• ESPN’s Kevin Pelton released his annual NBA record projections on Thursday and the Kings unsurprisingly sit near the bottom; second to last in the entire league to be exact.

    The projections peg the Kings at just 27.4 wins next season, which would place them 15th in the Western Conference. The Phoenix Suns sit above them in 14th with 30.3 projected wins.

    The Atlanta Hawks are the lone team that sit below Sacramento but only by a very slim margin. The Hawks coming in at 27.0 wins next season.

    The projected win total for the Kings seems fair considering they have eight players on rookie scale contracts and an additional rookie in Bogdan Bogdanovic (three-years, $27 million). Here’s Pelton’s reasoning behind why Sacramento sits so low:

    “Despite adding veterans Vince CarterGeorge Hill and Zach Randolph as free agents, the Kings are projected as the league’s second-worst offensive attack by RPM. Although this isn’t part of the projection, few teams will have more incentive to improve their draft pick, as Sacramento won’t have its first-rounder in 2019 due to trade.”

    Next season isn’t going to be pretty, but it will be fun. Watching this young roster grow will be a blast and it feels satisfying to know that the Kings finally have a sense of direction. Winning isn’t a high priority – at least not for the near future – so projections like these are a formality.

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