guys drafting him and if you burned a pick on him you should probably wait another week but you don’t have to. That said, plucking him off the wire in January isn’t a bad outlook.


    Andre Drummond has hit 10-of-12 free throws and it looks like he has changed his delivery, going with the exaggerated knee bend and putting the ball way out in front of his body. It’s given him more rotation and touch – we’ll see if it lasts. He finished with 14 points, 14 boards, four steals and one block, which is where he needs to be on the defensive numbers if he’s going to cash in on this free throw goodness. He has steadily seen his defensive stats erode but maybe he can be a 1-2 round profit if he puts it all together.

    Avery Bradley scored 15 points, one rebound, three assists and one trey and if you didn’t know his rebounds were going to take a hit going from Boston to Detroit you probably didn’t do your homework this offseason.


    With Dennis Schroder (ankle) out on Monday we got to see a Hawks team that lacked punch but also didn’t have to watch Schroder chuck it up in excess of 20 times. The result wasn’t game-changing but we did get to see Kent Bazemore score 20 points on 6-of-17 shooting with four rebounds, four assists, two steals and a three. Bazemore was assertive and looked healthy and that’s been the key for him to threaten late-mid round value.

    The Hawks’ loss to the Heat was a great game for Hoop Ballers as half the Hoop Ball Six was playing and also doing well. Taurean Prince, who had a bad game that caused us to fire off buy low recommendations aggressively, bounced back and scored 20 points on 9-of-14 shooting with two threes, seven rebounds, two assists and three steals.

    It’s a weird combo of doing his damage in a limited role but also trying to do too much with his dribbling and passing, leading to the seven turnovers you saw last night. Still, those around the team know he needs to do more and he’ll get smarter with the ball. He’s getting his current numbers in that limited role and should only get better as the year goes on.

    Dewayne Dedmon managed just six boards and one steal over 30 minutes and that should cool some of the hype surrounding his first few games. He’s a late-round guy with a hint of upside going forward. Malcolm Delaney scored 10 points with four rebounds, one assist, two steals and one three, and this is a high-water mark for him in a 33-minute outing. No need to pick that up.

    John Collins went for 14 and 11 with a block in 18 minutes and there is a lot of hype surrounding him. There are the folks that think he’s a great NBA prospect and those that think he’s a great fantasy prospect. I’m iffy on the fantasy side due to the lack of money counters and in the NBA I wonder if he’ll round out his game beyond points and boards.

    But things do happen when he’s on the floor and he’s a logical place to put 20-25 mpg if you’re the Hawks. That probably gives him some late-round value in 12-team formats so if that calculus works for you give him a look.


    Kelly Olynyk looks good in the Heat system. He’s moving his feet, defending well and facilitating a lot of offense. He’s making winning basketball plays. If Hassan Whiteside (knee) isn’t going to block an excessive amount of shots and be more of a scoring, rebounding type of a big man, he’s going to get a run for his money by Olynyk for minutes.

    Regardless, Olynyk is a must-own player as a HB6er and he put up 10 points, 10 boards, four assists, two steals, one block and one three in his 29 minutes last night. Even when Whiteside returns he’ll be worth owning and putting in lineups.

    Josh Richardson had one of those games that justifies all the hype. He scored 21 points on 8-of-17 shooting with three treys, four rebounds, two assists, two steals and two blocks in 37 minutes. He looks like one of the best players on the court when he’s out there and I’m not sure where we stood in relation to other sites, but I felt like I wasn’t as high on him as the other sites.

    It could have been that I had higher-ranked picks I was going after and regardless I’ll have to hang my hat on us unearthing Richardson a full month before anybody else did two seasons ago.

    No you’re not buying Wayne Ellington’s 20 points and for what Tyler Johnson is, a late-round guy that needs an injury to be truly valuable outside of deeper formats, I’m not worried about his slide. He scored six points with four rebounds and two steals while hitting 1-of-9 shots. It’s a long season and he’s a good player – he’ll be back on track as soon as his next game. The key for him is that he has the talent to be valuable if the Heat suffer injuries.


