• Dwyane Wade has multiple free agent meetings set for Wednesday, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical.

    While the entire affair continues to feel more like Wade’s attempt to leverage other team’s interest into a better offer from Miami, it does sound as if there is some real frustration on his part.  Marc Stein describes Wade’s torn allegiance as “dismay [that] is undeniably deep.”

    Denver is reportedly ready to offer a two-year deal worth upwards of $52 million in an effort to snatch Wade away from the Heat.  On the surface, this is an odd move for the Nuggets, as they already boast a promising young backcourt trio in Emmanuel Mudiay, Gary Harris and Jamal Murray.  That said, simply getting a meeting with a star (even one well in decline) is already a positive development for a franchise that has struggled to gain the attention of players or fans since Carmelo Anthony’s departure in 2011.  If the Nuggets could somehow lure Wade to the Mile High City they can again sell both name recognition and playoff aspiration to their fans, and Marc Stein reports that it might not be a pipe dream after all.

    Wojnarowski also reports that, “the possibility of a guaranteed third-year on [Wade’s] contract has emerged as a priority,” and that the “closest” Wade has to a three-year deal is Chicago’s offer of a partial guarantee in Year 3.  The Bulls continue to flip flop between their desire to win now and build a sustainable core for the future (see Rondo, Rajon), but could sway Wade’s decision by offering a longer deal and selling him on the prospect of playing next to Jimmy Butler.

    While Miami has not yet secured a meeting for today, it seems like a lock that Wade will give them a chance to meet him halfway.  Last offseason it took a one-on-one meeting with ownership to convince Wade to remain in South Beach, and we might be headed for a similar situation today.

    Wade’s decision could come as early as tonight. Hold on tight, folks.

    Update #1: The Bulls have canceled their meeting with Wade, claiming that they will meet with him Thursday if the shooting guard is still interested.

    The Bulls were the only team rumored to give Wade even a partially guaranteed third-year on his next contract.  If the Bulls are content to wait on the sidelines Wade might have to settle for a two-year offer.  The Nuggets have reportedly offered $52 million over that time frame, while Miami initially lowballed Wade with a $40 million deal.

    Update #2:  Woj reports that Chicago is still involved in the Wade sweepstakes, and that the lack of meeting today won’t hamper their position.  If the Bulls can’t meet with Wade until tomorrow it looks like we’ll be waiting a little longer to hear his decision.

    Update #3:  According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Bucks salary situation is going to make it difficult for the team to sign Wade.

    Update #4: According to Heat beat writer Ira Winderman, the Heat may not be able to move Josh McRoberts to clear enough space to sign Wade unless a pick or an enticing peace such as Justice Winslow or Josh Richardson is involved to sweeten the deal. It sounds like the Heat are reneging on their original low-ball offer.

    Update #5: According to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical, the Bulls have been calling teams to unload contracts, trying to create space to sign Dwyane Wade and that Wade is serious about signing with his hometown team. With the Bulls and Heat unloading space for Wade it doesn’t seem like the Nuggets aren’t as strong of a candidate as they were just a few short hours ago. Woj adds that the players that the Bulls are heavily shopping are Jose Calderon and Mike Dunleavy. We personally think they’ll be hard pressed to find any impulse buyers.

    Update #5: According to Woj, Wade is pushing for a resolution tonight. It looks like hometown discounts are obsolete in the NBA. It looks like a race to the finish between Miami, Chicago and Denver. It’s interesting to note that the Bulls and Wade still haven’t had their face-to-face meeting. Pat Riley is also reportedly growing impatient and is pushing for a decision sooner than later. 

    Update #6: According to Woj again, the Bulls are expected to sign Dwyane Wade if they can clear up enough cap spaces to make the move happen. Wow. It looks like Wade is leaning towards playing for his home team. Stay tuned for an official word. 

    Update #7: According to Woj, the Bulls are clearing up cap space by trading Jose Calderon and Mike Dunleavy to sign Dwyane Wade who has reportedly informed the Bulls of his decision to sign with them.


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