• While working a fundraising event for Horizons for Homeless, Evan Turner said he would be amenable to taking a hometown discount.

    “I joke with people, this is the first time I left an exit meeting and the team wanted me back,” said the 27 year old.

    It seems unlikely that Turner returns to Boston given the team’s desire to spend on a star caliber player and that other teams will have plenty of cash to throw at a good rotation piece, but a report from ESPN’s Chris Forsberg indicates that The Villain may rejoin the Celtics.

    While Turner’s stats may appear underwhelming on the surface, he provides solid bench production for the Celtics. While he averaged 10.5 points, 4.9 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game, his per 36 numbers paint a far more impressive picture of growth and output. Those rate stats peg Turner’s 2015-16 as his 3rd best scoring season (13.5 PPG), bested only by his 2012-13 campaign and 2013-14’s partial season with Philadelphia (13.6 and 17.9, respectively). Turner’s rebounding contributions are nice to see from a player in his position, and his assist numbers have jumped since landing in Boston. Turner also managed to post career-high shooting from the charity stripe and inside the arc

    A key cog in Boston’s rotation, Turner’s strong season and appealing versatility could make him a valuable commodity during this summer’s cap boom. Turner also said there are other considerations beyond money, so maybe a reunion is in the cards.

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