• It is Friday, June 8 and this could be the final slate for DFS we have to play on the season. It is Game 4 and the Cavs have one more shot to pull out a win on their home court and stay in this series. Throughout the series we have seen LeBron James pull off some spectacular performances and do his best to will the Cavs to wins, but Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant seem to be taking turns pounding the hope out of Cleveland. Nonetheless, The King has been in this situation before and I shouldn’t have to tell you how explosive he is during elimination games; let alone the Finals. Whether he is your captain or not, he should be in your lineup.

    On the other side of the ball we have to attempt to decipher which All-Star will have the big game. It’s really a toss up. DraftKings priced them within arms’ reach and an argument could be made for either. These are the obvious situations on what could be our last night to play, and I will personally be leaning towards Durant because of how contestant he has been. Now I am going take a minute to break down some of the less obvious plays that could grant some salary relief to fit the studs.


    Kevin Love $12,600- Love has been just as consistent throughout the entire NBA Finals. His price is right were it should be, but for a $4,000 discount compared to the Warriors’ scorers he provides a floor of only 10 DK points less than Durant’s. Love has posted a double-double in the three previous three games and we have to imagine that if this game stays close the Cavs starters will go full bore. Not to mention that $4,000 will come in handy when fitting in the other expensive options.

    Draymond Green $12,300– Green has disappointed us the past two games, but the assists have been there and we could throw out Game 3 where he only had two rebounds. I stated before that I only play tournaments during this time of the year and Green remains one of the best GPP options given his price and potential upside. He could easily outscore Curry and Durant.


    Andre Iguodala $4,200- Iggy logged 21 minutes in he first game back after missing six games with knee soreness. He said he is feeling pain-free and despite the questionable tag is a lock to play. In the past Iguodala has been a primary defender on LeBron James and it seems more than likely that Warriors head coach Steve Kerr would ramp his minutes up if given the chance to close out this series.

    J.R. Smith $3,600- Despite possibly completely altering this entire series with one bonehead move, Smith has been profitable for DFS players during the Finals. He is locked into 30-plus minutes and some ownership may drift towards Rodney Hood following his 26.5 DK performance. Now, I do still think Hood is in play. He may be the only option under $2,500 with a 25 DK point ceiling. Personally, I don’t like betting on two ceiling-type performances in a row from bench players.

    If you have any questions or comments you can always find me on Twitter @MikeApotria. For the sake of more basketball, let’s hope the Cavs can muscle one out.

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