• Greetings to Hoop Ballers from all around the world and welcome back to our monthly Premium International Dynasty feature. With the fantasy season officially in the books it’s that time of the year when we take a look at the big picture and identify who were the international guys that rose to the occasion or disappointed with their performance.

    Most dynasty formats are H2H leagues where managers compete for the trophy each year but I can also understand that there are squads out there with a long-term plan where these awards don’t necessarily apply. You can always check our universal premium membership dynasty rankings here with an emphasis either on competing or rebuilding.

    Also, there is really no point in talking about the big dogs like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embiid or Nikola Jokic. If you own them in a dynasty league you are most likely in a very good spot and you will be competing for more many years to come since each is entering their prime and has proven to be dominant when healthy.

    ADP Jumpers

    Nikola Vucevic, C, 29 years old

    Yahoo ADP: 56 | Per-Game Value: 11 | Games Played: 80

    2018-19 averages: 80 G | 31.4 MP | 20.8 PTS | 1.1 3PM | 12.0 REB | 3.8 AST | 1.0 STL | 1.1 BLK | 2.0 TOV | .518 FG% | .789 FT%

    Nikola and the Magic were probably one of the most pleasant surprises of the NBA this year, with the center from Montenegro becoming an All-Star for the first time in his career while leading his team to the playoffs after seven years. Vucevic was drafted in the top-50 range but he exceeded all expectations and produced a tremendous statistical year with contributions across the board, even on the defensive side of the ball where he has been known to be a liability for most of his career. He is a free agent this summer and his play during the playoffs proved his limitations when teams focus on him so I would think this is a great sell-high opportunity for owners in dynasty formats.

    Danilo Gallinari, F, 31 years old

    Yahoo ADP: 130 | Per-Game Value: 28 | Games Played: 68

    2018-19 averages: 68 G | 30.3 MP | 19.8 PTS | 2.4 3PM | 6.1 REB | 2.6 AST | 0.7 STL | 0.3 BLK | 1.4 TOV | .463 FG% | .904 FT%

    Coming into the season, his ADP around the top-125 was leaving some optimism for a profit margin but who would think that Gallo would be able to play in 68 games after missing a combined 214 games since 2013? The Rooster was able to avoid major injuries and enjoyed a great season in Los Angeles but his future looks uncertain with the Clippers targeting major free agents this summer. Gallinari really didn’t change any of his work ethic habits or his diet and he is already 31 years old so I don’t think there is optimism about continuing to play at a high level in the next few years until he enters a maintenance program like the one the Raptors manufactured for Kawhi Leonard.

    Pascal Siakam, F/C, 25 years old

    Yahoo ADP: 141 | Per-Game Value: 42 | Games Played: 80

    2018-19 averages: 80 G | 32.0 MP | 16.9 PTS | 1.0 3PM | 6.9 REB | 3.1 AST | 0.9 STL | 0.6 BLK | 1.9 TOV | .549 FG% | .78.5 FT%

    Coming into the season with a rookie head coach and Kawhi Leonard in town we knew little about how the regime change was going to affect the fantasy game of many Raptors. Nick Nurse immediately implemented a faster and more agile offense, inserting Siakam in the starting lineup after experimenting with multiple schemes in the preseason while claiming he was keeping all his options open. No one really saw the jump that Siakam took and many managers thought it was just a fluke in the first couple months of the season but the Cameroonian forward proved to be the real sleeper of the year. If you were around I really hope you bought plenty of stock after we highlighted his potential at Hoop Ball last year.

    Fantasy Disappointments

    Ricky Rubio, G, 29 years old

    Yahoo ADP: 59 | Per-Game Value: 127 | Games Played: 68

    2018-19 averages: 27.9 MP | 12.7 PTS | 1.2 3PM | 3.6 REB | 6.1 AST | 1.3 STL | 0.1 BLK | 2.6 TOV | .404 FG% | .855 FT%

    I was high on Rubio after he connected with coach Quin Snyder last year and seemed to be in the best shape of his career coming into the season but his statistical deficiencies once again deeply affected his fantasy value. He averaged a career-low 1.3 steals per game while he still made just 1.2 triples after launching a career-high 3.7 behind the arc and the Jazz will have to really think about how much money they want to commit to a starting point guard that has proven to be a liability.