    The Grizzlies are a good mix of boring players we like (Marc Gasol, Mike Conley) and new players we don’t know about (Dillon Brooks). Throw in some injuries and a bunch of banged-up question marks and of course they beat the Rockets on the road.

    Gasol scored 26 points with five boards and two blocks and Conley had 17 points with a full stat line. All eyes were on Brooks, though, after the rookie started quickly and he responded with a dud tonight, scoring three points with one steal and that’s it. If you added him give him another night but the NBA is a tough place for rookies to play, let alone hold fantasy value.


    The Rockets have more or less reverted to last year’s version with Chris Paul nursing a balky knee and the effect of that has been the Eric Gordon show. He put up 27 points on 8-of-20 shooting with five threes, 6-of-7 FTs, four rebounds and seven assists. Sell high, sell high, sell high. He may be able to hold late-round value but it’s not a guarantee if CP3 starts grabbing the reins.

    Clint Capela scored 14 points, six rebounds, one steal and two blocks on 7-of-9 shooting. I took him in a lot of drafts and had to grab him fairly early – in the top 45-60 range – and he’s bringing back second-to-third round value so far in just 23 mpg. The 71.8 percent field goals and 83.3 percent free throws are going to regress but it’s a nice start.


    The Hornets are struggling without Nicolas Batum (elbow) and they lost to the Bucks, but owners finally saw a productive game out of Jeremy Lamb (17 points, nine rebounds, 5-of-17 FGs, one three, 34 minutes). Lamb has hit just 36.4 percent of his shots and a pretty big regression is coming so hold on if you have him, pick him up if he was dropped or buy low where it makes sense.

    Dwight Howard had 22 rebounds, four blocks and missed all nine of his free throws. You’ve seen this show before. Marvin Williams had zero rebounds and playing next to Dwight you had to know is value was going to take a big enough hit to knock him out of standard leagues.


    The Bucks have jumped out to a 3-1 start and now folks are starting to ask questions like ‘can Giannis be MVP’ and the real question should have been asked last year, ‘can he be better than Michael Jordan?’ I said it’s a possibility in the broad sense and it will come down to whether he can become a better shot maker and specifically in the clutch (in the playoffs). Remember, Jordan wasn’t the greatest shooter early in his career and he turned out just fine.

    Giannis had 32 points, 14 boards, six assists, one steal, two blocks and six turnovers. He’ll be in the mix for the No. 1 slot all season. Khris Middleton scored 20 points with six boards, three assists and a triple-one. I had him ranked highly but I just couldn’t seem to get him in drafts. Bummer.

    There was a Greg Monroe sighting as he put up eight points, seven rebounds and three assists in 21 minutes, which should be enough of a sign of life for owners to wait a little bit before dropping him. He profiles like a guy that needs the first week of the season to get into shape.


    The Raptors are shaping up to be a somewhat boring fantasy squad and they were without Jonas Valanciunas (ankle) last night, which didn’t exactly yield big results for deeper league assets Lucas Nogueira (four points, six boards, two steals, 19 minutes) or Delon Wright (four points, three boards, four assists, one steal, one block, 25 minutes).

    Still, both players can have low-end value whenever the Raptors are at less than full strength and in the case of Bebe he’s worth a look while Valanciunas is out. JV could return anytime within the next five games and probably in the next 2-3 if I had to guess.

    Kyle Lowry (eight points, three assists) sort of got shut down by Dejounte Murray and that’s a story for another day, and DeMar DeRozan (28 points, four assists, three steals, two threes) might have dinged his hip and that’s something to watch for but it doesn’t seem overly serious at this time.


    Dejounte Murray (16 points, 14 boards, six assists, 28 minutes) was a buzzy pickup in drafts that Hoop Ballers passed on. We see the lack of money counters (zero tonight) and know his role will be cut back when Tony Parker returns in a month or two so the math doesn’t add up.

    But this kid is good and if anybody can help him get some cash counters it’s San Antonio, so down the road the stat set can be addressed. He had one of those marker games last night in which it became clear that he has a bright future in this league, but as far as fantasy goes you’re only looking at him as a one-month play in 12-team formats.

