• Last year, Derrick Rose was named in a civil suit which claimed that he and two friends drugged and gang raped a woman. The original civil suit sought to compensate the alleged victim but an LAPD detective has confirmed that there is an active criminal investigation against Rose. That’s most certainly not a good sign.

    ThinkProgress has the story with a letter from the detective requesting the victim’s identity remain anonymous. When the judge presiding over the case ruled that the victim could not remain anonymous, her name started appearing on social media. The letter sent by the LAPD hopes to right that wrong and allow the victim to proceed through the legal process without threat of additional harassment.

    Before this news broke, Rose and his legal team were free to paint the victim as a money chaser. After all, if Rose had really done something wrong then where were the criminal charges? That’s obviously oversimplified, but the court of public opinion seemed to ignore the Rose allegations for a long period of time.

    ThinkProgress also had some early details of the case, including some troubling comments from Rose himself. Some of his statements are tone-deaf at best and truly despicable at worst, so Rose could be headed for some serious trouble. While he’s somehow avoided intense media scrutiny to this point, that will probably change in a hurry.

    Phil Jackson was recently reported as saying the Knicks are not concerned with the allegations against their new point guard. We’ll find out later today if that tune has changed in light of the criminal investigation.

    There’s still a ways to go before a possible conviction, but things are looking increasingly troublesome for Rose.

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