• Florida gets more beachfront property in the form of Waiters Island.

    The Heat and Dion Waiters have agreed to a one year deal for the $2.9 million exception. Jon Krawczynski from the AP had it first.

    That’s a shockingly low number for anyone to come away with in this cap environment, let alone a probable contributor like Waiters. The Syracuse product had a nice postseason run with Oklahoma City and was thought by many to be after a larger deal. His loss is Miami’s gain, as the Heat come away with tremendous value here.

    He’ll provide some scoring for the new look Heat who will be without Dwyane Wade for the first time in forever. He’ll assume the Gerald Green role, albeit as a far more useful and productive player than Green was in South Beach. It’s a good fit, as Miami needs someone who can act as an occasional gunner while Waiters is free from Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. Playing without perimeter teammates that need high volume shots could really open things up for him.

    For all the rumors of Waiters drawing interest from multiple teams, it sure seems like there wasn’t much out there for him. He can feed us the line about playing for a winner but this probably isn’t great for the ego. If nothing else, he should have a fine year and hit the market again next summer with a dream in his head and a song in his heart as the cap continues to rise.

    The real question is whether Dion will wear #3 this season.

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