• Chris Bosh and the Heat might be at odds over how they collectively choose to handle his blood clot situation, as described by Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

    If you’re in the business or simply trying to understand what’s going on then you’ll definitely want to click the article and read.  What I’m taking out of this is that a) there’s quite a bit of time for this to play out and b) Bosh has a few ways this can spin south in terms of getting back on the floor.

    If he takes the blood thinners it sounds like, according to the article, he would need to be on newer medications that are out of his system within 8-12 hours.  It doesn’t sound like there’s tremendous agreement within the medical community that even this solution would make sense, but Bosh and his people believe that he should be playing and Jackson writes “it wouldn’t be surprising if Bosh takes this issue to the players union, unless he relents as he did during last year’s playoffs.”

    This is a caveat-laden situation that heads down the path to salary cap relief for the Heat, something that a Heat source told Jackson wasn’t their motive. He could come off their books if he doesn’t play a single game next year.

    “Miami wants him to play if doctors are comfortable with it,” wrote Jackson.  But some in the Bosh camp “remain angry and suspicious of the Heat’s intentions,” and this isn’t the first whiff of this situation as similar contentiousness was evident in the run up to the playoffs.

    Between the Dwyane Wade situation and this situation, it sure does appear as if the Heat have been knocked off their axis this summer.  Maybe they don’t think Bosh can play and they feel it is time to get younger and turn the page, or maybe the Bosh camp simply wants something they realistically can’t have in the form of a return and they’re looking for scapegoats.

    Either way, this situation is slow-rumbling up to a boil and given the size of his contract and stature as a player, the East gets more (or less) interesting depending on how it all shakes out.

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