• Stephen Curry

    According to Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group, Stephen Curry will skip the 2016 Rio Olympics to rest his right knee.

    Curry sprained his knee this postseason, missing four games on Golden State’s run at a second consecutive championship. It’s probably a wise choice, as Curry stands to gain little from participating and risking re-injury. He’s already one of the game’s two most recognizable stars around the world, and his absence won’t hurt Team USA’s chances of winning gold too much.

    Beyond that, Curry is set to hit free agency after next season. While an injury not prevent any team from offering Curry the max when the time comes, one can never be too careful. Barring something completely unforeseen, Curry will be a key member of the 2020 squad, so he isn’t passing up his only chance to represent his country. Rest and relaxation will be well-deserved for the MVP, who looks on the precipice of becoming a two-time NBA Champion despite a lackluster Finals so far.

    Thompson also reports that fellow Warrior Andre Iguodala may skip the Olympics over concerns about Zika virus. Spain’s Pau Gasol shared his thoughts on the matter last week, and it seems like the health issues crowding the Games could persuade some athletes to pass on Rio. As the Olympics draw closer, expect more players to announce that they’ll be taking the summer off.

    One Warrior who won’t be dissuaded is Draymond Green. Green is reportedly ready to compete if he’s named to the team. It will be interesting to see whether Draymond has mastered trash talking in other languages. In either case, the Olympics will represent a great opportunity for the NBA’s premier big man.

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