• Pat Riley challenged Miami’s starting point guard to come back to South Beach in better shape next season and The Dragon is taking heed.

    The 30 year old has been working out with the Slovenian National Team to stay in shape this summer in addition to his own individual workouts, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

    A native Slovenian, Dragic’s efforts to up his fitness help both Miami as well as the national program. The Slovenian team gets to work with their top player while Miami should get a more fit point guard running the show next season.

    With Dwyane Wade and his ball-dominant, non-floor spacing play style out of the picture Dragic is looking at a ton of added responsibility this year. If Chris Bosh returns, there’s a few new toys for The Dragon to work with coming off of Hassan Whiteside screens. He’ll have Bosh as a terrific shooter from any spot on the floor as well as Josh Richardson and Dion Waiters to bomb from deep. There’s also a rim running Whiteside, of course, leaving Dragic with tons of options to create in a new-look Heat offense.

    A more youthful roster could also enable the speedy Dragic to up the pace when the time calls for it. Any way you slice it, there will be more creative routes available for Erik Spoelstra this season.

    The Heat come into the season with an intriguing mix of skillsets with Dragic possessing the keys to the car. His offseason work could pay off in a big way.

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