• The sun started hiding earlier and earlier as if scared of its own shadow. Along with it, the temperature steadily dropped while wind picked up a wistful briskness that he could vaguely remember; the kind of memory that tugs at your subconscious without ever entering your train of thought like a scent that preserves a moment in time in feelings not coherency.

    But no longer.

    He thought he knew what time of year it was. No, he was certain. He knew it was time for basketball.

    Okay, got my flowery introduction out of the way (and in Chicago this is how we know it’s time for basketball – I still get chills) so time to get to work.

    What work? No official games have been played yet.

    I know, but I need to get my mojo working- crack my knuckles- and to have an excuse to share some tunes. Summer is the time for cruising down Lake Shore with the windows down and the music up, and I always try to find something new, usually older music that predates me like 70s prog rock, soul and hip-hop samples.

    Even though no games have been played, it doesn’t mean you can’t tinker around with your roster. Maybe you have an IL stash like Porzingis or Boogie and you have an automatic open roster spot. Maybe you drafted Dejounte Murray. Maybe after reviewing your team you want to address roster construction or statistical needs. Maybe there are established guys you like (I’ve seen James Johnson, Lin and even Gallinari on the waivers in 12-teamers) or maybe there are young, high-upside guys (Mitchell Robinson, Willy Hernangomez, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander). Maybe you’re not liking a developing timeshare (Jordan Bell) and you want to trade him in for another guy with a shot at better production (Harry Giles).

    If so, now is the time to do it before you have the other managers scouring the wire after a good game. I think many young owners don’t even know about making adds preseason. I added Giles on one league at 2:00 AM Central on Tuesday and when I checked in Wednesday five other managers made adds. Haha. Ha.

    If you want to wait and see how your guys do, there’s no problem waiting to see if your hunch is going to pay off (don’t wait too long, and you shouldn’t be married to the last few roster spots anyway in H2H).

    There’s also a select few of y’all that are intransigent degenerates living the gambler’s life who have already been playing DFS in preseason (lol, smh) and are looking forward to this week’s regular season games. If that’s the case, read on.

    Week 26 Schedule

    All the other teams play 3 games.

    Monday has 0 games: Relax

    Tuesday has 2: Sixers at Celtics, Thunder at Warriors

    Wednesday has 11: Bucks at Hornets, Nets at Pistons, Grizzlies at Pacers, Heat at Magic, Hawks at Knicks, Cavs at Raps, Pelicans at Rockets, Wolves at Spurs, Jazz at Kings, Mavs at Suns and Nuggets at Clippers.

    Thursday has 3: Bulls at Sixers, Heat at Wizards and Lakers at Blazers.

    Friday has 9: Hornets at Magic, Knicks at Nets, Celtics at Raptors, Hawks at Grizzlies, Cavs at Wolves, Kings at Pels, Pacers at Bucks, Warriors at Jazz and Thunder at Clippers.

    Saturday has 10: Raptors at Wizards, Nets at Pacers, Celtics at Knicks, Magic at Sixers, Hornets at Heat, Pistons at Bulls, Wolves at Mavs, Suns at Nuggets, Spurs at Blazers and Rockets at Lakers.

    Sunday has 4: Hawks at Cavs, Kings at Thunder, Warriors at Nuggets and Rockets at Clippers.

    For My Streamers

    ATL: 3= W, F, Su
    BRK: 3= W, F, Sa
    BOS: 3= Tu, F, Sa
    CHA: 3= W, F, Sa
    CHI: 2= Th, Sa
    CLE: 3= W, F, Su
    DAL: 2= W, Sa
    DEN: 3= W, Sa, Su
    DET: 2= W, Sa
    GSW: 3= Tu, F, Su
    HOU: 3= W, Sa, Su
    IND: 3= W, F, Sa
    LAC: 3= W, F, Su
    LAL: 2= Th, Sa
    MEM: 2= W, F
    MIA: 3= W, Th, Sat
    MIL: 2= W, F
    MIN: 3= W, F, Sa
    NOR: 2= W, F
    NYK: 3= W, F, Sa
    OKC: 3= Tu, F, Su
    ORL: 3= W, F, Sa
    PHI: 3= Tu, Th, Sa
    PHO: 2= W, Sa
    POR: 2= Th, Sa
    SAC: 3= W, F, Su
    SAS: 2= W, Sa
    TOR: 3= W, F, Sa
    UTA: 2= W, F
    WAS: 2= Th, Sa


