• Frank Vogel will no longer be the coach of the Indiana Pacers.

    This news was coming down the pipe for a while and Bird delivered it at his press conference today, which was decidedly blunt and old school.  Bird wants more and better offense and he doesn’t believe that he can get it out of Vogel, which goes against the eye test and a lot of simple measurables such as ‘wins’ since Vogel was brought on as coach.

    That said, all of the reviews haven’t been great — in particular for some of his Xs and Os and because it appeared at times that this Pacers team quit on him.  They also came into this season with a misshaped roster with some obvious limitations and the stated intention to go on the NBA’s latest fad diet, small ball.

    Unfortunately, not every team has a Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and most importantly — a Draymond Green.

    Still, there are no major detractors for the work that Vogel has done and conversely there are already going to be many suitors for his services.  And while there is something to be said for staying out of the playoff bubble each and every year, we’ll have to see where the next shoe drops for these Pacers and why.

    Were there any issues with the players?  Heading into the playoffs the locker room didn’t seem great and Paul George has always seemed a bit frustrated and too far in front of his teammates.   Local beat writers have been pretty clear that it has been Monta Ellis and not George leading the team.

    How is Ellis in his first year on the team the leader of the Pacers?  Was George ready to be the leader of prior Pacers squads that notoriously cracked under the pressure of expectations?  Why did they crack?  Were trade rumors one way to exert pressure on a him-or-me position by George, or conversely for the team to test the waters to see if they could go the other way with this transaction?

    Now the Pacers will look for a so-called offensive coach to try and make things work.  Wouldn’t it be something if that narrative made no sense or seems like it’s being made up as they go along.

    Details of the divorce will undoubtedly be made clear in the coming weeks, but what is clear is that it’s never about firing the coach — it’s about what you do to replace him.

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