• Stephen Curry

    It was a quiet Monday evening around the association with no gameplay until Wednesday night. Here’s a rundown of some of the bigger stories from a calm Monday night.

    Monday Whispers

    The biggest news of the day came from Golden State, but not in regards to anything finals related. Instead, reigning MVP Stephen Curry announced that he would withdraw from the 2016 Rio Olympics to rest his ailing knee and ankle. It’s been a tough playoff run for Chef Curry with multiple injuries along the way. He’ll rest up during the summer months and come back as the unanimous #1 fantasy player going into next year’s drafts.

    Curry was not the only player who withdrew his name from Olympic consideration. LaMarcus Aldridge also informed team USA basketball members that he would not be participating citing a hand injury. If you recall, Aldridge did injure his hand late in the season and he was seen grimacing throughout certain games in the first and second rounds of the playoffs. He will also have the summer to fully heal up and head into next year’s drafts as a solid early round selection.

    Bismack Biyombo officially opted out of his $3 Million deal with the Raptors. This was expected and now the fun begins to see what type of offers Biyombo ends up receiving in the open market. Raptor’s GM Masai Ujiri will have to get creative if he wants to retain the big man’s services.

    Lastly, Cavs forward Kevin Love was able to fly back home with his teammates to Cleveland for Game 3. This does not clear him for a return to the court as he will still have to pass the league’s concussion protocol. Nonetheless, this at least seems like a step in the right direction.

    I’m @radiomunoz and that does it for another tasty dish. For the best in NBA playoff coverage follow @HoopBallTweets on twitter. Let’s hope coach Lue can come up with a plan to extend the season a little longer as here at Hoop-ball we’re not ready for the off-season yet.
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