    Mon/Tues: none
    Tues/Weds: none
    Weds/Thurs: MIA
    Thurs/Fri: none
    Sat/Sun: DEN, HOU
    Sun/Mon(of Week 2): GSW

    Working The Wire

    Point Guards

    – Does Spencer Dinwiddie, George Hill, D.J. Augustin, Jeremy Lin, Scary Terry, Patty Mills/Derrick White or Trey Burke/Ntilikina float your boat? How about Monte Morris or Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (14+ teamers)?

    Shooting Guards

    -Not much but guys to stream for 3s- Ellington, Bullock, Belinelli, etc. Plus E’Twaun Moore and his uninspiring low-end value & Rodney Hood (if you like Rodney Hood).  What’s going to happen to Courtney Lee this season? I’ve even seen Mario Hezonja on one wire.

    Small Forwards

    -Jerami Grant, Aminu, Marvin Will, Carroll are out there in many leagues. Miles Bridges as a stash?

    Power Forwards

    – Who am I picking up? Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry. That’s Harry Giles, once, one of the best high school basketball prospects who was a one-and-doner at Duke and then sat out all last season.


    -You might have guys like Free Willy Hernangomez or Big Meech Mitchell Robinson available, or more likely old guys like Gasol and Gibson. Jakob Poeltl is being undrafted in more recent drafts after sucking this preseason – I have no idea how that’ll play out.

    Random Observations

    -Which 2 NBA players have given their daughters their own name? Think about it; the answer will be in next week’s WTW.

    -While Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis were doing yoga and getting cut this summer, Andre Drummond allegedly knocked up two Instagram models. If you don’t know what IG models are…

    -The great Dan Besbris put me on his show this past Wednesday marking my first time behind the mic since my MC days. I was a little Johnny Tightlips to start – I went with ‘Teacher Chef’ voice which is e-nun-ci-a-ted, loud and deliberate. With regular Chef voice, I talk too fast, with tons on slang, irreverent humor and I really let the expletives fly. I’ll try to hybridize them better (without the swearing).  I’m grateful Dan put me on, glad to get the practice and hope to hop on again- and that’s the double-truth, Ruth.

    -You guys have been bustin’ my hump on the forum. I’m beat.

    -After reviewing his team on the Hoop-Ball forums, this one dude on Twitter followed me 3 times in the span of a few days, which means he also unfollowed me twice in the same time-period. Haha. Guess he couldn’t decide if he liked my review or not.

    -I posted an article on Twitter explaining the Kings were most likely starting Bjelica, Frank Mason III would be starting instead of Hield and that Joerger was looking to keep a short rotation to start the season, meaning Harry Giles should be looking at a good 20-25 minutes a game.

    This Sac-Town fan hopped in there talking ‘bout how De’Aaron Fox (6’3’’ 175) can guard the 2 and that Mason’s “defense is amazing the boy had 6 steals [against Maccabi Haifa] last night and he guard full court. He almost like a mini pat bev.”

    Frank Mason is 5’10’’ at best and little guys just aren’t excellent defenders no matter the hustle – they just get overwhelmed by bigger guys. And I explained that Pat Bev’s Defensive Win Share in his last healthy season was 2.4 and Mason’s was 0.6. Not even close.

    He countered that I must have not watched the Kings this preseason. He countered my objective quantitative evidence with a subjective anecdote. Ha/sigh.

    It’s gonna be a long season on NBA Twitter.

    Taking it light so I don’t tear, sprain or fracture anything,

    Ask me anything here.

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