• Rookie ranks for dynasty can be a bit misleading, as your team construction and timeline may heavily influence which players have the highest value. With that disclaimer put out, these ranks are put together with a bird’s-eye view of overall fantasy production grouped in tiers.

    Within each tier, there are players that are “safer” bets that fit more of the higher floor/lower ceiling model, and there are players equally valued within the tier that have a much more uncertain outcome, but could have a significantly higher ceiling. My personal preference is generally to over-rate the sure thing type of guys, and under-rate the boom/bust type guys. Where those distinctions exist within a tier, I try to call that out in the comments so that you can adjust your evaluation of those players to suit your needs/preference as well.

    Beyond the ranks below, I’m going to keep a running list of guys I’m particularly high on relative to their draft position, and jot a few notes down on what I see throughout Summer League.

    That List:

    Brandon Clarke, Grizzlies (Pick 21)

    Bruno Fernando, Hawks (Pick 34)

    Grant Williams, Celtics (Pick 22)

    Nicolas Claxton, Nets (Pick 31)

    Shamorie Ponds, Rockets (Undrafted)

    John Konchar, Grizzlies (Undrafted)

    These ranks will be adjusted again following Summer League.

    Last Updated: July 3, 2019


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