• While most fans of basketball aren’t giving the Kings much credit, TNT analyst — and NBA Hall of Famer — Charles Barkley went about as far from the crowd as he could go as he proclaimed Sacramento would make the playoffs.

    With stacked teams such as the Warriors, Spurs, Rockets, Thunder and even the Timberwolves expected to lead the way in the West, is there actually a chance the Kings can make the playoffs?

    Prior to his first season with the Kings last season, Coach Dave Joerger had reached the playoffs in all three of his seasons as the Grizzlies head coach, so, it’s not a foreign idea to him. With the additions of Vince Carter, Zach Randolph and George Hill, players who all have extensive playoff experience, it’s clear to see the Kings have made it a priority to add players and staff that come from a winning background.

    But, do the Kings have enough experience to actually be in the mix? Aside from the five teams mentioned above are teams like the Clippers, Jazz and aforementioned Grizzlies who all lost key pieces in the off-season.

    Then, there are the teams like the Pelicans, Blazers and Mavericks. The latter two each have seen the playoffs in recent years, but haven’t made much noise and have had early exits for the most part.

    In addition to that tier, there are those like the Nuggets, Lakers and Suns who are stacked with young talent, but haven’t made the strides necessary to reach the postseason in the last few seasons. The Nuggets, however, were almost there last season before a Russell Westbrook dagger ended their year.

    The principle belief when it comes to the Kings is that they’re too young to really have a playoff-caliber lineup. They have a completely uplifted roster this season compared to last and haven’t spent much time playing with each other. The Kings could very well be the worst team in the Western Conference at the end of this year, but if there ever was a dark horse, the Kings may fit that exact title.

    No one really knows what to expect from Sacramento, perhaps themselves included, and that might make them one of the most dangerous teams in the West.

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