• The Memphis Grizzlies are getting proactive in hopes of retaining their point guard.

    The team debuted a slick video (at 11:11, no less) that talks about what Conley means to Memphis basketball and how his All Heart aura fits into the team’s mythos.

    Conley is a free agent this summer, and while he’s been connected to several teams including the San Antonio Spurs, Memphis will try its damnedest to keep the Ohio State product in the fold. While these types of publicity moves don’t mean too much basketball wise, it has to be cool to be the subject of a video that has your teammates and friends speak glowingly about you. A Justin Timberlake cameo is probably alright too.

    The video features comments from Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph and Tony Allen pertaining to Conley’s importance to the city and franchise. If nothing else, it serves as a nice reminder of all the things the foundation of the Grizzlies roster has accomplished together.

    With a new coach and franchise centerpiece Marc Gasol returning from a devastating injury, the Grizzlies will be faced with some fascinating decisions that will have a massive impact on the team’s short and long term future. Losing Conley would probably necessitate a rebuild in Memphis, which would be a shame considering the achievements and personality of the Grit and Grind Grizzlies.

    The fact that these types of videos are coming out means that free agency is upon us, even though no contracts can be signed until Friday. The recruiting season is about to begin in earnest, so giddy up.

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