• The decision makers over at the NBA have put us fantasy basketball types in a bit of a squeeze. The early schedule means you’ll need to hit the books earlier as the season will really creep up on the unprepared.

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    While fantasy season will pick up in earnest as the calendar turns to October, that will leave just two precious weeks to learn as much as you can. Avid players might start their prep in the late stages of September, as reminder emails pour into inboxes across the world.

    The five-letters-or-less sites will crank out their rankings and roundtables before making a smattering of adjustments to their projections as the season draws closer. All of your friends will hang right around the pre-ranks when your draft goes down; a tremendous show of faith in the industry giants whose fantasy arms are more ad revenue than labor of love.

    Most fantasy owners will traipse down that path. But not you, because, well, you’re here. You’re here right now.

    If you’re reading this shortly after it was written, welcome to your eight weeks of fantasy prep. This is winning time — when early work can give you a huge edge over the leaguemates who trust that the default rankings are ‘close enough.’

    If you’re reading this in October, that’s fine too — our Draft Guide is going to give you the leg up on those who rely on the usual outlets.

    Welcome to the 2017-18 Hoop Ball Draft Guide.

    The Guide will be your one stop shop for all kinds of fantasy goodness leading up to opening night. Pretty much anything you want will be in there and if you’ve got something specific in mind hit us up in the comments or on Twitter. We do actually read all of your comments and pride ourselves on giving you the most interactive, customized fantasy basketball experience around.

    The Rankings

    The biggest part of any fantasy endeavor will obviously be your rankings. The Bruski 150 continually outperforms the competition and gives owners an undeniable edge in their quest for fantasy glory.

    Team Previews & Player Profiles

    We’ve got write ups on every team so you can get a quick read on the lay of the land before you take the plunge on any draft pick. Our previews give a quick overview of last season and a recap of the team’s offseason before jumping into rotation and minutes per game projections for the entire roster. We run down any potential position battles and take our best shot at predicting the upcoming year.

    The player profiles will give you all the fantasy-relevant bits you want to know for just about every player in The Association. In fact, we’re willing to wager that we’ve gone deeper than anyone else out there, with well over 375 players covered. You’ll find a player’s fantasy value from last season as well a multi-year injury report to let you know if there’s any red flags. You’ll also find a quick year in review as well as a roundup of what’s changed headed into this year before we dish out the fantasy outlook. Everything you need to know about a player will be found in this one spot.

    Meat and Potatoes

    It’s not the sexiest part of fantasy prep, but our guide has the best tools to give you a high-level view of the league.

    Our depth charts will go beyond the competition’s and show not only nominal roles but actual playing time for every player in the league. See who’s been trending up and down after each night of action wraps up. Updated regularly, they’ll be your go-to spot if you’re looking for the next waiver wire darling in waiting.

    Our schedule grid will be the perfect map as you navigate the season; helping you plan waiver claims and pinpoint players in trades by maximizing games played. While other sites will only give you one week in advance, we’ve put the entire season at your fingertips.

    We’ve also got a Schedule Analysis piece that serves as a quick and dirty on which teams you can target early and late as well as which teams are saddled with good and bad weeks. With the new elongated schedule, some careful planning can go a long way.


    In addition to all that, we’ve got articles from the entire Hoop Ball team to help you separate the wheat from the chaff headed into draft season.

    Anything from Sleepers and Busts to Second Half Studs, Contract Year Players and some of the offseason’s winners and losers. We also examine the NBA’s notorious percentage killers and take a look at some of our favorite hypothetical questions with a Will They or Won’t They bend.

    As for the young guns, we’ve assembled a Rookie Report and call out our favorite second and third year guys who are poised to take the next step. And that’s just scratching the surface — more and more articles will be released as we approach the peak of draft season.

    This will all be capped off by our Staff Report; each member of the team will give their top sleepers and busts as well as some bold predictions for the upcoming year.


    Fantasy basketball is a social activity, and the draft guide is no different. You’ll have access to live chats, expert drafts and mock drafts with members of the HB crew. You’ll be able to pick the best brains in fantasy basketball to help you rock the competition.

    Better yet, we’ll be continuing to add to this thing as we go. When it comes to fantasy basketball, the more knowledge the better. Check back frequently for updates on new additions to the Guide.

    So that’s the Hoop Ball Draft Guide. We’ve done our best to give you a comprehensive guide that covers everything that a fantasy owner would, should or could care about. There’s a lot to digest, of course, but the fantasy basketball world is now your oyster. Go forth and conquer.

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