*Click here for ROS playoff schedules.

    Week 21 Schedule

    2 games: MIN
    All other teams play 3 games.

    For My Streamers

    Monday has 7 games: Pistons at Cavs, Bucks at Pacers, Suns at Heat, Celtics at Bulls, Grizzlies at Spurs, Magic at Jazz, and Blazers at Lakers.

    Tuesday has 8: Sixers at Hornets, Hawks at Raptors, Heat at Wizards, Rockets at Thunder, Nuggets at Mavs, Knicks at Blazers, Nets at Warriors, and Pelicans at Clippers.

    Wednesday has 7: Jazz at Pacers, Dinosaurs at Motors, Bears at Bulls, Rockets at Deer, Pels at Kings, Cavs at Nuggs, and Magic at Lakers.

    Thursday has 5: Nets at Hornets, Sixers at Heat, Leprechauns at Wolves, Suns at Thunder, and Spurs at Dubbs.

    Friday has 10: Bulls at Pistons, Hawks at Pacers, Rockets at Raptors, Jazz at Grizz, Knicks at Bucks, Wizards at Pels, Lakers at Nuggs, Dubbs at Blazers, Magic at Kings, and Cavs at Clips.

    Saturday has 5: Suns at Hornets, Wizards at Miami, Grizz at Mavs, Spurs at Thunder and Magic at Clippers.

    Sunday has 9: Raptors at Knicks, Bulls at Hawks, Warriors at Wolves, Jazz at Pels, Kings at Nuggs, Rockets at Mavs, Pacers at Celts, Sixers at Nets, and Cavs at Lakers.

    You might have benched players on Friday and/or Sunday, so the following teams play the Thursday/Saturday split: Charlotte, Miami, OKC, Phoenix, and San Antonio.

    If you ran out of adds this week, Denver, Golden State, Houston, New Orleans and Toronto all start their four game weeks on Tuesday, though again, you should check for overbooked days.

    Dan Besbris had an excellent podcast on streaming (it’s kind of surprising how much stuff I think is obvious that’s apparently not- I think I’ll write something up pre-draft for next season). His guideline: 1 streaming roster spot per 2 adds allowed. So that would be 2 streaming spots for a default 4 add limit. That’s more aggressive than I would figure from Bebris, but I wholeheartedly agree. I would add that the strategy is dependent on waiver depth, team build/fit, and roster strength; as far as I’m concerned, anyone ranked 90-95 or lower is streamable, unless you have an extenuating circumstance like team fit or awesome playoff schedule.


    Mon/Tues: MIA, POR
    Tues/Weds: DEN, HOU, TOR, NOR (all also play on Friday)
    Weds/Thurs: none
    Thurs/Fri: none
    Fri/Sat: LAC, MEM, ORL, WAS
    Sat/Sun: DAL
    Sun/Mon (of Week 22): HOU, SAC

    *The paucity of back-to-backs this week is something you should remember if you’re a day-to-day streamer.

    Working The Wire

    Point Guards

    -John Wall is at least 2-to-4 weeks away from returning which leaves Tomas Satoransky in play for standard H2H playoffs. Sato cooled off as expected but should still be owned if you need guard stats. The Wizards only have three games this week, followed by 3-3-4 to end the default H2H season.

    -D.J. Augustin’s been pretty good since ASB with 13.0 points, 2.7 threes and 5.8 assists, good for top-75 value. Orlando’s schedule however isn’t the best: 4-3-3-3.

    -Milos Teodosic got a little more usage with Gallinari (hand) out once again and put up 10.3 points, 2.3 threes, 4.7 assists and 1.3 steals last week. He’s an injury risk himself; the Clippers have three games this week but go 4-4-4 after that.

    -Trey Burke: What, you expected him to drop 26 every game? Burke’s minutes were down a bit as Jeff Hornacek played everybody and they mama, but he still managed top-130ish value with 15.0 points, 1.5 threes and 3.5 assists. The Knicks go 3-3-4-3 to finish the H2H season.

    -Fred VanVleet hasn’t been quite as good of late, but in his fashion, he gritted out top-150 value post-ASB with 9.5 points, 1.3 threes, 2.5 assists and 1.5 steals a game. If those numbers can help, the Raptors wrap it up with 4-4-4-2 games.

