• Point Guards

    Lonzo Ball ($6,700 FD, $6,800 DK)- While Ball hasn’t played up to expectations through the first 20 games in real life, he’s been pretty solid for DFS purposes. Ball gets a matchup with the Warriors tonight in the late game, an up-tempo game which will help his stats.

    T.J. McConnell ($6,200 FD, $4,600 DK)- With so many injuries to starting point guards on today’s slate a lot of cheaper options at the position become intriguing options. That is why I recommend spending down at point guard and spending your money elsewhere. If Ben Simmons sits tonight, McConnell immediately becomes one of my favorite plays and a great value at his mid-level price point.

    Michael Carter-Williams ($5,200 FD, $4,200 DK)-  There are a number of options that can become available later on during the day due to injuries, like Tyus Jones, so keep an eye out for any news but the one we know for certain right now is MCW. Kemba Walker has already been ruled out which makes MCW a great option because of his potential for big minutes, all around game and price-point.

    Other good buys: Russell Westbrook ($11,000 FD, $11,200 DK), Chris Paul ($8,700 DK, $8,100), Spencer Dinwiddie ($7,600 FD, $6,300 DK).

    Shooting Guards

    Bradley Beal ($8,300 FD, $8,100 DK)- Beal put up a mediocre performance last against the Wolves but is in a better spot tonight against the Sixers, and with the Wizards being without John Wall for the time being Beal is the primary play maker. He typically has a huge usage whenever Wall sits.

    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope ($6,200 FD, $5,800 DK)- KCP is probably the safest option at the shooting guard position when you consider his price-point and the consistency of his minutes. He also gets a matchup with the up-tempo Warriors which helps increase the potential of a big game from him.

    Nicolas Batum ($5,800 FD/DK)-  Batum has been playing subpar basketball over the past couple of games which should drive his ownership down but with Walker out tonight Batum can become the primary ball handler and help himself get back on track.

    Other good plays: James Harden ($12,200 FD, $11,600 DK),  Jimmy Butler ($7,400 DK), Avery Bradley ($5,300 FD, $6,100 DK).

    Small Forwards

    Paul George ($8,600 FD/DK)- George has been as consistent as you can be through the first couple of months of the season and tonight against Orlando he should be able to provide his usual stats with the potential for a lot more.

    Harrison Barnes ($6,500 FD/$6,100)- Barnes has been as consistent as George but is priced a lot lower because of his lower ceiling. That being said, Barnes get the Nets tonight which should give a big boost to his ceiling, making Barnes one of my favorite plays tonight.

    Lance Stephenson ($5,200 FD, $4,300 DK)- Stephenson has really come on over the past few games and looks like the Lance of old. If Victor Oladipo sits tonight Stephenson becomes an even better option than he already is.

    Other good buys: Jimmy Butler ($8,600 FD), Otto Porter ($7,300 FD, $6,700), Bojan Bogdanovic ($4,500 FD, $4,700 DK).

    Power Forwards

    Anthony Davis ($10,800 FD/DK)- For Davis, this is a slight bargain considering he is usually above $11,000 and tonight he gets the Wolves, a team he had 24,10 and 6 against last time he played them.

    Kristaps Porzingis ($8,900 FD, $8,200 DK)- The Heat were destroyed last night by Kevin Love, a big man who can shoot 3’s, and tonight they get Porzingis. Porzingis hasn’t been going nuts every night like he was at the beginning of the year but could put up a similar performance tonight.

    Tobias Harris ($6,700 FD, $6,500 DK)- Harris was able to dominate his last game out against the Celtics and help lead the Pistons to an upset victory. Tonight he gets a much easier matchup against the Suns and should be able to hit value pretty easily.

    Other good plays: Ben Simmons ($10,100 FD), Dirk Nowitzki ($5,300 FD, $4,800 DK), Taj Gibson ($5,100 FD, $5,900 DK).


    Joel Embiid ($9,900 FD, $9,800 DK)- If Simmons sits tonight Embiid is in an excellent position tonight. Against the Wizards, Embiid will get as many touches as he can handle with the focus directly on him.

    Andre Drummond ($9,400 FD, $9,200 DK)- Drummond has been amazing this year and is a huge reason why the Pistons have been so successful so far. Drummond gets the Suns tonight in a cake match-up tonight so look for him to dominate again.

    Marcin Gortat ($4,900 FD, $5,200 DK)- Gortat’s minutes can be very up and down but tonight against the Sixers and Embiid, I think he should get a full allotment of minutes. Gortat typically plays heavy minutes against traditional centers. At his price point, Gortat can free up some salary while also providing good value.

    Other good buys: DeMarcus Cousins ($10,900 FD, $11,000 DK), Dwight Howard ($7,200 FD, $7,100 DK), Enes Kanter ($6,200 FD, $5,800 DK).

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