    Dario Saric, F, 25 years old

    Yahoo ADP: 87 | Per-Game Value: 175 | Games Played: 81

    2018-19 averages: 25.0 MP | 10.6 PTS | 1.5 3PM | 5.6 REB | 1.6 AST | 0.6 STL | 0.1 BLK | 1.2 TOV | .437 FG% | .880 FT%

    Saric started once again the year slow but what really dropped his value was the midseason trade to the Wolves where had to earn his minutes playing for Thibs behind veteran Taj Gibson. Interim coach Ryan Saunders did a better job distributing the minutes across his roster but Saric struggled playing off the bench and took a step back with career-lows in points, rebounds and assists. The good news is that the Wolves made a smart basketball decision by hiring Gersson Rosas as their Vice President of Basketball Operations.  He is coming from the Rockets and the analytics tree of Daryl Morey and he already spoke about Minnesota playing a more modern and efficient type of basketball next year so I would feel really good about Dario becoming an integral part of the young nucleus moving forward.

    Nicolas Batum, G/F, 30 years old

    Yahoo ADP: 78 | Per-Game Value: 125 | Games Played: 75

    2018-19 averages: 31.4 MP | 9.3 PTS | 1.5 3PM | 5.2 REB | 3.3 AST | 0.9 STL | 0.6 BLK | 1.6 TOV | .449 FG% | .865 FT%

    The Hornets decided to take the ball away from Batum this year and he often found himself standing at the corner apart of the offense run by Kemba Walker. He had a better second half of the season but his numbers suffered across the board and the Hornets will likely be looking to move him this summer. Batum is still just 30 years and he could find himself in a better basketball situation next season so he is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

    Ersan Ilyasova, F/C, 32 years old

    Yahoo ADP: 139 | Per-Game Value: 254 | Games Played: 67

    2018-19 averages: 18.4 MP | 6.8 PTS | 0.9 3PM | 4.5 REB | 0.8 AST | 0.5 STL | 0.3 BLK | 0.7 TOV | .438 FG% | .823 FT%

    I have to own my mistakes and I’ll be the first one to admit that I was high on Ersan this year mainly due to coach Bud deciding to build a team with shooters around Giannis. The emergence of Brook Lopez as a 3-point threat, the trade for Nikola Mirotic and the need for a defensive presence in the middle forced Ilyasova to take a step back even though his contribution to the team was essential. He led the league in charges drawn at 0.75 per game and simply proved to be a better basketball contributor rather than a fantasy asset.

    Frank Ntilikina, G, 21 years old

    Yahoo ADP: 142 | Per-Game Value: 369 | Games Played: 43

    2018-19 averages: 21.0 MP | 5.7 PTS | 0.8 3PM | 2.0 REB | 2.8 AST | 0.7 STL | 0.3 BLK | 1.3 TOV | .337 FG% | .767 FT%

    Expectations were high for the French native, who seemed to click with Dave Fizdale during the summer, but reality proved to be completely different. Nagging injuries and an exceptional tank job by the Knicks pushed Ntilikina at the very end of the bench where he struggled to play significant minutes, lost the starting job to Emmanuel Mudiay and shot an abysmal 34 percent from the field. The Knicks will likely be moving away from him in the immediate future and it’s certain than another team will give him a fresh start just like the Magic did with Markelle Fultz. Ntilikina is still raw and has solid defensive potential so I would absolutely hold for now.

    Cristiano Felicio, C, 27 years old

    Yahoo ADP: – | Per-Game Value: 425 | Games Played: 60

    2018-19 averages: | 12.4 MP | 4.0 PTS | 0.0 3PM | 3.7 REB | 0.6 AST | 0.2 STL | 0.1 BLK | 0.6 TOV | .531 FG% | .685 FT%

    Felicio might as well be the worst contract in the NBA right now based on the lack of production and the failure to take the next step in his game. He didn’t see the court at the beginning of the year but missed on a great opportunity to capitalize on more playing time after Wendell Carter went down with a thumb surgery.

    Honorable Mention:

    Joe Ingles, F, 32 years old, Yahoo ADP: 59 | Per-Game Value: 97 |

    Struggled with a tough family situation but finished the season strong.

    Evan Fournier, F, 27 years old, Yahoo ADP: 87 | Per-Game Value: 146 |

    Had some trouble shooting the ball consistently and averaged a career high 2.8 turnovers per game.

    Dennis Schroder, G, 26 years old, Yahoo ADP: 128 | Per-Game Value: 182 |

    His numbers, as expected, took a hit coming off the bench and at this point it’s tough to see him become a reliable fantasy option unless he gets moved by the Thunder.

    All-Injury Team

    The NBA eclipsed the 5,000 mark for total games lost to injury or illness this season as a revamped schedule and more “rest days” proved to change nothing regarding the number of games missed by NBA players. Here are some of the major international casualties:

    Goran Dragic, G, 33 years old

    Yahoo ADP: 64 | Per-Game Value: 184 | Games Played: 36

    2018-19 averages: | 27.5 MP | 13.7 PTS | 1.6 3PM | 3.1 REB | 4.8 AST | 0.8 STL | 0.1 BLK | 2.0 TOV | .414 FG% | .782 FT%

    The concerns were there for the aging Dragic who played only 36 games after having knee surgery in the middle of the season. The Heat experimented with him coming off the bench and he had a nice stretch toward the end of the season but he shot just 41 percent the from the field, the worst since his rookie year, and it’s clear that he is entering the wrong side of thirties.

