As we head into the final days of the regular season, it’s only proper to congratulate all of you. Several leagues finished up last week and champions were crowned. If you or your team were one of them, let us hear about it! There is no greater feeling in fantasy basketball than being crowned the king of your league. Kudos to all of you for a long and crazy season.

    You can thank the NCAA for putting the NBA on pause Monday, giving Tuesday a mega 13-game slate. Now, instead of going full Bruski Breakdown, we’ll respect you readers for keeping up to date.

    The fact is, only four out of the 13 games featured surefire playoff-bound teams going at it. There was a lot of tanking and silly season is in full motion. It has been for a while, but even the tanking rosters have been set to absolute tank mode now.

    Let’s hit the highlights.

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    Every few seasons, we have the easiest MVP race locked up early. As much as I am a huge admitted LeBron fanboy (no shame), James Harden is the easy choice here. Not that he needs to, but he reminded everyone of that he is the MVP this season with an impressive 120-104 win over the Wiz.

    Harden shot 12-for-18 from the field and 9-for-10 from the line for 38 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists, one steal, one block and five 3-pointers in 34 minutes. He also only had three turnovers for you 9-cat players out there. This game got into blowout mode quickly, so Harden could easily have had a triple-double.

    Chris Paul rejoined the lineup for the first time in a week, and he played as though it had been longer since he saw the court. CP3 shot 3-for-11 from the field for eight points, six assists, two boards and two 3-pointers in 33 minutes. He is a little early to be playing like playoff Chris Paul.

    John Wall played nearly the most minutes in this one but was also rusty. He finished the game shooting 3-for-10 from the floor for nine points, 10 dimes, four boards, one steal and one 3-pointer in 33 minutes. He had a whopping eight turnovers. Woof.

    Even at full strength, they were no match for the Rockets. The team isn’t perfect, but full steam ahead.


    The NBA is starving for a challenger to dethrone the perennial East champs, and for many people that team is the Raptors. The Cavs made quick work of them in statement fashion, winning 112-106 on Tuesday night.

    LeBron James finished with 27 points, 10 boards, six assists and three 3-pointers in 37 minutes. It’s a miracle that he could play 82 games this season. Roto-drafters, congrats.

    Kevin Love was much more efficient than his last outing on Sunday, dropping 18 points, 15 boards, one assist, and four 3-pointers on 4-for-8 shooting from the field in 30 minutes. After being the butt of jokes before his injury, the Cavs sure do look a lot better with Love on the floor.

    The Raptors were a mess, especially Kyle Lowry. He finished 2-for-11 from the flook for five points, five boards, three assists, one steal and one 3-pointer. He can be very frustrating to own and will certainly finish outside of the top-35, even with all of the injuries this season.

    These teams could easily meet in a few months and Tuesday’s game will be left on both teams minds.


    Kevin Durant returned to OKC once again in a playoff-like atmosphere, even with nothing on the line. He had the last laugh in a 111-107 win over the Thunder.

    KD was bittersweet on Tuesday, shooting 9-for-25 from the field but a pristine 14-for-14 from the line. He finished with a 34-10-4-1-1 line with two 3-pointers, something owners will take all day. His usage skyrockets with Steph Curry out of the lineup. The race is on to see if he can join the team on time.

    Klay Thompson got in his groove for 20 points, four boards, three assists, three steals and two 3-pointers. He will need to shoulder the scoring load a bit more if the Warriors are without Steph.

    As for the Thunder, Westbrook did his best to show KD what he’s missing in OKC. He put up perhaps the monstrous line of the night, shooting 15-for-26 from the field and 11-for-12 from the line with 44 points, 16 rebounds, six assists two steals and three 3-pointers in 41 minutes. Where was this free throw shooting all season, Russ? Nevermind, I’m not complaining.

    After shooting 38.3% in March, Paul George was hoping the month changing to April would help him flip the script. That hasn’t been the case. He shot 5-for-19 from the field tonight, finishing with 20 points, eight boards, two assists and three 3-pointers. He needs that LA sunshine next season.


    The Denver Nuggets entered the night just one game out from the playoffs to the Pelicans, who were one of the few teams off on Tuesday. Nikola Jokic was well aware, as he erupted for a 30-6-7-4-1 line with four 3-pointers. It’s your move, AD.

    Will Barton got hot, shooting 10-for-18 from the field for 26 points with 10 rebounds, five assists, two steals and one 3-pointer in 37 minutes. Gary Harris (knee) should be back any day now, which should take away chunks of usage.

    On the Pacers side of the ball, Victor Oladipo continued his first-round status this season with a big 25-6-7-4-2 line with one 3-pointer. He has been a fantastic steal for fantasy owners this year. It’s good to see him finish strong.

    That will do it for Wednesday’s Daily Dish. Check me out on Fantasy NBA Tonight ($) where we talk fantasy in a live format where you, the readers and Hoop-Ballers, can ask me questions and we can converse back and forth. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter, I’m @RiazD. Don’t forget to follow all of our breaking news and rumors @HoopBallFantasy. Congrats again on an awesome season!!

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