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    Point Guard

    Emmanuel Mudiay ($7,300 FD, $6,400 DK) – After struggling his first few years, Mudiay is starting to show some of that promise that made him a lottery pick. He has strung together a few good games and gets the 76ers tonight.

    Derrick Rose ($6,200 FD, $6,700 DK) – Jeff Teague has been ruled out for tonight’s matchup and Rose has excelled with Teague out of the lineup. Teague was out last game and Rose was on his way to a monster night before the game quickly turned into a blowout. Hopefully, the Pistons can keep the game close tonight.

    Other good buys: Russell Westbrook ($11,400 FD, $11,000 DK), Kyrie Irving ($9,000 FD, $9,100 DK).

    Shooting Guard

    James Harden ($11,600 FD, $11,400 DK) – Harden has been red hot over his last few games and shows no signs of slowing down as he tries to pull the Rockets out of the early hole they dug themselves in. He gets the Wizards tonight in a soft matchup.

    Devin Booker ($8,600 FD, $8,700 DK) – Booker has come back strong from his injury. He’s dropped 28 and 38 in two games back as he continues to show off his all-around offensive game. Booker has a tough matchup against the Celtics but he’s put on a show in Boston before.

    Other good buys: Jeremy Lamb ($6,400 FD, $5,800 DK), Justin Holiday ($5,400 FD, $5,600 DK),  

    Small Forward

    Kawhi Leonard ($9,700 FD, $9,200 DK) – Leonard has been consistent as they come through the first part of the year and is firmly in the MVP discussion. Tonight he faces the Pacers, who have played great defense all year, but Leonard has shown he is matchup proof.

    Joe Harris ($5,000 FD, $5,100 DK) – Harris has stepped up nicely with Allen Crabbe going down. If Crabbe is out again for tonight’s game against the Bulls look for Harris to have another good game.

    Other good buys: Paul George ($9,400 FD, $8,900 DK), T.J. Warren ($7,100 FD, $6,800 DK).

    Power Forward

    Lauri Markkanen ($7,400 FD, DK) – Markkanen’s strong rookie campaign has carried over into his sophomore year as he’s played well since he’s come back from injury. The Nets have struggled against big men so look for another solid game from Markkanen.

    Kevin Knox ($6,400 FD, $5,900 DK) – Knox was placed in the starting lineup a week ago and seems like he will stay there for a while. Knox has played well despite two down games in his last two outings. He should bounce back against the 76ers tonight.

    Other good buys: Anthony Davis ($12,700 FD, $11,600 DK), Larry Nance ($7,000 FD, $6,300 DK).


    Joel Embiid ($10,700 FD, $10,200 DK) – Embiid has been dominant this year and has put up some monster stat lines. Tonight he gets the Knicks and Enes Kanter, who has struggled on defense his whole career.

    Myles Turner ($7,100 FD, $6,600 DK) – Turner is enjoying one of, if not the best, stretches of his young career. If his minutes stay consistent like they have been over the past couple of weeks he has the ability to put up some big numbers. Tonight he gets the Raptors, who have given up some big rebounding games to centers this year.

    Other good buys: Karl Anthony-Towns ($9,900 FD, $9,700 DK), Marc Gasol ($8,300 FD, $7,500 DK).

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