• Seth Curry had a good game on Friday.  So did Willie Cauley-Stein.  George Karl basically poo-pooed their big night. Here are some of the comments he had to say about Curry’s game.

    Kings players have been getting blown up in the media by Karl all season and sources close to the team have been clear that they’re tired of getting blamed.  The fact that Karl hasn’t made any adjustments this season or taken any responsibility for what has been a laundry list of mistakes only makes things worse.  Regardless, when your young players have good nights it’s not a good look for Karl to be pleading his case as to why these guys haven’t been playing all season.

    It caused Curry to tweet out:

    And now DeMarcus Cousins has weighed in after Curry got the walk-off interview following their win over the Mavs on Sunday:

    This is what happens when you don’t reel your coach in after 10 games when it’s clear his offensive and defensive systems, rotations and overall game strategy are terrible.  And if you weren’t going to do it after 10 games, then you would probably do it after 30 games or most certainly at the All Star break.

    But the Kings’ minority owners were concerned about their image if they let go of another coach, and they did not want to pony up money to get rid of Karl.  They also wanted to send a message to majority owner Vivek Ranadive that he cannot change coaches on a whim.  So they put their foot in the sand and convinced him to change course when the firing of Karl was imminent.

    Unfortunately they over-corrected and have made the wrong call, hurting their franchise in the process.  Karl has continued to leak narratives slamming the players to an unsavory segment of the local press, and he continues to hinder the development of the young players and the franchise as a whole.

    The mess is needlessly setting the Kings on a backward path.  They’ll have a small window to get things turned around with DeMarcus Cousins next season before the boo birds come out and pressure will build to either see things work or make a trade.  They could have used these final 10 games to get the stink out of the building and celebrate the closing of their historic arena — while celebrating a future devoid of remnants from the Pete D’Alessandro debacle.

    Instead they balked and the Benny Hill music continues.

    UPDATE: The league’s most marketable player has weighed in

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