• Game 1. First round. Playoff time, baby! And with the start of the playoffs comes the start of playoff DFS basketball which is a whole different animal. That being said, let’s jump into my thoughts for a possible tournament lineup at FanDuel prices.

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    Point Guard

    Malcolm Brogdon: $5,600

    Brogden’s price is a tad high, but given the right amount of minutes he’ll be able to hit value relatively easy. He’s been seeing consistent minutes in the mid 20s and if he can stay there we will likely get all we need out of the prized rookie.

    Tony Parker: $4100

    Unlike Brogdon, Parker has had plenty of experience in the postseason. He is going to be a leader out there and will do all he can to help secure a win against a tough Grizzlies squad. He should be pretty overlooked and is sitting at just the right price for a sneaky value play tonight. Consider a more expensive guy for cash lineups.

    Shooting Guard

    J.J. Redick: $4,400

    Sticking with the theme of low-priced starting players, Redick falls into place quite nicely. Considering the great interior defense of the Jazz and the attention that Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan draw down low, I think we could see quite a few kickouts go Redick’s way. He could put up close to 30 FDP in this one but he makes for a risky play since Jamal Crawford could get hot at any point during the game and limit his time.

    J.R. Smith: $3,700

    Another low-priced starting guy who is going to let us spend up at both forward spots, Smith could have a big impact in this one. Smith is no stranger to heating up and in this game against the Pacers who lack any shutdown two-guards, he could certainly get going. If he sees 30+ minutes he should have no issue hitting value. Consider Lance Stephenson if you think Born Ready wins this matchup.

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    Small Forward

    LeBron James: 11,000

    Here’s why we were saving at both guard spots. James is one of the most prolific postseason player in NBA history and will look to carry his team to their third consecutive finals appearance. He fully understand the responsibility he has to be the leader and do whatever it takes to secure a win at home. That being said, there is no one safer on the slate than LeBron since his floor is so high and the playoffs elevates his ceiling even higher.

    Paul George: $10,000

    We saw what George and James did the last time they met, as it was a battle the entire game trading buckets back and forth. I expect nothing to change in this one, as George understands that they need to steal a game in Cleveland if they hope to advance so why not take Game 1.

    Power Forward

    Kevin Love: $8,300

    Love has started to come back alive since returning from injury, putting up consistent double-doubles and hitting the boards hard. He doesn’t do much past rebound and score, but if he does it well enough he hits value each time. Expect postseason Love to be even more proficient in his role for Game 1 today.

    Blake Griffin: $8,200

    Believe it or not, Griffin — who has a much more versatile skill-set– is actually cheaper than Love. While he does have the intimidating Jazz frontcourt to deal with, he and the rest of the Clippers are determined to make it out of the West for once and Griffin will need to be on top of his game to ensure that happens. Consider LaMarcus Aldridge for a little more leverage at other positions.


    Tristan Thompson: $4,700 

    Another guy who will likely go overlooked tonight. Center is usually my favorite position but none of the match-ups seem right upside-wise so I’m sticking with a safe player in Thompson. We’ve seen Thompson turn into an absolute beast in the playoffs and the Cavs will need that type of energy out of the big man if they hope to replicate last year’s championship run.

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