    Danny Green is enjoying life sans-Kawhi Leonard and had 17 points, eight rebounds, five blocks and three treys in 34 minutes. He’ll come back to earth when Leonard returns and I like him to be a late-round value with some upside beyond that and an advantage in 9-cat leagues. As for Leonard, it seems like the injury is less serious rather than more serious and that might lead to some nice draft day values, but it’s too early to make that call just yet. Let’s see him get back first.


    The Wizards went into Denver and left with a win and a fun little controversy with Nikola Jokic running into Scott Brooks. They’re a very stable fantasy team but they’re not quite boring, as John Wall (19 points, 12 assists) is a top fantasy asset and Bradley Beal (20 points) is too if he’s healthy.

    The new wrinkle there has been Otto Porter’s aggressiveness and increased skill. He put up 17 points on 6-of-13 shooting with 10 boards, three treys, three assists, four steals and one block, and it feels like he could easily step into a No. 2 scoring role if anything happened to the aforementioned.

    Kelly Oubre put up 14 points, four rebounds, two steals, two threes and one block in his 38 minutes, which bodes well for a change in his stat set over last year. He’s averaging 2.0 steals and 1.0 blocks over 35.3 mpg in the first three games and that’s a very small sample size but it’s trending in the right direction.

    Markieff Morris (groin) will eventually return and put Oubre into a 25-mpg role but it’s good to know that he’s not an empty calories guy. I’d hold in 12-team formats until we see the wheels fall off – if we see the wheels fall off. The Wizards aren’t a deep squad and there are a few ways he can keep his head above water.


    Nikola Jokic was a great Week 1 overreaction because he looked a little lethargic and then didn’t score against the Kings, leaving everybody to have the same fear they had before they even selected him on draft day. Would the price be too high on a guy that was due for regression?

    Well the Joker went out and scored 29 points with nine rebounds, five assists, one steal, three treys and hit all eight of his freebies. However the Nuggets gyrate in their game plans, things will be just fine for Jokic as long as he stays upright. The money counting stats are where he’ll need to keep from slipping and that will determine if he’s worth his draft slot.

    Watching people contort to defend their Jamal Murray picks is hilarious. Murray scored eight points with three boards, six assists and a block over 29 minutes in his best game of the year. Whether it was the stat set (it was primarily the stat set) or the presence of Jokic and Paul Millsap or Emmanuel Mudiay (and no-longer present Jameer Nelson), it was borderline belligerent to rank him as anything but a last-round flier pick – even if you think he’s going to be great in reality as I do.

    Hold him if you want because of ‘what if everything changes’ upside but I’m not passing on a free agent to do it and hopefully you didn’t light a mid-round pick on fire.

Fantasy News

  • Kyrie Irving - G - Boston Celtics

    Kyrie Irving (right knee strain) is "very, very close" to a return and the Celtics would not be opposed to him playing in Sunday's All-Star game.

    Irving made the trip to Charlotte with his personal trainer a the team's physical therapist. Although he's missed the last two games, the Celtics wouldn't mind him participating in Sunday's game and Danny Ainge things that an exhibition contest might actually function as a good workout. Brad Stevens speculated that Irving would've been able to play on Friday or Saturday had the Celtics had a regular game, so it sounds like he won't miss much more time.

    Source: Boston Herald

  • Emmanuel Mudiay - G - New York Knicks

    Emmanuel Mudiay (strained left shoulder) is unsure of how he'll fit into the rotation when he returns from his injury.

    Mudiay was locked in as the starting point guard but Dennis Smith Jr. has since joined the team. Beyond that, Mudiay is also an impending free agent whose cap hold will be renounced if the Knicks do deliver on their wildest dreams and land two max free agents. He's not going to be a priority for the rest of the season, and a timeshare seems like the best-case scenario here. Mudiay isn't worth holding onto outside of very deep leagues.

    Source: New York Post

  • Anthony Davis - F/C - New Orleans Pelicans

    The Pelicans have fired GM Dell Demps.

