• Brian Windhorst is reporting that the Heat are concerned that Chris Bosh may never be cleared by team doctors, which could force him into medical retirement.

    First and foremost, Bosh needs to take some time to think about the serious ramifications of returning to the court. His blood clots have required blood thinners, and it’s difficult to imagine him getting medical clearance while still on medication despite his vocal wishes to play.

    After Bosh’s late season lobbying created a bit of distraction, the team released a statement declaring him out for the remainder of the season. Bosh didn’t travel with the team for yesterday’s Game 7 and has been relatively quiet recently.

    Bosh has $75 million left on his contract and the concerns over his medical history are casting a cloud over a pivotal offseason for the Heat. Whether they can afford to keep a big money player that can’t take the court and still try to re-sign their own free agents remains to be seen. Unfortunately, Bosh’s uncertain presence on the roster is a huge hindrance to Miami’s free agent planning. The Heat need to move carefully and consider all options going forward, for the sake of team and player alike.

    If Bosh doesn’t play by next February 9th, an independent doctor approved by both the Heat and the player’s union could make a recommendation to the league. If the doctor feels that Bosh cannot or should not continue his career, the Heat can take Bosh’s contract off the salary cap. While that’s a ways away, it’s something that Miami might pursue if Bosh can’t come back. It’s also little help to a team facing big financial decisions concerning Dwyane Wade and Hassan Whiteside in the coming months.

    Hopefully Bosh returns and this becomes a moot point. It’s sad to see such a tremendous career derailed by a health complication of this magnitude, and we wish Bosh and his family nothing but the best going forward.

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