• The Boston Celtics are in a good spot. They’ve assembled a strong team under coach Brad Stevens though they lack the top-end talent of the league’s elite teams. Beyond that the Celtics are armed with eight picks in the upcoming draft, including the third overall selection thanks to their robbery of the shortsighted Nets. With that many picks, it’s almost a guarantee that the Celtics make some kind of move that sends picks out the door to upgrade their roster and get the game-changer they covet.

    While it has long been thought that the Celtics would hold onto the third pick and take a high-end prospect, A. Sharrod Blakely of CSNNE is reporting that the team is aggressively shopping the pick.

    The Celtics are completely in the driver’s seat when it comes to this pick. They have a very nice foundation of Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder with players like Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk and Marcus Smart providing nice complementary play. Adding a top ranked player like Dragan Bender or Jaylen Brown wouldn’t really alter Boston’s timeline to compete, while trading the pick could help net them an impact player immediately.

    Although it’s unlikely the pick will be moved, it’s another sign that the Celtics are pressing hard to acquire a superstar caliber player.

    Blakely is reporting that they’ll be looking to net a big name, specifically naming Kevin Durant and Jimmy Butler. Boston has also been connected to Kevin Love in the past, so Danny Ainge and company will likely be looking to make a splash to join Cleveland, Toronto and Miami at the Eastern Conference’s big kids table.

    After years of shrewd asset management, Boston is poised to cash in in a big way. Whether that means holding on to their top pick or trading it in for immediate help remains to be seen, but the Celtics and their fans should be excited about the team’s future.

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