• During this 2016-17 NBA season, the basketball gods have blessed us with historical production, from both individuals and entire rosters. Team by team, this series brings you the amazing, embarrassing and obscure stats that aren’t mentioned anywhere else. Now on “NBA Regular Season Record Chasing,” March Madness legend Kemba Walker and the rest of the Charlotte Hornets.

    As well as any team in the league, the Hornets understand the slim margin between winning and losing. Nobody has suffered more in close games, despite another year of strong production from Cody Zeller and Walker, plus new contracts for the key cogs of their 2015-16 playoff team (Nicolas Batum, Marvin Williams, etc.).

    In case you missed the previous episode, we explained how DeMarcus Cousins compares favorably to Tyreke Evans, why the Kings’ defensive approach is, uh, unique, and what injured vets like Rudy Gay and Omri Casspi did to help the squad set a (positive!) franchise record.

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