• Good morning fellow fathers, future fathers, and to those who wish to someday be a father to your own little minion! Writing this should be just as easy as playing DFS and being a dad at the same time, which is to say that writing this will be the hardest thing I have ever done – albeit the most gratifying. Finding the balance in time and effort to blog, play DFS, and be a dad has been incredibly challenging and rewarding. It’s a juggling act, and I hope that I can help you realize what you are getting yourself into or what you may already be enduring, because it’s all worth it in the end.

    Balance and moderation are absolutely necessary in order to be a successful DFS player and dad. When you find out how to have that perfect BM (no, not bowel movement) please let me know and tell me how to obtain it. If you find the perfect balance for the bowel movement, please let me know the stance you took, squat, sit, stand, hover, handstand, or some secret move you created.

    In all honesty, it is very difficult to find balance and moderation in anything, especially DFS. Depending on your situation in life, the phrase, “successful DFS player and dad” can mean a lot of different things. As for myself, I have a toddler and I spend a lot of my free time feeling like I’m chasing Steph Curry around on high screen after high screen.

    I don’t have time to keep up with news or do as much research as I would like anymore. The second that I would actually look to see who’s in or out is the second my daughter would find out how to scale the baby gate, traverse the dining room, and manage her own Great Escape out the back door and into the woods. It takes balance and moderation just to handle my daughter while I am on dad duty.

    And dads, are we ever off?

    That being said, I still feel successful as a dad and as a DFS player. I haven’t necessary found a perfect level of “BM,” but I have learned to adjust.

    I’ve had to lower my volume as a player, invest less of my bankroll nightly, and realign my goals. More importantly, I’ve had to reset my expectations. I used to be a full-time GPP player with a focus on all of the minis posted daily. I used to enter every single one of the $1-5 minis for NBA/NFL for most of the slates.

    These days I usually only do the main slate. I also switched to doing one cash lineup and one GPP lineup and adhere to stricter bankroll management.

    I switched to one of each because I found it much easier to react to updates right before lock. Simplifying my approach made it easier to set and chase goals for each lineup, rather than scrambling to fix handfuls of rosters.

    If you find that you keep losing and are unable to keep up with research or news, I would suggest modifying your approach. After all, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a new result is the definition of insanity. Mixing fatherhood and a feeding a healthy DFS habit is already insane enough.

    My daughter has her bedtime routine from 6:30-7:00 PM, literally the most important time of the day for DFS players. One of the most important parts of having a successful DFS night is being available to adjust to injury reports and last second lineup changes. So much success can be traced to rolling with the punches and adjusting your lineups when need be. A lot of the time I read as much news as I can at 6:55 and tinker if need be for those hurried five minutes – dads don’t often get the luxury of ample free time.

    And that’s perfectly fine, since being a good father and showing my daughter how much I love her is way more important than crushing the main slate. Showing her how a good man will care for her is worth sitting out those other DFS contests each night. Someday she will look for a man to marry and I want that guy to be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to earning her affection.

    If she spent her most impressionable years on the same priority level as the DFS lock time, what kind of standards would that guy have to achieve? I want to set the bar so high that this future punk will have to be prince charming and show her the kind of respect that you’d expect from a Samurai Warrior. That’s the standard I want to set for the man to whom she decides to give her heart.

    You’re thinking, “c’mon man, I came here for DFS stop getting so deep!” I know I know, but balance and moderation, right? I implore, no – I challenge all of you fathers and fathers-to-be to find what your BM looks like. It will take some trial and error, but nothing is more important. Enjoy your DFS and make some money while you do so. Enjoy your kids and love and support them the way a father should. Be present. It might not be easy, but it’s possible to accomplish both. Even after all that effort it still yields the greatest ROI you can imagine.

    Come back next week for more thoughts of mine. I hope you didn’t mind a different take on DFS today. Enjoy your difficult and rewarding days ahead, fathers!


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