• Carmelo Anthony is looking forward to Jeff Hornacek’s tenure with the Knicks, according to ESPN’s Ian Begley.

    When asked about his new coach, Carmelo said, “Everybody knows he likes to play an up-tempo pace of game, likes to get out in transition, likes to speed the game up a lot. So from that standpoint, I’ll definitely be looking forward to that.”

    Hornacek represents a big upgrade over incumbent Kurt Rambis, as the Knicks will surely open up the offense a little more. The team will be upping their pace and will be somewhat freed from the shackles of the Phil Jackson’s triangle offense. Aside from Carmelo, The up-tempo environment could be a boon to younger players like Kristaps Porzingis, Langston Galloway and Jerian Grant.

    The fact that Jackson was willing to give Hornacek some freedom in regards to tweaking the triangle is surprising, since that was one of the Zen Master’s major criteria when the coaching search began. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Knicks improve steadily under a coach who can run what he’s comfortable with rather than bending to fit his boss’s vision.

    Equally surprising is the fact that Jackson and company didn’t consult Anthony when they decided that Hornacek was their guy.

    “Whatever Phil did, he did on his own,” said New York’s superstar.

    It’s pretty rare that a star player isn’t involved in the team’s long term planning these days, but perhaps the Knicks felt they needed to move quickly to nab Hornacek before another team showed interest.

    At the end of the day, Melo seems to be on the same page as the organization and is ready to rock with a new head coach.

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