    Shooting Guards

    -To my surprise David Nwaba stayed hot, almost averaging a double-double post ASB from the  2 spot. He’s working with 12.4 points, 1.0 threes, 8.2 rebounds and 1.8 steals. That’s top-50 and pretty freakin’ fantastic. Chicago has a fine 4-3-4-4 set up.

    -If The Demolition Man is gone you can try teammate Denzel Valentine. He’ll get all the backup minutes with Justin Holiday inactive for the Bulls’ tank job, and after the ASB he’s been averaging 10.2 points, 1.8 threes, 5.4 boards, 3.3 assists and 0.8 steals. His value is weighted down by shaky shooting but he should probably be owned or streamed in most leagues.

    -Dwyane Wade: Shhhh.

    Small Forwards

    -The Croat who shall not be named’s game depreciated as expected with Aaron Gordon and Nik Vucevic back, but still got 10.3 points and 1.2 threes last week. More importantly, his defensive stats were still there with 1.5 steals and 0.8 blocks. As it stood, he put up standard league value and the Magic go four times this week, followed by a malodorous 3-3-3.

    -Lance Stephenson is getting inefficient minutes and threw up 13.3 points (0.8 threes) 5.5 boards, 4.3 dimes and 1.3 steals with 2.0 turnovers post ASB. He’s better for 8-cat and points leagues, but he’s an option for popcorn stats as Indiana plays four games this, then 3-4-3.

    -Reggie Bullock’s good shooting from a few months ago is a distant memory but he’s getting volume and 14.8 points and 2.2 threes since the ASB. He’s only shooting 38.6 percent, but he still helps with points and 3s in deeper leagues. The Pistons go three times and finish 3-4-4 with a bunch of off-peak games.

    Power Forwards

    -Dwight Powell’s 9-cat fell off because he couldn’t hit his free throws (46.2 percent after the break) but still had top-125 value last week averaging a double-double. Something to watch is Nerlens Noel (hotdog thumb), who finally returned to action, got 15.5 minutes in two games and stunk it up with 2.0 points and 4.5 boards on 28.6 percent from the field and missing all his free throws. This aside, he still got 1.5 steals and 1.5 blocks which is why he can be a per-minute beast if his conditioning, attitude and coach Jim Carrey cooperate. Dallas climaxes with an uninspiring 3-3-3-4.

    -The Cavs are back to playing poorly, but Larry Nance is starting to put it together in Cleveland. In six games post-break he averaged 10.3 points and 6.7 rebounds with 1.3 steals and 1.3 blocks. Add 65.8 percent from the field and he’s at a very plump top-50 value over that span. The Cavs’ fantasy season culminates with a 4-3-4-4 run.

    -JaMychal Green missed a game to illness but sustained value post ASB, getting 13.6 points, 11.4 rebounds and 1.0 blocks, good for top-90 value. Memphis goes 4-3-4-4 to finish.

    -JaMychal probably has a higher floor than Jarell Martin, but Martin might have the higher upside. Since the break he posted 12.2 points, 1.2 threes, 5.7 boards, 2.7 assists and over a stock in 31.6 minutes per contest. He shot less than 70 percent from the line so his overall 9-cat value was only top-150ish but Green is still an injury risk, Marc Gasol’s sitting one every back-to-back set and Deyonta Davis is out for now.

    -Jae Crowder has played eight games in a Utah uniform (including the fire City jerseys) and has scored double figures in all of them. He’s bricking his free throws for some reason but is scoring 12.6 points with 1.8 threes for the desperate. Utah wraps up playing 4-3-4-3.

    -Nemanja Bjelica’s been an efficient top-80 guy in 9-cat without Jimmy Butler. Unfortunately, the Wolves have one of the worst schedules over the next month, going 2-3-3-4 to close it out.

    -Jedi knight Ogugua Anunoby is out with a sprained ankle which won’t hurt Pascal Siakam. Including Friday’s five-point dud, Siakam’s been pulling in top-70 value post ASB with 11.8 points (zero threes), 5.3 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 1.0 steals and 0.8 blocks in about 24 minutes a game. He’ll probably cool off at some point (if he hasn’t already) but Toronto’s 4-4-4-2 schedule looks tasty for deep-leaguers in H2H.

    -Weekly Marquese Chriss Watch: He’s actually losing minutes and unironically putting up (relatively) better value: top-220 last week in 14.1 minutes per game vs. top-330 over the last two months in 19.8 minutes per game. Bleh.