    Kristaps Porzingis, F/C, 23 years old

    Yahoo ADP: 122 | Per-Game Value: -| Games Played: –

    The Knicks were never inclined to play Kristaps this year and the deadline trade proved that there was more bad blood between the two parties. Thankfully, Porzingis finds himself in an ideal situation in Dallas with rookie phenomenon Luka Doncic, but he will have to prove that he is able to overcome major injury concerns that have forced him to miss 142 games already in his short NBA career.

    Dante Exum, G, 24 years old

    Yahoo ADP: – | Per-Game Value: 406 | Games Played: 42

    2018-19 averages: | 15.8 MP | 6.9 PTS | 0.4 3PM | 1.6 REB | 2.6 AST | 0.3 STL | 0.1 BLK | 1.2 TOV | .423 FG% | .791 FT%

    The Jazz showed how much they believed in Exum by awarding him with a lucrative 3-year contract this past summer and many believed that he was finally going to push Ricky Rubio for the starting job. Unfortunately, the Australian native showed must rust at the beginning of the year and he wasn’t able to earn Quin Snyder’s trust before going down once again with a partially torn patellar tendon that sidelined him for the end of the year and the playoffs. Utah is going to have to make some tough decisions after back-to-back playoff exits to the Rockets and Exum’s career looks to be in jeopardy.

    OG Anunoby, F, 22 years old

    Yahoo ADP: 136 | Per-Game Value: 287 | Games Played: 67

    2018-19 averages: | 20.2 MP | 7.0 PTS | 1.0 3PM | 2.9 REB | 0.7 AST | 0.7 STL | 0.3 BLK | 0.8 TOV | .453 FG% | .581 FT%

    The British forward came into his sophomore season with high hopes but a tough personal situation (his dad passed away) made it hard for him to focus on basketball. Anunoby showed that he can be a prototypical 3-and-D forward in the NBA and the Raptors are still high on him. He is someone that I’m trying to buy low in dynasty formats as a potential Kawhi departure from the Raptors could push him into the starting lineup by next year.

    Dzanan Musa, G, 20 years old

    Yahoo ADP: – | Per-Game Value: 505 | Games Played: 9

    2018-19 averages: | 4.4 MP | 2.1 PTS | 0.1 3PM | 0.6 REB | 0.2 AST | 0.2 STL | 0.0 BLK | 0.4 TOV | .409 FG% | .000 FT%

    Musa was slowed down by a shoulder injury he sustained playing in the G-league and the Nets didn’t really rush him to action due to a loaded rotation led by Joe Harris, D’Angelo Russell, Spencer Dinwiddie and Allen Crabbe. He showed positive signs playing with the Long Island Nets as he averaged 19.5 points, 6.4 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 2.3 triples, 0.9 steals and 0.3 blocks in 31.6 minutes per game. Musa projects to be a high-volume shooting guard and while he is still 1-2 years away from becoming a regular contributor, he deserves the stash.

    The All-Upside Team

    Tomas Satoransky, G, 28 years old

    Yahoo ADP: – | Per-Game Value: 138 | Games Played: 80

    2018-19 averages: | 27.0 MP | 8.9 PTS | 0.8 3PM | 3.5 REB | 5.0 AST | 1.0 STL | 0.2 BLK | 1.5 TOV | .484 FG% | .819 FT%

    Sato proved that last year was not a fluke. He made marginal improvements as a shooter and impressed as a starter after John Wall went down with a heel injury. With the news about Wall then rupturing his Achilles, Satoransky seems to be the only viable option for the Wizards at point guard next year even though he is a restricted free agent. The Czech guard developed solid chemistry with Bradley Beal and his play was one of the few positive signs in a horrible season for the Wizards.

    Jakob Poeltl, C, 24 years old

    Yahoo ADP: 132 | Per-Game Value: 212 | Games Played: 77

    2018-19 averages: 16.5 MP | 5.5 PTS | 0.0 3PM | 5.3 REB | 1.2 AST | 0.4 STL | 0.9 BLK | 0.6 TOV | .647 FG% | .533 FT%

    Poeltl finally took the step forward that the entire fantasy community was waiting for in the late part of the season after the Spurs released Pau Gasol. Early in the season, Gregg Popovich was quoted saying that the young center’s problems were mostly in his head, as the mental aspect of the game was preventing him from showcasing some of his athletic gifts. The Austrian big proved to be the defensive presence that the Spurs were looking for when they traded for him during the summer and he looks locked and loaded to continue being the starter in San Antonio for many years to come as his game perfectly fits the “Spurs way.” Free throw shooting and below average blocking numbers for his size still limit his fantasy value but another year under Gregg Popovich and his staff should help him improve even more.

