• The Boston Celtics are pulling out all the stops to attract Kevin Durant. After involving Tom Brady in their recruiting pitch, the team made some calls to Durant’s camp last night in “an effort to make a strong final impression,” per Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders.

    The wording of that report is interesting in that it doesn’t necessarily mean Durant’s associates picked up the phone. He’s always promised the Thunder that they would get the first and last word throughout this saga and any late night overtures out of Boston would probably give Danny Ainge the final say. While things change and it’s hard to turn down a recruiting call, Durant has always been a straight shooter.

    It’s hard to blame the Celtics for trying, as their multi-sport recruitment has been intense from the start. Perhaps it was Rob Gronkowski or Patrice Bergeron on the other end of the line if Durant indeed took the call.

    While KD’s fit with the Celtics would be tremendously intriguing, it’s hard to imagine him playing on parquet floor for 41 games. The major contenders are still OKC and Golden State, with Boston and Miami lagging behind but not out of contention, depending on who you trust.

    Durant’s (in)decision has the entire league in a holding pattern, with the action sure to kick back up after he figures it all out later on today.

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