• Denver radio host Sandy Clough of 104.3 The Fan joined the Colorado Sports Guys Podcast and said that when George Karl and the Kings were in town to play the Nuggets, they discussed Karl’s relationship with the Kings’ front office.

    Clough was asked if he was hosting a radio show in Sacramento how often he would have Karl on the show to get the down low on DeMarcus Cousins (35:00 for Cousins talk, 39:00 for quote):

    “Once this year here in Denver when they were in town a few weeks ago was enough, although (the conversation) didn’t center on Boogie Cousins, it centered on Sacramento’s obvious attempt – attempts, plural — to get George to resign so they don’t have to pay him the $10 million they owe him on the remainder of his contract … which everybody knows including George, more than anybody else, that’s exactly what’s going on.  And actually his relationship with Cousins, at least at that point, was probably better than his relationship with any other element or person within the organization.”


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