• Enes Kanter has never been one to keep his feelings to himself. He’s outspoken and opinionated and although it’s refreshing to see from a major athlete, his political leanings have gotten him in hot water before. He was kept off of Turkey’s national team in a decision that the program described as “not political.”

    They also have a bridge to sell you and would like to know if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and hate your job, because you can be your own boss and make thousands in a few short weeks. But I digress…

    Kanter had previously received death threats for supporting the Gülen Movement as opposed to the incumbent Erdogan regime. In case you somehow missed it, Turkey recently underwent a coup attempt and the Erdogan government has since been jailing those who disapprove of his leadership; including but not limited to judges, journalists and rival politicians.

    Kanter’s own family has claimed to disown the Thunder forward, decrying his “behavior and insulting tweets” towards the President.

    Those are some harsh statements, but it’s fair to wonder if his family is trying to cover their own behinds to avoid government scrutiny. It’s easy for Kanter to fire off tweets from the United States but the ramifications could be severe for his family back in Turkey.

    Whatever the case, it’s a compelling story whose reach extends far beyond basketball.

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