    -From three weeks ago: Montrezl Harrell continues to kiss standard-league value and is a player you can use for a low-end boost in field goal percentage, points and blocks…” Triple Ditto and he’s been a top-75 guy post ASB; the Clips go three times this week and fo-fo-fo for the default H2H playoffs.

    -Alex Len got you 6.3 points, 8.5 boards and 2.0 blocks last week, good enough for top-120 value in 9-cat. His free throw shooting (50 percent) remains an issue but he’s the starting center. Phoenix goes three times this week, then 3-3-4.

    -In four games (so far) this week Skal Labissiere  put up top-100 value with 12.3 points, 0.5 threes, 5.8 boards, 0.8 steals and 1.3 blocks. That sum is helped by the 12 & 12 with three blocks he got on Saturday without Willie Cauley-Stein (day-to-day with a lower back strain). The Kings go 3-4-3-4.

    -Last season, I thought Jakob Poeltl was one name because I always heard it said together: “Jakapertle checks into the game. Jakapertle picks up the foul. Jakapertle heads to the bench.” I assumed it was some scrub’s last name, and his full name was something like Dirk Jakapertle. LOL, silly me.

    Anyway, Poeltl came out the break like a bat out of hell with top-50 value, largely based on blocks (2.5) and field goal shooting (71.4 percent). He doesn’t hurt your free throws or get many turnovers, so he’s ideal for 9-cat or as a rich-man’s blocks specialist. Since the break, he’s ranked at No. 2 for highest weighted blocks value, behind The Brow and tied with Rudy Gobert, just ahead of Steven Adams, Brandon Ingram, Jarrett Allen, The Greek, Bro-Lo and Len, with Hassan Whiteside capping off the top-10.

    How? Easy, he’s playing more minutes per game (23.1) than starter Jonas Valanciunas (22.8) which must have Jonas, his beard, his agent and Lithuanian hoops fans pretty pissed- Lithuania is one of the few countries (with Estonia and the Phillipines) where basketball is the most popular sport. Que sera; Dwane Casey’s happy. The Raptors go 4-4-4-2 to conclude the season.

    -Frank Kaminsky managed to get top-100 value post ASB, efficiently scoring 14.3 points with 2.5 threes and 4.5 boards. His highest valued cat is still 0.5 turnovers, so he’s only a look as a stream or for 9-caters in deeper leagues. Charlotte plays three times this period and finishes 3-4-4.

    Random Observations

    -I’m a lil salty I couldn’t pull off any trades over these last few weeks, but shout out to that one owner that kept sending crazy trades starting 59 minutes until the March 1 deadline. #SlimPickins

    -_- @ the $600,000 fine Adam Silver assigned to Mavs owner Mark Cuban. So many teams openly tank by siting vets and starting lineups that would have Daryl Morey on suicide watch. As I’ve heard it explained he was fined for not having ‘plausible deniability.’ Again, -_-, what plausible deniability does Fred Hoiberg have barfing out a startling lineup of non-shooters Kris Dunn, David Nwaba and Cristiano Felicio, leaving Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen to chuck at will. There’s no question mark because it’s rhetorical. Shame on you, NBA, for keeping up appearances.

    -LOL @ the season long trend of basketball Twitter roasting former NBA player announcers for their erroneous and uninformed statements (*cough* Reggie, C-Webb).

    -LOL @ formerly Lil Bow Wow, now just Bow Wow, beating Lonzo Ball in a shooting contest and tweeting it out. If he can, I wonder how much Magic wants to jettison all things Ball and get his chance at the king. Speaking of…

    -The three billboards thrown up in Cleveland trying to woo LeBron to Philly makes for great theater, though Bron shrugged such ideas aside and the Lakers still seem to be the frontrunners to sign him. Personally, I like Bron on the Sixers and though hitching his aging star to Joel Embiid’s long term health is an admitted risk, it’s a much easier path to getting to multiple finals than going up against the Dubs and Rockets (and Spurs, Thunder, Wolves, etc.) every year.

    -Much props to the Grizzlies’ low-key 13 game losing streak. Memphis now sits at the very bottom of the league, with no fanfare or fines; to the other teams: you don’t know (how to) tank.

    Or, as my smaller-headed doppelganger says, they don’t know.

    Put ’em both together and you get stronger everyday.

    Apparently gettin’ my subconscious cake on,


    Holla at me for basketball stuff or for Jon B impersonator job offers.

    Follow @Hoop-Ball Fantasy for up-to-the-minute fantasy updates.

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