• The Philadelphia 76ers became the first team to sell an ad on jersey this morning, announcing that Stubhub will have its logo on their jerseys for three years starting in 2017-18.

    ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports the deal is worth $5 million per year with the option to extend the contract in the future.

    The money-making move is sure to anger purists, but in all honesty the sample shots with the Stubhub patch are hardly offensive. Though the league is embarking on a three year ‘pilot program,’ expect jersey ads to be the way of the world going forward. It would be shocking if the NBA community rejected another source of revenue, as it puts more money in the owners’ pockets and will contribute to a rising salary cap.

    Teams will keep 25% of the money earned on these deals with 25% going into a revenue-sharing pool and the other 50% going to the players.

    In an interesting note, jerseys that retail nationally will not have the Stubhub patch while items at the team store will, providing an torturous paradox for authenticity sticklers.

    The deal also makes Stubhub the team’s official resale partner, which is odd considering the NBA already has a partnership with Ticketmaster. The deal undercuts NBA Tickets dot com in Philadelphia, though it will likely ensure the Andersons get tickets to the game by offering another official resale outlet.

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