    Cheick Diallo, F/C, 23 years old

    Yahoo ADP: – | Per-Game Value: 228 | Games Played: 64

    2018-19 averages: 14.0 MP | 6.0 PTS | 0.0 3PM | 5.2 REB | 0.5 AST | 0.5 STL | 0.5 BLK | 0.8 TOV | .620 FG% | .746 FT%

    Diallo surely doesn’t line up as the modern type of the stretch forward that all teams are looking for these days and it’s unclear what his role can be since he is not a dominant big man that can operate as the rim protector. The Pelicans were smart to give him plenty of minutes in a season that was lost after the AD fiasco and the franchise will have to make some crucial decisions in the summer about their direction moving forward. Cheick has tremendous work ethic and if he’s able to develop some range he could very well be a fantasy revelation in the upcoming years.

    Ivica Zubac, C, 22 years old

    Yahoo ADP: – | Per-Game Value: 187 | Games Played: 59

    2018-19 averages: 17.6 MP | 8.9 PTS | 0.0 3PM | 6.2 REB | 1.1 AST | 0.3 STL | 0.9 BLK | 1.2 TOV | .559 FG% | .802 FT%

    While everyone credits the Lakers for drafting successfully at the end of the first round the last few years, their decision to reportedly call the Clippers and offer Zubac for Mike Muscala might come to haunt them in the near future. The Croatian big was inserted into the starting lineup and had multiple double-doubles while developing under the guidance of Doc Rivers and veterans like Lou Williams. He is a restricted free agent this summer and he is likely to attract heavy interest from teams looking for help in the middle so next year could really be a big one for him.

    Deep League Prospects

    Tyler Dorsey, G, 23 years old

    Yahoo ADP: – | Per-Game Value: 187 | In 21 Games with the Grizzlies

    2018-19 averages: 21.3 MP | 9.8 PTS | 1.6 3PM | 3.3 REB | 1.9 AST | 0.3 STL | 0.0 BLK | 0.8 TOV | .429 FG% | .629 FT%

    Dorsey quickly fell out of favor in Atlanta at the beginning of the year but the trade to Memphis rejuvenated his season and he showed great promise in 11 starts with the Grizzlies. This was a small sample but the Grizzlies were actually trying to win in order to surrender their first-round pick to Boston this year so his numbers were not a fluke. His percentages can be brutal and he is not a true point guard but he is someone that I will be monitoring since Memphis might be tanking for good next year.

    Bruno Caboclo, F, 24 years old

    Yahoo ADP: – | Per-Game Value: 167 | Games Played: 34

    2018-19 averages: 23.5 MP | 8.3 PTS | 1.4 3PM | 4.6 REB | 1.5 AST | 0.4 STL | 1.0 BLK | 1.1 TOV | .427 FG% | .840 FT%

    Caboclo was signed to a couple of 10-day contracts before securing a long-term deal with the Grizzlies after proving to finally be the prospect that Masai Ujiri envisioned when he drafted him in 2014. The Brazilian forward is someone who can deliver the much-needed money counting stats and he should have a role for a young rebuilding team in Memphis next year.

    Moe Wagner, F/C, 22 years old

    Yahoo ADP: – | Per-Game Value: 431 | Games Played: 43

    2018-19 averages: 10.4 MP | 4.8 PTS | 0.5 3PM | 2.0 REB | 0.6 AST | 0.2 STL | 0.3 BLK | 0.9 TOV | .415 FG% | .811 FT%

    The Lakers opted to surround LeBron James with veterans like Rajon Rondo, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and JaVale McGee instead of adding capable shooters next to him. Wagner wasn’t a fit for that scheme and only saw playing time in the second half of the year when Los Angeles finally started to spread the floor. The modern NBA is trending towards a five-out formation, where all five players on the court are capable of stretching the floor with deep shooting. Wagner fits that mold but he needs to put the work on the defensive side of the ball, where he was exposed many times this year. His offensive versatility translates very well in the NBA based on the sample size so far and he should flourish whether with the Lakers or another franchise.

    Thank you for reading this month’s article as I really believe this year has taught us some valuable fantasy lessons. Feel to reach out to me on Twitter @philysstar for any fantasy or dynasty trade talk and stay up to date on all the breaking news and rumors posted on our website and on our Twitter account @HoopBallFantasy.

    Stats are courtesy of NBA.com and Basketball-Reference.com and are accurate as of May 10th.

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