• Welcome to the new-look NBA, the league that never sleeps. Seriously, it’s a new age and it seems as though no player is untouchable these days. The day began innocent as always, but the arms race continued as teams are trying to catch the Warriors. First, let’s start with two NBA trades that came out of thin air.

    Lakers Get: Brook Lopez and the No. 27 pick on Thursday

    Nets Get: D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov

    The first order of business for new Lakers’ GM Rob Pelinka to “Make the Lakers Great Again!” was to dump Timofey Mozgov‘s awful $54 million contract. The Nets obliged, as they were one of the few teams who could afford it. The Lakers were rewarded with 29 year-old Brook Lopez and some cap space, hoping to land another big fish. They now have the No. 2 pick, No. 27 and No. 28 picks in Thursday’s draft.

    Unless you have been living under a rock, you already know that the Lakers are head-over-heels for Paul George (the feeling is mutual). You can bet that Celtics legend Larry Bird isn’t going to let George go to his former rival so easy. The Lakers even spoke to the Kings about giving up their No. 2 pick in exchange for No. 5 and No. 10 in Thursday’s draft, just to have more assets to take a swing at the Pacers. The Kings thoughtfully declined.

    As for the lowly Nets, their current roster is as awful as it gets, but it’s not the worst time to rebuild. D’Angelo Russell is only 21 years-old and still has plenty of time to bloom. After all, it usually takes point guards a few years to come in to their own. A few more years of tanking and acquiring assets while LeBron James gets old/heads West isn’t the worst idea.

    What a day right? Then this happened.

    Hornets Get: Dwight Howard and the No. 31 pick on Thursday

    Hawks Get: Miles Plumlee, Marco Belinelli and the No. 41 pick on Thursday

    Dwight Howard gets shipped to his third team in three years (or his 5th team in seven years, depending on how you slice it) and his price keeps getting lower. We should have known that after all these years, Dwight and BroLo get traded on the same day after all! Howard has left a stink behind him as he has left each team over the years. This time, he actually had a decent season and yet the price was still that of a depreciating asset. Perhaps the Hawks took Howard’s joke of “I will shoot more threes this year” a little too seriously?

    The Hornets made an easy call on this one. Their borderline playoff roster can now afford to move Cody Zeller back to power forward, a position he plays very effective. Miles Plumlee still has $37.5 million left on his contract, showing just how bad the Hawks wanted to move Dwight.

    The Hawks are left with just $59.6 million in guaranteed salaries, but if they resign free agents Paul Millsap and Tim Hardaway Jr., then they will be maxed out. All eyes are on Millsap to see what direction this franchise is about to go.

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    After a crazy Tuesday stocked full of news, other headlines that would have been top stories were absolutely buried due to the volume of seismic NBA action. Here is a controlled list of the top storylines from Super Tuesday.

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