• The Atlanta Hawks’ preseason game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on October 10th will be their first ever Unity Game and feature celebrations of diversity and multicultural groups. KL Chouinard has the full details.

    Leading up to the game, the Hawks will send representatives to the Atlanta Pride Festival as well as take part in an all-staff service day with six different community service projects around Atlanta.

    As for the game itself, the team plans to honor and showcase diverse multicultural groups and individuals who are committed to improving relations between different groups.

    The event was created in response to some of the issues that have plagued the country recently and it’s great to see that the Hawks are being proactive about sending positive messages out there through the game of basketball.

    The NBA as a whole deserves praise for both responding to social injustices and allowing their players to speak freely on these issues. We’ve seen other leagues where acts of protest or candid behavior get punished one way or another. It’s important for the league to establish inclusivity and tolerance as core values. Moving the All Star game to New Orleans as a response to North Carolina’s ridiculous HB2 bill was a strong first step and hopefully events like the Unity Game become more commonplace in time.

    In an internal forum that led to the creation of the Unity Game, staff settled on the “consistent themes of community service, inclusion and using basketball as a change agent/unifier.” Can’t say it better than that. Good work by the Hawks.

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