    Since this news broke it's come out that Demps had been on thin ice in New Orleans for a while now, so it's not as though the Anthony Davis trade discussions — which certainly play a role here — were the root cause. It's more likely that the failure to surround Davis with enough talent that he'd want to stay, at least up until the last season and a half or so, was the bulk of the problem. The Pelicans want a new GM to take the helm and make the call on a final Davis trade, which will change the course of the franchise for years to come.

    Source: Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter

  • Anthony Davis - F/C - New Orleans Pelicans

    Anthony Davis has been diagnosed with a muscle contusion in his left shoulder after undergoing an MRI.

    Davis' injury is reportedly "not too bad" but he didn't return to Thursday's game and the Pelicans might milk any chance they get to rest their star. His participation in Sunday's All-Star game is up in the air and he'll receive treatment over the next couple of days before determining if he can play. To add some fuel to the fire here, Davis reportedly left the building after he got hurt, which is likely to rub his teammates the wrong way considering they picked up a big win over a hot Thunder team. The saga will continue to unfold until the offseason.

    Source: Ramona Shelburne on Twitter

  • Jrue Holiday - G - New Orleans Pelicans

    Jrue Holiday led the Pelicans in their 131-122 win over the Thunder on Thursday with 32 points on 12-of-27 shooting with five rebounds, seven assists, two steals, three blocks and three 3-pointers.

    Holiday crushed the box score tonight and he's going to continue to do so as long as he's on the court. He's the best player on a Pelicans team that might shelve Anthony Davis (shoulder) so an early-round value with some top-15 upside is well within reason.

  • Kenrich Williams - G/F - New Orleans Pelicans

    Kenrich Williams scored nine points while corralling a team-high 12 rebounds to go with four assists, a steal, a block and a 3-pointer on Thursday.

    Williams went 4-for-7 from the floor and saw 34 minutes of action on Thursday and is also going to benefit from Anthony Davis (shoulder) missing time. His rebounding numbers are most of his value, but he also has the potential to give you a triple-one like tonight. It's baffling that he didn't get drafted as he has the talent to play in the NBA and is a standard-league player as of now.

  • Julius Randle - F - New Orleans Pelicans

    Julius Randle led the Pelicans in scoring on Thursday with 33 points on 11-of-21 shooting while adding 11 boards, six assists, a steal, a block and two 3-pointers.

    Randle's been playing well with Anthony Davis (shoulder) out of the lineup and it looks like that run might continue. Keep him out there as he's now an integral part of the Pelicans offense.

  • Anthony Davis - F/C - New Orleans Pelicans

    Anthony Davis scored 14 points on 5-of-10 shooting with a 3-pointer, four rebounds, two assists, a steal and a block on Thursday against the Thunder.

    Davis exited the game early and with how messy the entire Pelicans situation has been we wouldn't be surprised to hear him missing an extended amount of time to heal. The Pelicans have a capable big in Jahlil Okafor waiting and he's the guy you want to pick up if you think Davis is going to miss extra time. There's still no official word from the Pelicans but that should come soon so check back here for more clarity.

  • E'Twaun Moore - G - New Orleans Pelicans

    E'Twaun Moore scored 15 points on 6-of-7 shooting with three 3-pointers, a rebound, three assists and a steal on Thursday.

    He briefly left the game with a left knee contusion, but quickly returned to action. Moore was hot tonight in only 17 minutes, but if his role is going to be diminished he isn't worth owning in standard leagues. Darius Miller (35 minutes, eight points, four rebounds, five assists, a steal and two triples) was decent but when gauging who to own it's all about the minutes and usage which favor Miller at the moment.

  • Jahlil Okafor - C - New Orleans Pelicans

    Jahlil Okafor scored 12 points on 5-of-6 shooting with eight rebounds and two assists against the Thunder on Thursday.

    Okafor might be in line for more minutes now with Anthony Davis (shoulder) dealing with an injury that might sit him out for an extended amount of time. It wouldn't be a bad move to scoop up Okafor as a preemptive move in case the Pelicans decide to rest Davis.